Polls Close And Waiting Begins In NYC Mayoral Primary

As the first NYC-wide election to use ranked choice voting, results may not be fully counted until July.

6/23/2021 6:15:00 AM

As the first NYC-wide election to use ranked choice voting, results may not be fully counted until July.

As the first NYC-wide election to use ranked choice voting, results may not be fully counted until July.

The candidates raced around the city Tuesday doing a last round of campaigning.Wiley was losing her voice greeting voters near her polling place in Brooklyn. Garcia campaigned up in the Bronx, while Sliwa and Stringer bumped into each other campaigning in Manhattan.

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Yang rode the subways to meet voters.“If you want your city to work for us and our families, you have got to get out and vote,” he said after voting in Manhattan.Concern overa rise in shootings during the pandemichas dominated the mayoral campaign in recent months, even as the candidates have wrestled with demands from the left for more police reform.

As a former officer, but one who spent his career fighting racism within the department, Adams may have benefited most from the policing debate.He denounced the“defund the police” sloganand proposed reinstating a disbanded plainclothes unit to focus on getting illegal guns off the streets. headtopics.com

Wiley and Stringer, battling for progressive votes, both said they would reallocate a portion of the police department’s budget to other city programs.Of the top contenders, either Garcia or Wiley would be city’s first female mayor if elected. Adams or Wiley would be the second Black mayor. Yang would be the city’s first Asian American mayor.

Yang and Garcia formed an alliance in the campaign’s last days in an apparent effort to use the ranked voting system to block Adams. The two held several joint campaign events, with Yang asking his supporters to rank Garcia as their No. 2 — though Garcia did not quite return the favor, not telling her voters where to rank Yang. Adams accused his two rivals of purposely trying to block a Black candidate.

Neither Sliwa nor Mateo has much of a chance to win the November general election in a city where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 7 to 1.Former allies, the two Republicans traded personal insults and tried to shout over each other during one debate on Zoom.

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How this is the most unpredictable NYC mayoral race in 50 yearsAdams is the favorite, but the race remains within the margin of error... Adams' polling position for initial preferences at this point is the weakest for a New York City Democratic primary frontrunner since the pivotal 1977 race. They are talking unwanted unsolicited videos of me both to prove the merits of me being ap homosexual and to allow them to continue to murder women who try to go to me for sex... all against my will and freedom to choose any woman.. Their are unethical.mental health personel who will not back off and they will not release me from a state of slavery for me to have the right to have a romantic relationship with women instead of men They will not allow me to have any say so about what happens to me when I go to sleep each night.. they will slip transvestite men to me if nothing else and force then me.. after they have murdered all the women that wanted sex with me... and girls

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Why The NYC Mayoral Race Is Moderates’ To LoseProgressive Democrats have struggled to break through in one of the most high-profile elections of the year: the Democratic primary for New York City mayor. Wit… They are killing young people in Cali, by order of the Duke government I suppose they can posture themselves and call themselves whatever they like. The DNC will quash any progressives though. Joe said flat out that he'll VETO M4A on sight and he's the head of the party right now. How progressive does THAT sound? VBNMW was just a blackmailed ballot.

The Strokes Tease New Song 'Starting Again' in Campaign Ad for NYC Mayoral Candidate Maya WileyThe Strokes teased a new song, 'Starting Again,' in a campaign ad for NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley.

5 things to watch in NYC mayoral race as ranked-choice voting makes primary debutFor the first time, voters will have the option to select as many as five of the eight Democratic mayoral candidates in order of preference. Complicate voting. That works. Look at their track record before you vote and ask yourself what in it for me How is this fair? U select one candidate and the acts it

‘No one is gonna steal the election from me’: Echoes of 2020 in NYC mayor’s raceHundreds of thousands of New Yorkers head to the polls Tuesday to pick the next mayor of the nation’s biggest city. But the closing days of the election, and perhaps the weeks that follow, may as well be a referendum on the ballot itself. Anyone have any concerns with the NYC rodent issue? I’ll pay the bills of the first 5 people to dm me 💵❤️💯 Don't worry. The mysterious uncounted boxes of ballots won't magically appear until.Nov. if by some miracle the Republican candidate has a decent shot at winning.