Poll: Biden maintains double-digit lead over Trump

The survey found half of registered voters say they are not at all likely to support Trump.

7/3/2020 6:55:00 AM

Joe Biden continues to lead President Trump by a wide margin nationally, a new poll released Thursday shows, as the race for the White House stabilizes, at least for the time being, with Biden well in front

The survey found half of registered voters say they are not at all likely to support Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead President Donald Trump by a wide margin nationally, a poll released Thursday shows, as the race for the White House stabilizes, at least for the time being, with Biden well in front.The Monmouth University poll shows Biden with a 12-point nationwide lead over the president, 53 percent to 41 percent among registered voters. Last month,

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, with the presumptive Democratic nominee holding 52 percent support compared with Trump’s 41 percent.AdvertisementThursday’s survey highlighted one of Trump’s major obstacles to reelection — the amount of the electorate which has made up its mind against him. Half of registered voters say they are not at all likely to support Trump, while 39 percent say the same for Biden.

Whereas Trump benefited from a relativelyunpopularopponent in 2016 when running against Hillary Clinton, Biden’s favorability ratings this cycle present a different challenge. Forty-four percent of voters view the former vice president favorably, the same percentage that view him unfavorably. Trump’s favorability rating, by comparison, is 17 points underwater.

Biden’s lead has increased in every Monmouth poll since March, from 3 percentage points four months ago to 12 percentage points this week.POLITICO has reported that Trump hasprivately come to the realizationin recent days that he is in a poor position for reelection, partly due to an increasing number of grim polls.

The Trump campaign has sought to portray Biden in cognitive decline and the former vice president had to fend off questions about his mental capacities during a press conference this week. The Monmouth poll found that 52 percent of voters are at least somewhat confident that Biden has the mental and physical stamina to be president, more than the 45 percent who say the same about the incumbent.

The Monmouth University Poll was conducted by phone from June 26-30 among 867 adults, including 733 registered voters. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points. Read more: POLITICO »

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Fake news and Hate news! A vote for the red team or the blue team is a wasted vote. Vote gold for real change. ShesWithUs LetHerSpeak JoJorgensen2020 If Biden wasn’t trying to capitalize on the fact that Trump is in a free fall of lies and stupid decisions, then he’d be dumb too. Trump is handing Biden the Oval Office, especially if CW is correct and Trump is going to drop out of the race.

LMFAO....Do you really think that the world cannot see through all of your fake bullshit...We all know damn well that TRUMP leads way out front from Biden....No one wants your party in power anymore...least of all a President who cannot even think well enough to put 2 sentences+ That’s bullshit. Putin has a lot of work to do

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I don't like that at least for the time being at all! We still have to vote like we are 100 points behind, because there could be trickery afoot by the Republicans! YusufDFI Didn’t we see the same charade 4 years ago? Biden shouldn’t complacent with this lead and build a strong strategy to win votes. He has to build policies based on his voter base and consolidate votes. Trump is the known commodity now and actually the safer bet for voters.

Propaganda the woke phenomena is far more dangerous than any virus Could you guys break down now polling is done? The age groups and how many ppl from each state you polled in the poll. Ppl do need clarity NeverForget What a joke & shameful that Joes family uses him as a cash-cow puppet. He hasn’t spoken a word off his own script. He’s got people writing what he is to say! It’ so blatantly obvious! Sadly they’re going to pull him out of his “presidency” deeming him incompetent & put M.Obama in

“Biden leads Trump by wide margin” says FakeNewsMedia 😂 Reality says otherwise: Whoop him good, Joe. But Where is JoeBiden 's cognitive test results!?!?! 😂😂 YusufDFI This type of news are planted in media as propaganda. in this case, this news article is to show people (who are undecided/confused) that Joe Biden is a good candidate & enjoys massive public support....which will make good aura & increase credibility of Joe Biden as candidate.

Wishful thinking, dear baby. Yay Ifake news 2016 Enough with the meaningless polls!!! Clinton lead Trump by double digits two weeks before the election! Nothing matters except who actually shows up to vote. NOTHING ELSE. Don’t pay attention to polls. Vote and vote Blue! We must make sure that Trump loses by a very large margin. Crush him. Leave no doubt what America thinks of him.

Trump has been spotted walking through the White House late at night wearing a robe that is open in the front.... shuffling his feet between portraits of dead Presidents while mumbling Putin's name YusufDFI Really!! Trump got his already. Ignore the polls. Work harder. You’re right, dems can stay home on Election Day. No need to get out and vote, you might catch Covid and die. Smarter to just stay home, Biden’s a shoe in.

Appeal to Prejudice, Inevitable Victory. These are the propaganda techniques being used by the media to manipulate the election. You’re welcome. Can't wait for that first debate! Biden is a Racist! Biden said Sen, Byrd was his mentor and he said the man who influenced him the most to get into govt. Sen. Byrd recruited and led over 150 members of the KKK while he was in office. He was the Chapter leader. When he died, Pelosi’s is who gave the eulogy.

What would you say if I told when polled most Trump supporters are saying Biden. Since your polls are skewed we thought we'd play a little game. VERY HARD to believe. Assuming your polls are accurate: Who are the ignorant twits being polled? No one of sound mind would vote JoeBiden. America can’t afford to go back to ObamaBiden policies. They damn near destroyed our USA.

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Exclusive USA TODAY poll: Biden widens his lead, but Trump keeps the edge on enthusiasmPresident Trump continues to hold a significant edge when it comes to enthusiasm among his supporters, an important factor in turning out voters. A quarter of his voters will be covid dead come Nov Kind of like a tiny* pack of rabid dogs.... Blue Wave Landslide In November!!!!!

Joe Biden leading Trump by 10 points nationallyJoe Biden is leading the president, 54 to 44 percent nationally, according to new polling. 87 percent are dissatisfied with the direction the country is going. Can't we remove Trump now? We need to get Biden in the White House quickly. Missin_Florida Who are the 13% that happy with the direction of the country? They should not be wandering amongst the rest of us. No you don’t say!

Biden says Trump has 'waved the white flag' on pandemicSaying Trump&39;s coronavirus response has "failed," Biden promised a bigger role for Dr. Anthony Fauci if he is elected. Choose WARREN '..Dementia is an overall term for diseases and conditions characterized by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking skills that affect a person's ability to perform everyday activities. Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer's most common cause of dementia

Biden: Trump doesn't seem 'cognitively aware' of Russia bounty intel"I think the president has a lot to answer for and we should get the answers quickly," Biden said Tuesday. It's realDonaldTrump isn't cognitively aware of anything. This is about as ironic as it gets... Biden is an idiot

Biden criticizes Trump administration appointees with history of Islamophobic and offensive commentsJoe Biden said this week that two recent Trump administration appointees to the Pentagon and USAID 'have no business serving in high positions in our government' because of past Islamophobic and offensive comments on social media That’s the pot calling he kettle hes a pedophile, his opinion means nothing

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