Ted Wheeler | Portland Police Bureau | Covıd-19 | Vaccines

Ted Wheeler | Portland Police Bureau | Covıd-19 | Vaccines

Portland will not enforce citywide vaccine mandate on police force

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced on Wednesday that he will not be mandating the city’s police force to get vaccinated.

9/11/2021 9:13:00 AM

The mayor of Portland said the police force will be exempt from a vaccine mandate for all city employees because of a state law that prohibits it. (OPB)

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced on Wednesday that he will not be mandating the city’s police force to get vaccinated.

covered police officers. City attorneys recommended the city move forward with a citywide vaccination mandate that included police.But new OHA guidance on the vaccine mandate, delivered to the city on Friday, said police officers were most likely exempt from the mandate. That guidance said law enforcement was “probably not” subject to the governor’s orders as providing medical care was “likely not a fundamental part of their job.”

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Following that guidance, the city now believes it can not enforce the mandate on police officers.THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR:A 2019 file photo of a Portland police officer. On Sept 8, 2021, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that he will not be mandating the city’s police force get vaccinated.

Bradley W. Parks / OPB“I still am strongly encouraging police officers to get vaccinated,” the mayor said in a statement. “Our City leaders have decided we want to lead by example, and science has proven that vaccines are the most effective tool to end this pandemic.” headtopics.com

Outside City Hall, some legal experts questioned whether the city had conceded too easily. Multnomah county, which is in a similar predicament to Portland having issued its own countywide vaccine mandate, was still looking into how the new guidance applies to the sheriff’s office. As of Wednesday afternoon, they had not made a determination.

Juan Chavez, an attorney with the Oregon Justice Resource Center, said he felt the city attorney had jumped the gun by basing the decision not off of a court ruling, but an inconclusive statement from OHA that came formatted as questions and answers.“This is such a pattern with the city where the least amount of resistance from their police bureau is met with rolling out the red carpets, caving in immediately and giving them a birthday cake,” he said.

The city’s police union had pushed back forcefully against the citywide vaccine mandate, warning such a requirement would lead to mass resignations within an already short-staffed force.Willamette Week reportedthat the police union’s lead attorney had argued to the city that officers were opposed “so deeply” that they would leave the force before getting a vaccine. According to PPB spokesperson Teri Wallo-Strauss, the bureau has had 145 sworn bureau members leave since July 2020.

Wallo-Strauss said she did not have numbers as to how many Portland police officers are vaccinated.The city’s police union did not respond to a request for comment on the mayor’s announcement.In issuing a vaccine mandate for all city employees, Portland joined a long list of major U.S. cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego. But in carving out an exemption for police, the city appears to stand alone. headtopics.com

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OPB FtVancouverNPS GovInslee interstate Portland is not an Oregon city OPB Does that mean that they have to stay 6 ft away from us at all times? Better. OPB OPB Their slogan should be” I serve my own political views and if I have time I will protect the public” OPB There will almost certainly be some lawsuits here. Fortunately, Scotus resolved this in 1905, Jacobson vs Massachusetts, and upheld it in 1922.

OPB 👎 OPB 'For now, the president is simply 'asking' states to follow the example of places like California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, [NY], Oregon, Washington, [DC] and Puerto Rico.' Is this the example you want to set, Portland? OPB What about the Federal Rule on this mandate... surely PPD has more than 100 employees?

OPB Yet another way to get murdered by police. Cool. OPB Shame on Portland OPB

Portland mayor: Keeping police away from protest a mistakeNearly three weeks after armed far-right and far-left protesters violently clashed in the streets of a diverse neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, the city's mayor said the lack of police intervention was “not the right strategy.' Probably afraid to see the police would have joined the far right attacking the left…then kindly arrested the far right and brought them dinner through a drive through. I have lost so much respect for law enforcement in these last 2 years as I’ve seen their true alliances.

OPB Sounds like a pretty stupid policy to me. Portland city employees who can’t think for themselves and get the vaccine will get what’s coming to them in no time, compliments of the city fathers and COVID. OPB Who cares that COVID was the number one killer of cops in 2020. To 2021 and beyond! OPB Then keep them away from the public.

OPB PortlandPolice Hey police officers be leaders get vexed. OPB Every state has its own laws and rules no wonder no one takes this laws seriously, this justice system is fu** up. OPB Stop going to Portland everybody OPB They’re not really serving or protecting the public if they’re getting sick/spreading disease.

OPB “Protecting and serving” the public? They won’t even protect their own families. OPB Sounds like the state legislators should have some work to do. OPB Hey if they don’t like the rules they can QUIT AND APPLY FOR A JOB SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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bluedillygal OPB They should ALL WearADamnMask!! OPB That’s stupid OPB Typical, 'Do as I say, not as I do' politicians! OPB Well now there is a federal mandate. Get them vaccinated. They are first responders. OPB lol... as if I have a problem with cops voluntarily eradicating themselves😂😂😂 OPB 99% of people in the US had vaccinations in school. School mandated vaccines - tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, polio, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza , and HPV. BUT it's crazy to add COVID. How dumb have we become. howdumbrwe

OPB The mayor/police chief wheeler? Haha. Wonder why he would allow exceptions for police officers? OPB What? OPB It would be a new way for police to kill suspects by forcing them to be held close to an infected officer. OPB I’m sure that offends their authoritarian sensibilities.

#IWillNotComply trends on Twitter after Joe Biden orders vaccine mandatePresident Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate was met with anger by some who promised they would not take the vaccine while using the IWillNotComply hashtag. It's cool they think they are immune. Oh, wait: they don't? I'd say 'have fun enjoying your COVID!' but I can't laugh about the harm they will cause vulnerable otherss -- family, friends, coworkers (i.e., other healthcare providers) ProLifeJoe Washington implemented mandates against smallpox: SCOTUS decided on vaccine mandates over a century ago: Multiple vaccines have long been required for school and various forms of employment.

OPB Lol. Our WWIII liberators look on with derision 🇨🇳🇨🇳 OPB OPB The Portland police should be mandated to be vaccinated. The city has been a clusterfuck of crime a political violence (mostly left wing but some right wing, too) for like 18 mos +. Hey, npr, glad we could finally fit your narrative. Sincerely, once an avid fan/listener.

OPB Bad move. Police should be leading this rather than showing their right wing nuttery OPB “Law and order for ye, bu not for me,” said almost all cops OPB Hmmmm…if you wanted to eliminate the police force without having to say you want to eliminate the police force… OPB It should be choice. Just a flu vaccine anyway. Doesn't work till you get sick. And worse than a unvaxed person. It's not the be all beat all..

OPB Awesome. OPB Well we would hope that anyone who is smart enough to be a policeman would be smart enough to be vaccinated without being mandated to do so. I mean the guys carrying a gun if he doesn't have the common sense to get a vaccination, he shouldn't have the job in the first place. OPB

'Our patience is wearing thin': Biden extends vaccine mandates as COVID toll risesPresident Biden expands vaccine mandates as frustration grows over the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. my patients have worn thin with this career public dole scumbag circa 1973 on the dole. Get vaccinated go to work or be demonized & shunned by a fearful moronic unscientific class of im icicles

OPB Ain't that some bullshit, Portland OPB why not... police are pretty much exempt from every other law anyway.🙄🤡 OPB Fuck that... OPB Good. You people forcing this vaccine on others are complete psychopaths who get off on forcing your agenda on others. OPB They heard the vaccine is Antifa. OPB Why is it not mentioned that the mayor of Portland is also the Police Commissioner?

OPB Then they should give the Oregon State trooper his job back. He only freed, our guys in blue. All he did was talk about him not getting enough time to race OPB NO Shots No Job! OPB Has Oregon always been that quiet cousin with “issues” that no American ever talks about? OPB How do I reverse like a post?

Time For Everyone To Get Jabbed, Says the Federal GovernmentThe new covid-19 vaccine mandates will impact approximately 100 million Americans.

OPB Makes total fucking sense. 🙄 what are they going to call it? Qualified Immunity… OPB Leftists be like, screw laws if it’s for YouR SaFeTy!

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