Poll: Trump's coronavirus bounce fizzles

Fewer voters are pleased with the way the Trump administration has handled the Covid-19 outbreak.

4/1/2020 3:30:00 PM

A new set of polls suggest the positive marks Trump earned for his early response to the crisis are turning more negative

Fewer voters are pleased with the way the Trump administration has handled the Covid-19 outbreak.

Aseparate Morning Consult tracking pollshows Trump’s net approval on handling coronavirus — the difference between the percentage who approve and disapprove of his job performance — sliding 7 points off its high from March 20.In the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, Trump’s overall approval rating is unchanged from last week: 45 percent of voters approve of the job he is doing as president, and 52 percent disapprove.

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Voters are increasingly worried about the coronavirus: 60 percent say they are “very concerned” about the outbreak, up from 53 percent last week and 41 percent two weeks ago. Similarly, 41 percent of voters say the virus has been “very disruptive” to their lives, up from 35 percent last week and only 18 percent the week before that.

Asked about how he is handling the outbreak, a quarter of voters, 25 percent, say Trump is doing an “excellent” job, while an additional 18 percent rate his performance as “good.” But nearly as many as that 43 percent giving Trump positive marks say he’s done a “poor” job, 40 percent. Eleven percent say the job Trump has done has been “just fair.”

Trump’s ratings pale in comparison to those for the governors of the various states. A combined 62 percent say their state’s governor has done an “excellent” or “good” job handling the crisis.CORONAVIRUS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWDemocrats and Republicans across the country say they’re

for the most at-risk health care workers in their districts as the president takes a hands-off approach. Read more: POLITICO »

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SethAbramson January would have been a intelligent choice to tackle it but we have trump. MoronInChief SethAbramson The 'rally round the flag' warm fuzzies have faded, as I knew they would. Hopefully more people are seeing Dump for the narcissistic, sociopathic, mean-spirited grifter that he is. SethAbramson TeaPainUSA CharlesPPierce GOP The single biggest thing realDonaldTrump has done in the past 2 wks is to change 15 days to 30 on that idiotic PowerPoint blowup he & Mikey keep touting to hide the fact they're not doing anything substantive. How long before it becomes 90?

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What poll your liberal poll President Trump is doing to much he’s shoudl be reopening businesses now . By 'more voters'? They mean they went and tracked down 5-10 people that said they felt Trump isn't doing enough. Because that's EXACTLY how the hack media does business🤡 Bullshit! Early response? Please.

he is a idiot He had no early response. Now the republicans and trump are floating a fake conspiracy theory that impeachment slowed response. But media has his calendar filled with golf and rallies and bad quotes during the first month. No shit? Trump screwed up and people finally figured it out? Say it ain't so!

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Of course they did. He kept talking and revealing himself to be unfit for this leadership moment. Watching Cuomo juxtaposed to him is very jarring as well. SethAbramson Who the fuck gave him positive marks? The pillow guy? Chachi? Vlad? The early positive remarks on how good he was handling this virus we’re a hoax

simple with no ill intent....HE BLEW IT.... SethAbramson I’m sure the My Pillow guy was just too much for most people. Trump destroyed federal capabilities, corrupted a government once known as the gold standard for ethics, lied unceasingly, separated families, caged children, abandoned Puerto Rico, solicited foreign election interference and will kill more Americans than Osama Bin Laden.

This suggests many of those who voted for him prefer to believe the Trump imaginative optimism rather than the Trump telling the truth. 'O brave new world that has such people in it' Two month later is not 'early response'. In over his head , out of his league , not presidential material , unfit! Looks like reality is starting to set in down south.

Early response ? 😂😂😂😂 STOP THIS BULLSHITERY tRump is an incompetent lying moron. Because people are beginning to see how inept he really is and how totally unprepared he is as a leader..The true measure of a leader is not when things are easy, but how they react when the shit hits the fan.. 1. There was early response. 2. Everyone paying a slight bit of attention knew the polls giving Trump high marks were BS

🖕🏻 It's about time that realDonaldTrump supporters start to wake up from the spell they've been under and stop buying the lies that the snake oil salesman Traitor In Chief has been selling! Just because the GOP drones repeat the lies, it doesn't mean they're true! DumpTheGOP He started this whole shit with his trade war, did he actually expect China to just lie down and be economically messed up.

If this is an early response then so is me getting on my history class Zoom call at midnight Not true No shit. 👿 Duh, how is this news? His positive polls were people supporting the role of the presidency in a crisis. Trump once again shows he only cares about himself, which wears out quickly. politico got the chicken little syndrome

Ya think? Early response? Bullshit ! Ya think! Sooner or later everyone comes out of their coma and smells the coffee By «his early response» you meant «the early decisions he made when he finally decided to respond at all after weeks of denial and lies» Not buying this stuff. I can't believe that anyone honestly believes he is doing a good job. I get that some people are saying he is because that is just what they do, but I don't think anyone actually believes it.

Trumpers are deathly afraid their CULT LEADER will not be re-elected. Find another hater to worship, losers. What early response? We still don’t have the tests promised , we don’t have enough medical equipment and our frontline workers don’t have enough PPE. What early response? Wait until the number of dead surpasses the projections! He’ll be lucky to survive himself!

when was this so called “early” response? People WANTED to hear that coronavirus is a hoax. Now that his story is somewat closer to the US reality it's perhaps his fault things are turning ugly.

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Lana Condor Called Trump Out for His Racist 'Chinese Virus' COVID-19 Rhetoric'You have no idea the ramifications your racist words & actions have on the Asian American community.' YES OMFG YES lanacondor you’re a mf Queen !!!! I love to eat Chinese food. It originated in China and was brought here by the Chinese people. Chinese food is very good. Chinese virus

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