World, Pope Francis Appoints America's First Black Cardinal, Wilton Gregory - Cnn

World, Pope Francis Appoints America's First Black Cardinal

Pope Francis appoints America's first Black cardinal, Wilton Gregory

Wilton Gregory of Washington, DC -- the only Black US archbishop -- is tapped as one of 13 to be elevated by the Pope in a surprise announcement

10/25/2020 8:02:00 PM

Wilton Gregory of Washington, DC -- the only Black US archbishop -- is tapped as one of 13 to be elevated by the Pope in a surprise announcement

Last year, Wilton Gregory made history as Washington, DC's first African-American archbishop. On Sunday, Pope Francis tapped him to become America's first Black cardinal.

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Im Loving this new pope! What took him so long? Stop A supporter of a black racist terrorist movement BLM by a cardinal? That is a disgrace What about Cardinal Chibly Langlois, isn't he a Black Cardinal? That's great. I hope he can bring at least civility back to those he administers to. Why is the word 'black' capitalized?

there is a saying that they always hit you when you’re down?I am trying to wrap my self around my fight with Catholicism for years for a reason starting in my youth having to sit at the back of the CHURCH so I have mixed emotions in the timing of Archbishop Gregory🤷🏽‍♀️Presidency ? Russian Orthodox Church is way behind all that. But one time Archbishop of Tokyo (yep, Orthodox archbishop of Tokyo) almost became a patriarch

🙏🏻 Weird Cult Not Racist, Has Black Friend When the “first” is a woman elevated to Cardinal we will know that the Catholic Church is truly interested in being “one” church. I’m no longer catholic but I’m really happy with this pope. Congratulations & God bless you! He was our ;Bishop in Bellville, Illinois for 10 years before going to Atlanta. Everybody loved him.

our black people is stop our black frome coming up can i black leaders can they tell the truth i see in the business of walmart and in the music industry Pope Francis is on a roll!!! ❤️❤️❤️ This guy trying to get Antifa to attack these nuns Not quietly black. Its about time. What a wasted life. Guess that means the McCarrick Report is never happening.

Church affirmative action Great He wasn’t in DC for very long. He’s from Atlanta. hi, to anyone reading this, can you please share my moms go fund me? She survived COVID-19 but still needs help, Just one share would mean the world to mom and I ❤️ ❤️ 🙏🏽 thank you for all prayers, donated funds and shares of this campaign

pffftt affirmative action at church . It is going downhill anyways ❤️👋 Why does religion make the news? Unless there is news of reparations for all the abuse and wrong doing for centuries, I don’t want to see it or hear it. About time See CNN, it is possible for you to be journalist and not just a Op-Ed rag.

Why is a surprise? He earned this. Bad headline. I can’t help but like the new Pope. He has courage to take on the system he inherited. Perhaps not hard enough to some people’s liking. But still, kudos for the small attempts. He dissed Pompeo recently. Respect. Stop treating black people like they aren't capable of making it on their own. We are all humans with the same capabilities. Stop keeping our black brothers and sisters down!

Pope Francis Names Wilton Gregory as First Black American CardinalCardinal-designate Gregory’s promotion reinforces his standing as a major Black American leader at a time when the U.S. is debating the legacy of historic racism and many across the country are demonstrating for racial justice. Yeah because he clearly deserves it over me. Corrupt as shit catholic Vatican. Pontifex Excellent, Papa. Anything to get attention away from this.

Pope Francis, in Historic Move, Supports Civil Unions for LGBTQ CouplesPope Francis Supports Civil Union Laws for Same-Sex Couples

Pope names 13 new cardinals, including Black Washington, DC, archbishop Wilton GregoryPope Francis has appointed the first African American cardinal, Washington, D.C., archbishop Wilton Gregory. EndSARS Send a DM now to make bitcoin investments today and earn from wherever you are via your 📱Its real and legit.T&C applied.

Pope names new cardinals, putting his stamp on Church's futurePope Francis named 13 new Roman Catholic cardinals on Sunday, including nine who are eligible to enter a conclave to elect his successor after his death or resignation. This Pontifex did not condemned the barbarians leftist which put fires on churches in Chile. This is also his stamps and legacy. I like this shot ! I don't know why .. 13 communists

Pope names 13 new cardinals, includes WDC Archbishop GregoryVATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has named 13 new cardinals, including Washington D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who would become the first Black U.S. prelate to earn the coveted red cap.... ❤️ So weird that the media respects and adopts the titles of this particular cult. You don’t hear them do it with other ones.

Pope Names 13 New CardinalsWashington D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who was among those named, will become the first Black U.S. prelate to earn the coveted red cap. Ok they're not 100% racist. Kudos Our sweet peach 🍑 bitcoin is hovering just under 13k... All the technical analysts think we are going to get a weekend pump to 14k!!! Invest, my friends! After the PayPal/Venmo adaptation, media buzz 🐝, BITCOIN is a rocket 🚀!!! But does he like young boys? What did he know and when did he know it?