Pope Francis Condemns Death Of George Floyd, Calls Us Unrest 'Disturbing' - Cnn

Pope Francis Condemns Death Of George Floyd, Calls Us Unrest 'Disturbing' - Cnn

Pope Francis condemns death of George Floyd, calls US unrest 'disturbing'

Pope Francis has called the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police officers 'tragic' and said he is praying for him and 'all those others who have lost their lives as a result of the sin of racism.'

6/3/2020 1:01:00 PM

Pope Francis has called the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police officers 'tragic' and said he is praying for him and 'all those others who have lost their lives as a result of the sin of racism.'

Pope Francis has called the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police officers 'tragic' and said he is praying for him and 'all those others who have lost their lives as a result of the sin of racism.'

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ĐỔ DẦU VÀO LỬA. SỤP ĐỔ BABYLON. Amen. He said Tragic according to u. Is that condemnation? About twice as many white people as black people are killed by police. In fact, in about 75 percent of police shootings, the decedent is not black. Of course, that is not what you would grasp from consuming media.

I'm just here to read the Trumpers comments attempting to school the pope and say he has no idea what he's talking about 😅 Trump2020 Amen Thanks very much Holly father He helped cover up decades of child rape. I could give two shits about his opinion on racism and sin. Don't care what this nut thinks. He has a hard enough time getting his acolyte touchers in check

The church can sit their ass down. They worked gleefully with Hitler during the 2nd world War. Racism is everything that's bad for our society, our world. No justice, no peace. When will Republicans explain why they removed the normal stars from their logo and had them replaced with those satanic pentagrams? WakeUpAmerica AntiChrist TheGreatAwakening anonymous what was wrong with using normal stars like those on the AmericanFlag ?

Religion is false, only us the people can make a change This pope is disturbing. This is a America... While turning a blind to to the systematic rape of children within the organization he leads. So he's praying for the white victims also? Good to know. Using neomarxits Pope form time to time doesn't make you more trustworthy. CNN is stil...

Pontifex Don’t wait so long next time Hmm pope pope pope what about saexual allegations ?! there is no recism in islam very good faith. the first black was by propet MOHAMMAD PBUH stand on the top of kaabah H bilal for azan. TrueFactsStated Can't wait for trump to call him a third rate Pope who doesn't know anything about religion.

so he's praying for all his predecessors Calling it tragic is not condemning it Hypocrite of the worst kind!!!! For some reason the pope's sorcery isn't powerful enough to stop all this police violence. And trump will say this is fake news too!! Please, pray for all of them! We don’t know for sure if racism fired that cop. Maybe he & Floyd had some other problems with each other. Bottom line: 1 person killed another person in cold blood. PERIOD!

Why is that news? I hope that people also realize that children’s lives matter too, all those children caged through no fault of their own. When will they be treated like human beings? Prayers will bring victory ✨ How do you say about the thousands Hong Kong students killed by China? Hypocrite ass He needs to pray for the people that are left here, no point in praying a dead person

Pope governing a church that covered up more rapes than any organization in the world chimes in on American issues. he wanted to kick up your slippers and hide another child rapist priest from prosecution So how did the pope know it's racism? I’m glad we are all unified for this cause. Racism shouldn’t stand anywhere. It really is a shame when matters turn south though and people repay evil with evil in riots.

Marxist, global warming fear mongering, non-catholic pope says...who cares You should stop the catholic clergymen from milesting little boys first. How does Pope call all the people murdered in Venezuela by his friend Maduro? Silly old fool. I didn't even know the Catholic Church and the Pope were still a thing.

But he worked to cover up pedofile priest! Worst pope in history! ok thanks for your input wanna do something about those pedophiles now Oh my god Francis clean your room. Prayers as well to end this protests on a gods name Jesus said, 'Love your neighbour as your SELF'. So, first you love your self. THEN, ..your neighbour (2/3 in the parable walked on the other side of the road, and allowed the beaten-man to figureItOut.) And 'love your enemies.' But it all starts FIRST with SELF. Me and Mine.

The Pope didn’t have to say anything. He rarely does but thank you for speaking up. I pray the world changes but as long as there is hate, the world won’t change. He should pray for the people who were killed in the last week by rioters white and black AND PLEASE FOR CNN'S MANY SIN OF HATE, LYING, DISHONESTY, DECEIT, INCITING RIOTS, VIOLENCE AND KILLINGS. PRAY THAT THEIR EYES WILL BE OPEN TO THEIR IRRESPONSIBILE DISHONESTY TO THE AMERICA PEOPLE.

This EDOMITE doesn't possess the ability to pray for George Floyd. The DEVIL is completely CUT OFF from the Most High.🙄 LIAR The Pope knows what he's speaking about, he lives in one of the hotspots. Floyd had landed five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs,

Spirit Protector protect your Spirits your the greatest example of your Spirits People don't sprinkle on every street corner hold on to your family ways in body and spirit KEEPIT in time to come you will NEEDIT in order to control humblizam to put out the 🔥no water can put out Too late but acceptable

He has my respect👊🏼💞 I’m praying for a conviction 👏 I'm not against protesters, I'm against rioters, I'm not against the police, I'm against the abuse of power, we don't want violence, we want to be listened. WE WANT JUSTICE! Justice He's speaking facts tho I'm No rapper😊 but I can still tell ya my way...'Stay Home' plz💖 Subscribe likeit👍 ❣PLEASE share! THX New Video! TogetherAtHome stayhome Corona_Virus riots Repost replay sharethelove facebook Coming soon to all Platforms! followasista👑

k Protect the children frank. Call on the Lord thy God the consequences of sin is death repent you deceivers the kingdom of the heavens are upon you, used word racism to supreme and empower their existence above the commandments of God brought their own judgment on the city's of Sodom and Gomorrah black Ash

...but somehow CatholicVote, a Trump-supporting quack of an organization, knows more about the Catholic Church than the Pope himself. Wasn't the Catholic Church an uninterested observer of racism (thereby enabling oppression) throughout much of US history? God is dead.get over it Is he donating money? Cause if not, I don't give a fuck

Clean up your own house, you damn hypocrite! Meanwhile he still says nothing about Hong Kong and under ground churches in mainland China Pot calling the kettle... How is the Pope and the Catholic church even a thing anymore? But who cares what he says because he’s white. Another white oppressor. So was the rape of thousands of children, what about the sin and sick vile evil committed from the popes own house. Don’t think the world has just forgot, ever.

Communist hypocrite! This guy protects his pedo flock of priest. Who cares what he has to say? He hoards money within the Vatican. Making it a sin. Satan's right hand man always in the spotlight. He said this while desiring a 7 year old kid. now watch him how he gets all the pedophiles of church arrested... wait that's not gonna happen

I could care less what this old man has to say. He isn’t going to do anything. What a damage control per Trump request? Social distancing please Mr President..... Democrats Pope! We want to hear Pope Francis say black lives matter. What a symbol of the world coming together if he did. coccodrillo21 Who's going to break it to the Holy Father that the KofC let Trump use their shrine to Pope John Paul II as a political prop?

No longer my Pope-good riddance to another globalist👎👎👎 Pope pedo Francis Pope Francis is an anti Christ. Tune him out the same way you should tune out the hateful msm and any Dem who is hell bent on destroying a sitting president. That’s what divides a country. Trying to destroy a sitting president. We endured Obama. You will survive Trump too

And the black people discriminated upon and treated as ‘animals’ in his Italy. Charity begins at home don’t they say.... Wow....and the Pope is in on it too. Thanks for showing up Frankie. Why don’t you take a nap. You are from Argentina, yet you never mention the awfulness that happens here. The same thing happening in the US happens here, where the pope is from. But that’s fine I guess

DavidDorn lol, from those who treat women and gays as 2nd class citizens, hypocrites 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Nous devons combattre le racisme avec l'aide Woooooo BOY. I can't WAIT to see all these 'MAGA' Trump-loving, 'Christian values' assholes head explode from this. Its gonna be a laugh riot watching their heads explode lol. I need some popcorn.

The pedophile pope has no room to talk his whole country is built on racism and murder and the Catholic priest rapping innocent little kids. It's happen in palestain every day for children because of Israel The devil speaks Thank God for FOX NEWS ! Americans number ONE News to get the Truth ! 👍🏻🇺🇸 And early on, this was all that orange idiot had to do...

Sorry, you are late. No words until the Catholic church was used!! What's happening people. I'm really sorry for the Family and this Person who is Dead. But I don't think that this had happened because of racism why no one explains why this Person was arrested just think what could happen if we have no protection from Police and Law,

How many spoke for Hong Kong? They are afraid of real Fascist China Seems like Trumps parents never taught him about SIN? He is still a spoiled little brat! His parents should have always washed his mouth with soap! That was the way we grew up! Bad mouthing, was washed with soap!! This Pope is. Gold bricker.

I cried after watching the video. I think the killer cop purposely planned to kill the innocent man that very day. It's really terrible. May his soul rest in peace. Lol thanks for the prayers yo. Wanna throw some of that bling around your neck to the masses? Inasmuch as George Floyd death is tragic, d world need 2 turn it's attention 2d genocide going on in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria. Muslim Fulani Headsmen are slaughtering the minority Christians like chickens. But d muslim fulani governor, El Rufai keep saying the opposite. Help!!!

Is this the same guy at the head of the Catholic Church where it’s priests molest children Yeah I am real interested in what this asshat has to say! Keep fueling the hatred CNN. Not only losing viewers, but also may not have the police to help you next time your liberal viewers decide to drop in and attack the CNN HQ.

The original meaning of sin means “to miss the mark.” Has nothing to do with religious context. That’s for stOOpid people. Don’t let this man fool you! Bid hij ook voor de blanken die dagelijks vermoord worden in Zuid Afrika , blanke boeren worden hun land boerderij ontnomen en vermoord , dagelijks !! Komt niet in de media ? Niet belangrijk genoeg 😱😱😱

SusanBranagan11 Just like the United States, the Catholic Church has to admit & atone for it's long history of violence, bigotry, misogyny, rape, genocide & propoganda. Both have admit hypocrisy. Then preaching democracy & humanity will have some real meaning. İsn't that amazing takes some people to condemn these things takes days i wonder what Pope was thinking or doing for days before send out this message?

He is the Bishop of Rome only. Benedict is still Pope. Just ask him. On Pentecost, Peter was Pope but not Bishop of Rome. The two are severable & Benedict has finally done it. What happened to the daily count of COVID19 cases? What is the count as of today Lord of the rings 💍 🙌 🙏 😍 ✨ 😩 💍 🙌 🙏 😍 ✨

It is not tragic, it's murder! learnthedifference How about the black cop whokilled the innocent Australian 'white' women in Minneapolis. ....wheres the outrage? This was such a criminal act by rogue policemen. These cops need to be tried for first degree murder. George Floyd was in custody and handcuffed in the police car. There was no reason to take him out, except to commit the crime of first degree murder.

Well, if the Pope is involved, things must be really bad.😈 This is it's we need finish definitely from slavery systems we all have right to be free Praying for them to do what? Why do people pray for the dead? Offficer David Dorn. DavidDorn THE CATHOLIC CHURCH GAVE THE APPROVAL FOR SLAVERY and COLONIALISM

cnni CNN THANK YOU SO Much! ❤️ Pope Francis, CNN News, All those that are supporting & hearing our cries. —Love from the 👑Queen Of Inspiration🇺🇸USA 400years NoJusticeNoPeace Well that’s that all sorted then. For u father it's a sin to lie ...I married John pops papayas goddaughter Ross vs Catholic children's aid society Apr 1 1993 organized crimes Catholic Church and federal and Catholic Church..C.A.S. can Catholic Church show that I've been paid for signature on privacy act I signed

He and many others are going to look pretty stupid when they figure out this was a person beef, not racism. theykneweachother 'The sin of racism' - Chapter and verse? God separated Shem Ham and Japheth into different continents. Genesis 11 reference; Man: 'Lets all come together!' God: 'I will separate each and every one of you'

Thought he was arrested This hypocrite. There it is! It don't get no better than this! Thank you POPE Francis, for calling it what it is, now all sinners can Repent for their sins, all Saints have a past and all sinners a Future. Who cares what kiddy fiddling grubs say? How diverse is the Vatican Hoping covid finally takes away this commie Pope and send him to the lap to the Devil once and for all. We Catholics around the world are deeply ashamed by this personification of evil. Look and see how he never ever talks about Jesus Savior.

Hmm greed, sloth, envy... I guess envy could loosely cover racism. Pushing the envelope really. Yep...they can only pray Lets do away with racism What I would like the Pope to do now is to comment on the sacrilegious use of the bible Trump just did. Or does the Pope plan to be complicit by silence? Pope Francis: History will not be kind to those who choose to ignore this.

Ugyhur, Tibetan, Catholics, Africans and Blacks in China: HELLO Says the leader of the biggest hoax of all time...😒 Praying won't bring him back. Praying won't heal that family our the countless other families that have to endure this hate. Do something that's going to make a difference. Teach your children not to hate. Hate is taught and until we change this nothing is going to change.

Show me one person who has said it was tragic 🙏 Tragic?— Edipo, Tragic Electra. This is murdering by the state A very unfortunate occurrence nycprotests GeorgeFloydMurder Trump Declares Martial Laws In The US | BlackOutTuesady The Police simulated a tribute to Georges Floyd to attract the nearest Protestants so that they could shoot them with tear gas ... BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloyd blackoutuesday

open your purse Ceux qui sont sensibles abstenez vous de cette image horrible, deux Policiers Blancs tirent à bout portant sur la poitrine d'un noir et le tue aux USA... Two White Cops shoot at point-blank range on the chest of a black man and kill him in the USA ... I am sure the Vatican can spare some (gold) coins to support the cause. Thoughts and prayers are empty.

JoeBiden just said happyfriday As trump sends the US military!! The pope sends prayers 👀 To paraphrase Patrick Henry: 'The President has degenerated into a tyrant and forfeits all rights to his subjects' obedience.' Where was this hypocrite when USA was destroying the middle east L'équipe de NBC News a été attaquée par des manifestants alors qu'ils les filmaient à la Maison Blanche. NBCNews crew was attacked by protesters while filming them at the White House. BlackLivesMattter TrumpDictatorship GeorgeFloyd

Ask what sins are committed when there’s arson, looting, and murder of policemen? how is praying going to help?

Pope Francis Tightens Vatican Spending Rules to Fight CorruptionThe Vatican published new procurement rules intended to prevent corruption and save money at the Catholic Church’s world-wide headquarters, whose already troubled finances have suffered acutely during the pandemic. Didn’t they cover this on Godfather 3? Not as much as PEOPLE have suffered, WSJ. I can't block stuff about religion without blocking the ? :( well that sucks. Can you guys curtail religious bs for me please? I don't like it. But, I like you;)

Pope urges U.S reconciliation, condemns racism and street violencePope Francis called for national reconciliation in the United States on Wednesday, saying that while racism is intolerable, the street violence that has broken out is 'self-destructive and self-defeating'. Who's violence..? “: Pope urges U.S reconciliation, condemns racism and street violence Does he know that American white Empire is built on Christianity? The white supremacists oppress and blacks while reciting the Bible! 😅😅😅 he is so full of bull shit😅

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