Race And Ethnicity, Racial İnjustice, Oregon, Portland

Race And Ethnicity, Racial İnjustice

Portland police declare unlawful assembly during protest

The Portland Police Bureau declared an unlawful assembly Saturday night when people gathered outside a police precinct in Oregon's largest city and threw bottles towards officers, police said....

8/2/2020 10:16:00 AM

Activists and Oregon officials urged people at the protest in Portland to re-center the focus on Black Lives Matter, three days after the Trump administration agreed to reduce the presence of federal agents in Oregon .

The Portland Police Bureau declared an unlawful assembly Saturday night when people gathered outside a police precinct in Oregon 's largest city and threw bottles towards officers, police said....

and officers — have recently ended with chanting and conversations.Activists and Oregon officials urged people at Saturday night’s protest in Portland to re-center the focus on Black Lives Matter, three days after the Trump administration agreed to reduce the presence of federal agents in Oregon.

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Groups gathered Saturday evening in various areas around downtown Portland to listen to speakers and prepare to march to the Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse.ADVERTISEMENTOne of the more popular events, “Re-centering why we are here - BLM,” was hosted by the NAACP. Speakers included activists as well as Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley and Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty.

Merkley and Hardesty spoke about policies they are putting forward, including to cut police funding and restrict chokeholds.“The next thing we need you to do is vote like your life depends on it, because guess what, it does,” Hardesty said.For the first time since the presence of federal agents in Portland diminished law enforcement and protesters noticeably clashed Saturday night.

As one group of protesters gathered outside the courthouse another marched to a precinct for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Portland Police Bureau.Police stated that protesters proceeded to throw glass bottles and direct lasers at officers. Just before 10 p.m., Portland police declared an unlawful assembly and directed people to disperse or they may be subject to use of force or be arrested. Police could be seen charging, multiple times, at protesters in the area.

At the courthouse the scene was different. Around 11:30 p.m. hundreds of people remained, standing and listening to speakers.Thursday and Friday’s protests also attracted more than 1,000 people — both nights were relatively peaceful. In a news release early Saturday, the Portland Police Bureau described Friday’s crowd as subdued and said there was no police interaction with protesters.

At one point during Friday’s protest, a lone firework was shot at the courthouse. In the weeks past the action would be met with more fireworks or teargas canisters being dropped over the fence into the crowd. This time, protesters chastised the person who shot the firework, pleading to keep the demonstration peaceful.

The relative calm outside a federal courthouse that’s become ground zero in clashes between demonstrators and federal agents had come after the U.S. government began drawing down its forces under a deal between Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and the Trump administration.

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Portland had seen more than two months of often violent demonstrations following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In early July, President Donald Trump sent more federal agents to the city to protect the federal courthouse, but local officials said their presence made things worse.

___Sara Cline is a corps member for the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is a nonprofit national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues. Read more: The Associated Press »


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ap you are a very trusted source but please look into this ..these people were leaving like the police told them to then the cops just attacked anyway Activists? You mean, terrorists? We don't negotiate with terrorists, who's goal is to take down the country. Do you ever read your headlines No protesting has been happening. Its riots and looting brought to you by BLM n antifa. Paid for by the democrats. Remember come november its good vs evil on election night. Dems want to destroy our country.

I think it is perfectly alright to support the cause. Please don’t start the violence and taunting; remember MLK who asked for change through peaceful protest which will be a lot more effective. Speak loudly about a change in voting and a change in training/values for the police. You mean looting, burning, and beating random motorists is not a political statement?

Let the city burn! Portland sucks ass, Portlandia is a thing for a reason. It’s a joke This is not about BLM. It’s about hating capitalism and any authority. It’s about wanting the USA to be like Europe. Their statement to the mayor, “fk wheeler, he eats at chain restaurants”. Bunch of spoiled brats... oh, we can only eat local.. where’s my Gucci bag?

Calm down white ppl.take some vitamin d Why? Biden is going to lose. Hes more of a liability to the safety of this country than Trump no matter who he chooses or how long he lives into it because the only way a woman will ever b president in this country is if she is VP & the president is impeached or dies/assassinated

Marxism by any other name... 🤣 wait, so oregon activists and officials are now admitting that what we've been seeing during late nights in portland isn't about blm? this is just now sinking into their thick skulls? talk about out of touch leadership, ha ha.... Unlawful assembly. Sounds familiar🤔 PortlandPolice are just nazis. That's the tweet.

Activists and officials. Trying to work together. Moving towards unity. Some of our other leaders can learn something from them. Will receive Law & Order again. No justice no peace do not negotiate with terrorists General strike. Let's go. Shut it down. They should go home. Their 'protesting' is only creating more 'racists'.

Excellent news well done PD Rioters. Get it right And they’re rioting in residential neighborhoods. THEY BROKE OUT PRESS WINDOWS-& BEAT UP PEOPLE ON VIDEO_

Portland protest strives for peace as U.S. forces drawn downMore than a thousand people showed up to peacefully protest for a second night in downtown Portland , Oregon . The protest late Friday into Saturday morning comes about three days after the announcement that the presence of U.S. agents would be reduced. Spinning a left wing narrative. Our media is broken. How many showed up to not be peaceful?

Magic's Jonathan Isaac stands for national anthem as teammates, opponents kneelOrlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac was the lone player to stand during the national anthem on Friday as his teammates and Brooklyn Nets players knelt to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Think for yourself. Freedom of speech right? Freedom to kneel.. freedom to stand. No issues here. NoAntiBlackRacism CutTheCheck

Portland protesters strive for peace as federal forces pull backOver a thousand peaceful protesters gathered in downtown Portland Saturday after US forces reduced presence. RIOTERS Front line of 'FUPA'

Portland prepares for federal agents to step back from protests Oregon officials are preparing to take over protecting a federal courthouse in Portland that’s been a target of violent protests. Will the liberal girl Gov. protect the Federal courthouse? Or will she side with the angry mob?

Trump use of federal forces in U.S. cities a 'failed experiment': Oregon governor Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: 'The presence of federal officers in our streets ignited the violence, it caused chaos and confusion, and became extremely disruptive and frankly made a challenging situation even worse.' Ok hotshot. Let’s see what happens now Nobody but Twitter commenters believe this.. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Portland Protests Peaceful After Drawdown of Federal AgentsSeveral thousand people marched for racial justice overnight Friday without any significant violence, or face-offs with law enforcement, in contrast with the conflict of the past few weeks Funny how that works. That's because the federal agents were the instigators. Meanwhile in Portland.