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Portland Protests Peaceful After Drawdown of Federal Agents

Several thousand people marched for racial justice without any significant violence—or face-offs with law enforcement—in contrast with the conflict of the past few weeks.

8/1/2020 9:00:00 PM

Several thousand people marched for racial justice overnight Friday without any significant violence, or face-offs with law enforcement, in contrast with the conflict of the past few weeks

Several thousand people marched for racial justice without any significant violence—or face-offs with law enforcement—in contrast with the conflict of the past few weeks.

ByAlicia A. Caldwell | Photographs by Paula Bronstein for The Wall Street JournalAug. 1, 2020 1:14 pm ETPORTLAND, Ore.—Several thousand people marched for racial justice overnight Friday without any significant violence, or face-offs with law enforcement, in contrast with the conflict of the past few weeks.

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No police were visible as a large crowd marched around the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse at the start of the first weekend since the Trump administration and Oregon’s governor agreed state troopers would defend federal property and work with local officers to patrol the streets. This allowed federal agents, who arrived...

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PortlandPolice UPDATE: More than 150 Rounds Fired, Victim Struck By Bullet in Montavilla Neighborhood RT PortlandPolice People in this unlawful assembly have thrown glass bottles at Portland Police and directed lasers at them. Anyone who does not disperse may be subject to force or arrest. Too many folks with way to much time on their hands. I’m to busy working to provide for my family to pay attention to all the nonsense.

There goes trump’s excuse for canceling the election Just burnin biggie. What a show Easy to march like a lemming. Try doing a job and raising a family. All Lives Matter. That is complete bullshit. Assamed of Oh so they want to imply they are more peaceful since the Feds have left. Liars! Evolution just takes a little longer with some.

Define significant There's nothing left to destroy. Bunch of losers 🤣 This happens when conflict is engineered for political gains. No one for the rioters to assault What does significant mean? What is insignificant violence? Past few months not weeks. BLM, for many it has turned into a scam, a joke. It started out well but lost its way almost immediately. It became all about assaults, destroying property, arson, destroying businesses, and pure violent hatred. BLM...meh.

Waiting is..... Could there possible be a connection? No Federal agents. No violence. True, true and connected. It was Grindr meetup Friday. All the Antifa boys were busy What is 'racial justice'? And how can it be valid if the people who are marching are the very people the 'movement' claim to be the oppressors. Actually that makes perfect sense. To someone who has sense. Which the WSJ apparently does not. Here's a clue: misdirection. Fools.

Of course they are....its they can say this is the standard everywhere to advance their agenda...duh More fakenews ....and the insertion of long overdue State Police. There fixed at least part of it for you. 1933 meet 2020 Now we are considering burning bibles as “peaceful”... it's time these protesters GO HOME, GO TO WORK, GET A JOB, GET A LIFE.

Several thousand people tweeted for racial justice overnight Friday for SenatorDurbin to UnblockS386. Please PassS386 This is why your “News” section is Leftist garbage, WSJ. This is why nobody bought your faschy “230 signatures to muzzle the Opinion section” kulturkampf. Well... not quite. There was the burning severed pig's head, a couple other fires, and a few people burning bibles. So yeah, totally peaceful unless you don't like uncontrolled fires and you're not a Christian.

Nicely done guy's. Now this's more likely. Keep up the good job and no fighting. 🗽😷✌ Peaceful? They were burning books ffs! Also why is tedwheeler negotiating on behalf of Antifa? If he has the power to call for a ceasefire why didn't he end this weeks ago? Wait for it More fake news and who are the thugs again?

So tell me again it was the protesters causing havoc Peaceful Protesters 😂😂😂 The put a dead pig's head on an American flag, then put a police officer's hat on the pig head and burned it. Now they are burning bibles. I don't know what's worse. You mean after the locals agreed to do their fucking job? I bet the transmission of COVID was close to zero as well!! Protests DO NOT spread the virus - opening schools will. KeepSchoolsClosed

Wait until Trump starts sending covert instigators again! Meanwhile in Portland. That's because the federal agents were the instigators. Funny how that works.

Portland prepares for federal agents to step back from protestsOregon officials are preparing to take over protecting a federal courthouse in Portland that’s been a target of violent protests. Will the liberal girl Gov. protect the Federal courthouse? Or will she side with the angry mob?

Portland protest strives for peace as U.S. forces drawn downMore than a thousand people showed up to peacefully protest for a second night in downtown Portland, Oregon. The protest late Friday into Saturday morning comes about three days after the announcement that the presence of U.S. agents would be reduced. Spinning a left wing narrative. Our media is broken. How many showed up to not be peaceful?

Calm returns to Portland as federal agents withdrawLocal and state agencies take over security, but some U.S. officers remain close by. Funny that... America HATES fascism. The Jordanian government takes aid from Canada and UNICEF to put teachers in prisons instead of supporting education ✍freedom_For_Jordanian_teachers Portland has been a disaster for months and had nothing to do with the Feds

Federal Agents Drive 3 Hours Away From Portland Before Realizing Abducted Protester Still In BackseatECHO, OR—Cursing their inattention and debating whether they should turn around, several U.S. federal agents reportedly had driven three hours away from Portland Friday before realizing an abducted protester was still in the backseat. “Goddamnit, how did we miss him?” said federal agent Steve LaJoie to his partner after hearing muffled cries from a handcuffed man and registering that he must have been unconscious in the backseat of their unmarked vehicle for nearly 200 miles since the operatives had pulled out of Portland. “Shit, we hightailed it out of there so quickly we didn’t even check the backseat. Hey, Dave, did you pick up this guy? I don’t remember grabbing him and shoving him back there. Fuck, our ass is grass if we show up at headquarters with an abducted protester. Someone look online to see if anyone’s posting about him going missing. There’s only one, right? Check under the seats.” At press time, the federal agents had decided to pull over at the next ditch and shoot him. smh that cant even fake being agents that good anymore Dontcha just hate when that happens? Years down the line, this wouldn't surprise me after an historical investigation.

Oregon Governor Says Trump's Plan To 'Dominate' The Streets 'Failed'President Trump and Gov. Kate Brown clashed again after she announced a 'phased withdrawal' of federal agents from Portland. We stand with you OregonGovBrown always! notmypresident fascistregime Paintball meets Vietnam meets Antietam meets Wrestlemania very good. it's now phase 0. The President will let you know when phase 1 starts.

Trump use of federal forces in U.S. cities a 'failed experiment': Oregon governorOregon Gov. Kate Brown: 'The presence of federal officers in our streets ignited the violence, it caused chaos and confusion, and became extremely disruptive and frankly made a challenging situation even worse.' Ok hotshot. Let’s see what happens now Nobody but Twitter commenters believe this.. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼