Polls show Biden with the advantage in four battleground states

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New polls in four key battleground states show Joe Biden with the edge over President Trump, including in one of the key states Trump flipped to the Republican column in 2016

New polls in four key battleground states show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with the edge over President Donald Trump, including in one of the key states Trump flipped to the Republican column in 2016.released Saturday had Biden leading Trump in Minnesota, 50 percent to 41 percent, and more narrowly ahead in Wisconsin, 48 percent to 43 percent.

Voters in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, two states that have grappled with incidents of police brutality and a summer of protests that followed, said they trusted Biden to do a better job handling race relations, protests and violent crime, despite Trump’s recent efforts to paint Biden as an ally of anarchy and violence.

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Ditch battleground a lot of people are cleaning there guns.

All things being equal these polls would be good , but things are NOT EQUAL if you factor in..THE POST OFFICE, RUSSIA FOOTPRINT, plus all the usual voter suppression tactics..Yes that's why we cannot rely on the polls


And what most polls don't show that there will be a gold wave coming to end the broken two party system. People are tired of the red and the blue because they know they don't give a shit about you! VoteGold2020

Assume Biden’s behind the polls. Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Biden is a doofus. Please name the folks pulling his strings.

The same story like Hillary only thing the media goes overboard and Hillary lost the election Biden will es up the same way.

This must be reversed

So sad that is only an “edge”...how can anyone with any heart, brains, morals, or humanity support Trump?! Most of his supporters call themselves Christians. What kind of true Christian follows this golden idol called Trump? I feel like we are right back at the Ten Commandments.

The polls are only getting democrats to participate.

When are Americans going to figure out joe Biden is a pedophile, part of the Clinton pervs

Hunter pushes Joe out front!

The polls are not reflecting the majority of voters. Democrats need to vote as if they’re down by 10!! Russia and corruption dictates the need for a decisive Biden win.

Do not trust polls! March to the polls as you did all summer in cities across this country.

Haha love these polls

Biden is a hiding an ain't even trying...it's a cake walk to the White House.

Please stop telling us Biden is leading. If Trump can get elected he can get reelected.

Leading in polls is great. But we need to go vote no matter the polls. BidenHarris2020

Don’t get complacent! Work this thing. Try to convince someone you know that Biden is the way to vote, then they convince someone else and on it goes...

The only poll that matters is the one on election day. Trump came from behind 4 years ago, he'll do it again.


I am in the process of driving from ny to az, just got to AZ, we saw tons of Trump signs, not ONE Biden. Yeah Biden has the edge. Lol

... EDGING. 😈🍆

Poll is from New York Times and Siena College Then it has to be right lol

I'm sure President Trump will try his best to accelerate this trend. 🔥

No enthusiasm for joe Biden. He loses bigly.

How we save our democracy? Electing Joe Biden and winning back the Senate.

Biden winning 100 percent

Biden should win in a record landslide...of he doesn't it shows how racist and stupid Americans are UNFIT

Polls are bullshit. Just the media’s way of attempting to sway voters. I don’t care if sleepy Joe is 20 points ahead on election eve, Trump will prevail in a landslide.

BeijingBiden AlzheimerBiden BidenAskUtoLearnPutonghua

Trump2020 is a death zone. Period.

China propaganda

Voters in Minnesota & Wisconsin 2 states that have grappled with incidents of police brutality & a summer of protests said they trust Biden to do a better job handling race relations, protests & violent crime despite Trump’s efforts to paint Biden as an ally of anarchy & violence

Yea!!!! Go Joe!

Remember polls were dead wrong about Hillary Clinton. Sleepy Joe is clearly a socialist based on his pledges for universal coverage and raising taxes on the wealthy.

The uncertianity in these polls are too widespread due to small sample size.

Breaking... Trump folks lie to pollsters... 😆😆😆

I don't understand how anyone could consider voting for someone so demented. The Democrats are participating in elder abuse by running this candidate

Yep. Biden 'has the edge. . .' Trump2020Landslide

How ? He’s been missing , no show, no ideas of his own , can’t answer question from press and needs teleprompter with answers when he gets interviewed How do you become President of USA with this sham of a campaign All bull💩


It’s ridiculous how all the liberal media are campaigning for the unsalable Sleepy joe. Crying, rioting and heartbreak on the emotionally weak liberals episode 2 in the offing come November.

Do not trust polls

And edge isn't good enough. Don't let the electoral college fuck us again. vote vote vote vote vote!!!!!!!

My plan is to vote early as possible and then go to the polling stations in areas where there are minorities and start filming since trump is going to have sheriff and police there...any voter suppression will be on video. THIS IDEA NEEDS TO BE SHARED PLEASE RETWEET ✌❤

Haha you wish!

Don’t underestimate all the ways the GOP can STILL botch the COVID response: - Lack of testing & PPE - Ineffective/dangerous vaccine - Low vaccination due to distrust - Poor vaccine distribution - Rushed reopenings - Manipulated data - Downplayed cases - Derailed ACA VoteBlue

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