Poll: Percentage of Democrats who see border ‘crisis’ jumps 17 points since January amid spike in migrant families

Poll: Percentage of Democrats who see border ‘crisis’ jumps 17 points since January amid spike in migrant families

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4/30/2019 2:00:00 PM

Poll : Percentage of Democrats who see border ‘crisis’ jumps 17 points since January amid spike in migrant families

Blame over unauthorized immigration at the southern border falls about evenly between President Trump and congressional Democrats , according to a Post-ABC News survey.

[Read full poll results | How the poll was conducted]The shifting views have altered the political calculus for Democrats, including the 20 candidates already in the race for the party’s presidential nomination, who have sought to challenge Trump’s hard-line rhetoric on immigration. Having once accused the president of falsely fanning public fears over a nonexistent crisis, Democrats have shifted to emphasizing the humanitarian challenges at the border, while still accusing Trump of demonizing immigrants and pursuing policies that have exacerbated the problems.

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All Trump con job. The crises was created by him and he continues to massage it. Oh please stop There has been a crisis at the border all along. It just didn't fit your agenda to report it honestly. FactsMatter There is a crisis, but look at the border wall proposal. It has disappeared because the crisis is based around how to handle those seeking asylum. Trump has resources to help the problem but he clearly wants it to remain a problem

It's in their backyard now. Democrats own the term 'fake crisis' when it comes to the border. Inaction by 44 lead to this. There is no crisis. As long as the sanctuary cities continue to take all of the illegal immigrants, there is no issue. And ICE does not have to waste time in those cities. Trump solved the problem - again!

Nearly a third of Democrats support Trump's proposal to relocate migrants to sanctuary cities: pollDemocratic lawmakers, on the other hand, have not been nearly as receptive to the idea, accusing Trump of using undocumented immigrants as political pawns. Trump has poisoned good people.

AP-NORC Poll: Democrats have health care edge ahead of 2020WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans are giving Democrats a clear edge on health care as the 2020 presidential race gears up. That's according to a new poll that also finds many Republicans backing one of their competitors' top ideas: a government insurance plan people can buy into.

Biden takes the Democrats' early lead, with signs of a generational showdown (POLL)JUST IN: 47% of Democrats think the party should nominate someone who is closest to them on the issues, new ABC News/WaPo poll finds. 39% want someone who seems most likely to defeat Pres. Trump . 🔻Na:ba_179🔻 📈 | Harvest of the Soldiers During the Week of the 13th Through the 19th of Sha‘ban 1440 HA 💢 RIPJohnSingleton 💢 John Singleton 💢 ________ Lol what a winning strategy these dems Why, the nominee won’t act on it if elected, only Trump does what he says.

Poll: Most Democrats undecided on 2020 primaryA recent poll found the majority of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents remained undecided on their choice for next year's Democratic presidential primary. DUH! We gotta have debates first. lol :D Yeah cause it’s NEXT YEAR! I sure hope so! Bring on the debates!

Poll: Biden gets 6-point launch bounceThe former vice president is now the first choice of more than a third of those who plan to participate in their state’s Democratic primary or caucus. And suddenly the Bernie supporters aren't crowing about how important it is to be the 'frontrunner' anymore... dont worry smear campaign is in progress Bernie staying strong. Keep reaching out to new voters!

Donald Trump faces 2020 trouble in Texas against Biden, Bernie or Beto, poll suggests'Wow,' Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway's husband George Conway said in regards to the poll. Do you try to fail? What about KamalaHarris and SenWarren DisgraceToJournalism AbjectFailure Don’t underestimate the women!

As in 2018, health care ranks among Trump's 2020 challenges (POLL)The key issue of the 2018 midterms may stick around to trouble President Donald Trump in 2020: Americans , by a 17-point margin, say his handling of health care makes them more likely to oppose than support him for a second term. Beyond that, a remarkable 75% of Americans , and 85% of registered voters Gee, i thought everyone just loved Obama care? There is no fix, just band-aids that eventually have to be ripped off. Not Obama's fault, not Trump fault. The cost of health care is at fault. The Dems screwed up healthcare so bad. No one read the fine print and it became expensive and unwanted. They made it extremely hard to fix. So how do you think it will get fixed and put navy together in 2 short years Trump tried to get people to stop coming to this country and draining our resources but they blocked that. People just want stuff for free and have no clue that nothing is ever for free.

More Americans are likely to oppose Trump in the 2020 elections because of his handling of health care, poll saysMore Americans say they are likely to oppose rather than support President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential elections because of his handling of health care, according to a new ABC/Washington Post poll. i really like the daily show but time to block you liberal content. The US Republican Party is only governing body in developed world that does not support national health insurance for all citizens. Don't Republican voters want health care? The rich ones don't have to worry about it, but what about Trump's hero worshipers? Are they just stupid?

Analysis | Most Americans say they won’t vote for Trump next year — but will they vote at all?Analysis: Most Americans say they won’t vote for Trump next year — but will they vote at all? Vote BLUE. This is a lie Which Americans ? 😂😂😂

Police break up clashes in West Bengal, Mumbai votes in fourth phase of massive pollPolice broke up clashes between rival groups of voters in West Bengal on Monday ... Women in one queue and men in another!!!

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