Pope Benedict XVI knew of abusive priests when he ran Munich archdiocese, investigators say

Former Pope Benedict knew about priests who abused children when he was archbishop of Munich, a report finds, rejecting his denials

Pope Benedict Xvı Knew Of Abusive Priests When He Ran Munich Archdiocese, İnvestigators Say - Cnn

1/20/2022 2:21:00 PM

Former Pope Benedict knew about priests who abused children when he was archbishop of Munich, a report finds, rejecting his denials

Pope Benedict XVI knew about priests who abused children but failed to act when he was archbishop of Munich from 1977 to 1981, an inquest found Thursday, rejecting Benedict's long-standing denials in a damning judgment.

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Shame on you Benedic... 原住民一萬年,王家一千年,台灣人一百年。 到底誰在惡搞台灣民主與台灣民族??? 日殖民系統或是日殖民惡種族系統或是惡種樹櫻花墓樹殖人類系統? Is this the same creep who said people who don't have kids are selfish? And he knew about the sexual abuse and murders that his fellow cult members were guilty of while running residential schools - did nothing. The headline should read 'another church leader ignores sexual abuse of children'.

Ahh sounds like donnie and matty!! Get up to $30,000 worth of crypto today to trade ..we give you the capital and we guide you through our expertise masterclass you trade and you make maximum profit in a short space of time ..DM to get started An archbishop covered up child abuse within the Catholic Church?! No way, I’m shocked…🤦‍♀️

Hey everyone, view my Facebook profile Bobby Alty to hear some National Secrets. Obama Stole Biological Weapons from US Gov and tried to kill me with them. I am in Secret Service Witness Protection Informally. انقذوا_بن_نعوم save_benaoum Stop_arrests_in_Algeria If clowns were convicted of child sexual abuse as often clergy are, circuses would be outlawed. Churches, however, seem to be doing just fine, paying no taxes, hiding behind religious doctrine.

All preists who did nothing or who assaulted children should be charged and jailed for crimes against humanity

Ex-pope Benedict under scrutiny in German child abuse probeA potentially explosive report into the handling of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church will on Thursday be published in Germany, with former pope Benedict XVI among those in the spotlight. Attn. ENDCLERGYABUSE SNAPNetwork davidgclohessy sflennon I was wondering how long it would take for them to get to Benedict.

They all knew and know still perfect ✅✅ Standard. Crusaders!!! Crucify innocent and serving bandits… they should carry golden calf for the sake of truth!!! Demons in human flesh!!! When Pope JP II gave Bernard Law a job at The Vatican in 2004, it became crystal clear how deep this scandal was. The fact that Benedict covered up as well should surprise none of us.

no permitir a los niños ayudar en la santa misa ! solo personas adultas. Bad man. Start taxing and regulating big churches as if they are business...which is exactly what they are. Show me a preacher/priest driving a fancy car and wearing $1000+ suits and I'll show you a pure hypocrite. No wonder why he’s saying it’s selfish for people not to have children, then his friends wouldn’t have any ti play with.

Study finds CNN delivers 31%-42% more misinformation than other main stream outlets, putting them in their own category of propaganda tabloid.

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This is a surprise? I knew that queen was up to something when she tip-toed into obscurity. I'm convinced he's one of the abusers. Ridiculous! This is the least shocking news ever the Pope More proof religion is terrible Hi my beloved 🌞👋 is there anyone need a reading or send spell such as Love spell 💓Ex 💔 back spell , Financial support 🌬️ Money ritual without side effects 💯🌟⚡ Guidance spell 🌙🌈and Lottery Spell 🗣️ ETC

Are u saying he lied? The Pope - who claims to be “God on earth” lies? Imagine that!! papcy Religion…🧐 KelseyDavisNews I still maintain my Catholic beliefs, but refuse to support the Catholic Church because of this.

Two of Pope Francis’ Closest Aides Test Positive for COVIDTwo of Pope Francis’ closest aides – Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, and his deputy, Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra – have tested positive for COVID-19, The New York Times reported.

He probably participated. Oh gee I'm so surprised! One of the reasons I am no longer a practicing Catholic, have not stepped inside of a church since Mom passed. History of Catholic church is one of abuse, greed, hypocrisy. What does Pontifex know? The only thing that surprised me is that CNN actually told the truth….

Catholic priests should be allowed to marry, otherwise it will continue to attract only gay and men unable to control their sexual needs. Marriage is only institution that satisfies all needs for men and women. What about the sex offender that CNN employs I thought sacrificing ones children to sexual and physical abuse by priests and nuns was part of the Catholic religion.

and in other breaking news dirt has been found to be dirty If he failed to protect children, his God will judge….. Well I for one am shocked that a high ranking member of the church covered this up....

Ex-pope Benedict under scrutiny in German child abuse probeA potentially explosive report into the handling of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church will on Thursday be published in Germany, with former pope Benedict XVI among those in the spotlight. Attn. ENDCLERGYABUSE SNAPNetwork davidgclohessy sflennon I was wondering how long it would take for them to get to Benedict.

They always knew, so where the F.... is their papal infallibility 🤔🤔🤔 He's probably a baby-banger himself. The CatholicChurch has always been about control & profit. PopeFrancis knew, Pope Benedict knows. They ALL knew. In order to keep the cash flow intact & the power in place, children were always collateral damage. Atheism is the natural progression out of religious delusion.

Not surprised. As someone once said, “A fish rots from the head.” In other breaking news: water is wet The Catholic church has done alot of horrible things to people, I believe in God , Jesus and the holy Gost but not in any church , Catholic or any other nomination. If the Pope knew & kept quiet, he needs to face the law. People's children were DESTROYED & there has to be consequences or someone needs to be held accountable for the destruction

Not a surprise. There must be a full investigation, accountability and compensation for the victims. shut the pope down, shut the entire child-abusing racket down, enuf is enuf that's because the catholic church is packed full of NONCES

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I wonder, are the priest and pope above the law? Or will the law throw them in jail after they found guilty jmsk1991 Thanks God I'm an Atheist 😅 Religion, Big money is government is what’s wrong with this world. They dull you wit religion then pay to make sure you stay under their thumb. Too bad Of course he did, the Paedophile Club Of Rome looks after its own.

So he enabled the abuse, a Pope, what do you say about this Christians ? pope Benedict has been phenomenal in spreading happiness of course he did he.s in the sex cult Duh

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Berlin (CNN) "He was informed about the facts," lawyer Martin Pusch said, as the Westpfahl Spilker Wastl law firm announced the findings of an investigation into historic sexual abuse at the Munich Archdiocese over several decades. The report was commissioned by the church itself."We believe that he can be accused of misconduct in four cases," Pusch said."Two of these cases concern abuses committed during his tenure and sanctioned by the state. In both cases, the perpetrators remained active in pastoral care."Benedict continues to deny the allegations, the firm said Thursday. He has repeatedly rejected claims that he knowingly covered-up abuse, including in 2013 when he wrote:"I can only, as you know, acknowledge it with profound consternation. But I never tried to cover up these things." CNN is contacting Benedict's long-time secretary for response to Thursday's report.But Benedict's position was rejected by lawyers at their long-awaited press conference in Munich. Their findings represent a remarkable rebuke of the former Pope, then known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, which follows years of speculation about how much he knew.Read More"During his time in office there were abuse cases happening," Pusch said, referring to Benedict."In those cases those priests continued their work without sanctions. The church did not do anything."He claims that he didn't know about certain facts, although we believe that this is not so, according to what we know," Pusch said.'A building of lies'Benedict, now 94, became the first Pope in centuries to resign when he stepped down in 2013. His tenure was overshadowed by a global sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, and the investigators' findings -- which now directly implicate him in a failure to prevent and punish abuse -- threaten to wreck the reputation of the former pontiff.Lawyer Ulrich Wastl presented a copy of the minutes of a meeting of Munich church leaders on January 15, 1980, when a decision was made to take on an abuser the report refers to as"Priest X." Ulrich Wastl during Thursday's press conference.Wastl said he was"surprised" that Benedict denied he was at the meeting, despite the minutes showing that he was."This is something that is written down," said Wastl, later rejecting Benedict's denial as"hardly credible."Wastl said Benedict had submitted a statement to the investigation, but gave it little credence, summarizing Benedict's position as:"You have the proof that a certain document was submitted, but you don't have the proof that I have read it."In 2010, the Munich archdiocese said Benedict had no knowledge that a priest working in the archdiocese had committed sexual abuse.Top German Catholic Church official offers resignation over 'catastrophe of sexual abuse'And in 2019 the ex-Pope wrote a controversial essay on the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, claiming that it was caused in part by the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the liberalization of the church's moral teaching.A German survivor of abuse by Catholic clergy hailed the investigators' criticism of the Pope on Thursday."The building of lies to protect Pope Benedict has just collapsed with a crash. Benedict was complicit in the abuse of numerous victims after 1980, victims of Priest X," said Matthias Katsch, who runs the organization"Eckiger Tisch" which seeks justice for abuse victims.Katsch says he was 13 years old when a priest at his Jesuit school in Berlin first molested him. In 2010, Katsch went public with his story, triggering an outpouring of testimony from dozens, then hundreds of other survivorsKatsch, who told his story to CNN in 2018, was present at the press conference announcing the investigation findings on Thursday.