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Pompeo will travel to Jerusalem, Brussels after stop in Turkey

Pompeo will travel to Jerusalem, Brussels after stop in Turkey


Pompeo will travel to Jerusalem, Brussels after stop in Turkey

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Jerusalem and Brussels after ...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Jerusalem and Brussels after his visit to Turkey on Thursday with Vice President Mike Pence, the State Department said on Wednesday.

Pence and Pompeo are going to Turkey’s capital Ankara to urge Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to stop his invasion of Syria.

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Gonna be a quick stop in Turkey considering no one will even meet with these two jokers 🙄 KurdsBetrayedByTrump TrumpIsADisgrace Of course he’ll stop and get his orders from his puppet masters in ApartheidIsrael how is he going to tell Bibi? Iran is in Syria next door Yea,he will take last orders from Bibi.He is evangelic and zionist.

Everytime I see him I get dueche chills And nothing will change!! He should be ashamed ... he, Pence, Giuliani, Barr all working WITH this POTUS should be ashamed of themselves! Perhaps he’ll visit the Saudi embassy in Istanbul... rogueoperators See if you can get our nukes back now. Is Pompeo on Rapture time?

pattycakes324xo Trying to create end of times, eh Pompeo?

Senior Adviser to Pompeo Resigns, Will Testify in Impeachment HearingsA top adviser to Mike Pompeo resigned last week, and he's testifying to House Democrats in the impeachment probe today. That spells trouble for Trump.

This criminal gets to see the world on our dime after the things he’s done? Starting to think he wants a little time away. Who's just dirty work anyway. Of course he will. His masters in fake israel/zionistan has brief him about their fake greater israel project and their zionist mine donkeys the terrorists pkk, ypg and sdf. KurdsSideWithTurkey

Hope he gets our nuclear arsenal at the lost and found. Somebody get GPS on Bannon , I smell a rat . It's not easy doing the Devil's work I feel like people need to hear more about how he's a religious extremist who believes in The Rapture. And about how Pence is a Dominionist. And watch this: US needs allies, no sh!t!

Is SecPompeo checking on GordanSonland contractors for his Brussels house remodel? Since, Sondland will be testifying in DC. WhatIsShadyInBrusselsNow

Pompeo aide who quit suddenly last week testifies at impeachment inquiryA former top adviser to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who abruptly resigne... Arrest Pompeo He will be the one that will bring Trump down! LMAO

Brussels and Turkey. Sounds like Thanksgiving. More success awaits, no doubt He is trying to stay as far away as possible from the USA remember to tell me if he is able to meet Erdogan This is a classic example of how the SECSTATE WASTEFULLY spends our hard earned tax dollars, this is PATHETIC!! Who cares. Oh, is it a one way ticket?

SecPompeo double-checking if the rapture is imminently incoming...bringing his buddy VP Pency with him just in case?

Mike Pompeo flying to Middle EastIt's so weird seeing all of these guys trying to dynamically adopt Trump's vision... considering its nonsensical and ever changing. Well let's just throw gas on the fire and be done with it. Off to engage in more shady dealings, no doubt.

Former State adviser says Pompeo was silent on Yovanovitch ousterFormer State Department senior adviser Michael McKinley testified Wednesday that he repeatedly asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for a show of support for the ousted US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch — but was greeted with silence from the secretary of state, according to two sources with knowledge of his testimony. He doesnt even answer Yes/No questions, such as whether he met with Giuliani. To his “credit”, though, he’s a dog loyal to his master. The president can choose who he wants to be his ambassadors

Pompeo: Trump 'makes decisions and then absorbs data and facts'Secretary of State Mike Pompeo deflected when asked in an interview whether there was a broader strategy behind President Trump's actions in the ongoing conflict in Syria , saying Trump 'makes decisions and then absorbs data and facts' Every single day Mike Pompeo loses more credibility especially when bending over backwards to defend that incompetent Trump. Pompeo needs to resign. Seems more like ignores data and facts

Ex-Pompeo adviser tells Congress he resigned over Trump's attacks on YovanovitchJail them all. More BS in Trump’s admin. No room for anyone who has ethics and wants to act accordingly. Trump only wants people who have no scruples and will do whatever he says, even if it’s illegal Each serve at the president’s pleasure. Resigning was more appropriate than staying in one’s job and complaining when it falls on deaf ears.

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