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Portfolio Positions To Take In A Risky Economy

Here are portfolio positions to take in a risky economy:

7/3/2020 6:58:00 AM

Here are portfolio positions to take in a risky economy:

The hope for a more optimistic earnings recovery in the second half of the year may have to be downgraded due to the rising cases of COVID-19 and an impending trade war with China. To mitigate volatility, we recommend taking these trading strategies.

Defensive structures of SPY, HYG, and XME all look interesting as the underlying indices look vulnerable. Strategies may have to target August and September with spreads to keep costs in line. With the Fed willing to backstop so well, downside may be limited to 2 standard deviations but why risk losing 10% on the S&P or 7% HYG from here? 

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XME looks particularly interesting with the sharp recovery since 3/23 counting on a major Chinese supply impetus. It looks to me like demand may not regain enough strength to warrant that move and the recent breather of copper and steel is giving the signal XME could be vulnerable. XME 2m IV is in its 81

st percentile and fair to forecast. 2m Skew is 1.26 standard deviations over its mean showing options investors are concerned.SPDR Gold Shares (GLD)GLD longs look advantaged, as are selling iShares Silver Trust (SLV) higher volatility call spreads to buy GLD calls. We recommend a 2 to 1 contract notional ratio (remember each GLD contract is a bit greater than 10 times more underlying capital than each SLV contract) on the GLD to sold SLV spreads and think the roll-over of economic expectations will leave SLV more vulnerable than anticipated. SLV 2m IV is in its 72

nd percentile and 18% expensive to forecast. 2m Skew is 0.68 standard deviations over its mean. GLD 2m IV is in its 76th percentile and 39% expensive to forecast. 2m Skew is 1.28 standard deviations over its mean.Something to keep an eye onFXE looks to have gained momentum from the odd place of better European COVID-19 reopening performance of late. If that plays out, a weaker dollar advantages GLD and hurts  iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index (EEM). A US trade war with China and any reduction of US purchasing power hurts the top lines of EEM companies.

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Ngl, that picture reminds me of the bridge from Asgard in Thor... There is a risk here that the hope in the more optimistic earnings recovery of the second half may have to be downgraded and the impact across more highly correlated portfolios hit hard.

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