Poll highlights key barriers for Trump and Biden in final weeks before election

With seven weeks to go, Biden finds resistance from swing voters who think he's too liberal. Trump needs to motivate supporters uncertain about voting.

9/16/2020 2:30:00 PM

As the presidential race moves into its final seven weeks, with Joe Biden holding a lead that remains steady but not conclusive, he and President Trump face contrasting challenges, a new poll shows.

With seven weeks to go, Biden finds resistance from swing voters who think he's too liberal. Trump needs to motivate supporters uncertain about voting.

AdvertisementRegistered voters who solidly back Trump and those who solidly back Biden report a similar likelihood of voting, about 95% on average. The president’s problem comes with those who say they only lean toward voting for him. They average a 75% likelihood, the poll finds, compared with 92% for those who lean to Biden.

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Those weak Trump supporters are also slightly more doubtful that their ballots will be counted — a worry that the poll indicates may be discouraging their likelihood of voting.Trump’s warnings about rigged elections and vote fraud, which have been replete with false statements, may have heightened those concerns, unintentionally deterring some of his supporters.

Biden leads Trump nationwide by 9 points, 51% to 42%, the USC Dornsife poll finds. Biden’s margin has shrunk slightly since last week, a change that could reflect a tightening of the race but is small enough that it may simply be random fluctuation in the poll’s daily tracking.

As he seeks to close the gap, Trump faces a daunting reality: A large share of the electorate has tuned him out. Nearly 6 in 10 voters have an unfavorable view of him, and about half say their view is “extremely unfavorable.”AdvertisementAmong undecided voters — a small share of the electorate — 70% view Trump unfavorably, as do about three-quarters of those who say they voted for a third-party candidate in 2016. About 15% of people who say they voted for Trump in 2016 view him unfavorably today.

Views of Biden are closely divided, 50% favorable and 47% unfavorable, the poll found. In contrast to Trump, only about a third of voters say their view of Biden is “extremely unfavorable.” Independents have a net negative view of both candidates.Among some voter groups, unusually large shares say their view of Trump is extremely unfavorable: 79% of Black voters, for example, 64% of city dwellers, 56% of Latinas, and 51% of millennials and younger voters.

Trump has made little pretense of fishing in those waters. Instead, his campaign has focused on driving up the vote among groups that already support him, focusing on identifying and turning out people who didn’t vote in 2016.AdvertisementThat’s not an impossible strategy: Key states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan have large numbers of white residents living in rural and exurban areas who didn’t vote in the last presidential election.

The poll, however, points to a major difficulty with that strategy: Trump hasn’t had much success in making his law-and-order message connect with voters who weren’t already committed to him.The poll listed nine issues the candidates have talked about and asked respondents to pick the one that is most important in determining their vote. The results indicate that Trump has made law and order top of mind for many of his supporters. Law enforcement and criminal justice came in second place among Trump voters, although well behind jobs and the economy.

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Among voters overall, however, law enforcement ranked fourth — behind not only the economy, but also “uniting the country and healing racial divisions,” aand a top concern for Biden supporters, and “response to the coronavirus.”AdvertisementOther issues took a back seat, notably immigration, which played a major role in the 2016 campaign, and climate change, although the current data was collected before

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As the US election draws near, the race between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden heats up. Here's the latest news around campaigns, SCOTUS vacancy, voting, and more.

Anyone who would vote for a mentally diminishing person to be President is as sick as Biden & as far as his ho of a VP, well you democrats are all sick, probably worse than Biden!!! Biden has 98% chance of winning... 🤣🖕🏽 👀 Joe Biden does not hold a lead. You’d have to be a fool to believe that. Biden has largely succeeded in uniting Democrats. But as he tries to build a broad coalition that would include a significant number of independents and moderate Republicans — a step that could lock down key states — he faces resistance on ideology.

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Undecided Florida voters starting to favor Trump, but Biden still leads in new pollUndecided Florida voters may wind up helping President Donald Trump get reelected, according to a new poll. Those voters are morons If you're undecided at this point, you're just trying to decide if you hate 200,000 dead Americans or black people more. What the hell is wrong with these people. How much death and unemployment and blazing fires do they need to turn away from this insanity?

Monmouth poll: Biden up 5 points on Trump in FloridaMonmouth’s poll shows Biden leading among Florida Latinos 58-32, roughly in line with Hillary Clinton’s 27-point margin in 2016, though she lost the state to Trump overall. 428 Registered Voters is all I needed to read. Hahahahaha have you asked any Floridians? Trump is NOT law & order. He IS CORRUPTION. Associates indicted or found guilty: ▪︎ DeJoy? ▪︎ Bannon ▪︎ Cohen ▪︎ Manafort ▪︎ Rick Gates ▪︎ Roger Stone ▪︎ Michael Flynn Vote early to remove Trump, McConnell, Jordan, etc. Do not let them silence your vote.

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