Poll: Biden leads Trump by 13 points nationwide

As President Trump tried to parry reports that he's afraid of former VP Biden, a new poll out shows the president losing to Biden in a general election matchup by 13 points.


As President Trump tried to parry reports that he's afraid of former VP Biden, a new poll out shows the president losing to Biden in a general election matchup by 13 points.

Even as the president tried to parry reports that he's afraid of Biden, a new poll out today undercut him. The new Quinnipiac poll shows the president losing to Biden in a general election matchup by 13-points.

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In the real world Trump is beating Biden. Why? Because we have heard evil rotten hateful divisive rhetoric and lies from your bias bigoted news outlet.Your bashing of Sarah Sanders was disgraceful. I guess women only matter if they are Trump haters. Thanks for another win in 2020 Trump's PollLoss percentage to Biden will get dramatically worse after his most recent stupidity of saying he would take any dirt he can get on a campaign adversary! The more he Tweets and runs his Blowhole the moe stupid he gets! He never learns by past experience!

Trump2020 Didn't Hillary beat him by that much too? Your polls are as accurate as your 'news stories'. FakeNews YouSuckAtTruth Such Fake News. Outright Fraud These fake early polls are meant to shape public opinion. Not reflect public opinion. Let that sink in. It is sad that trump polls that high! In my opinion... he fears the E.D. he suffers from, makes him feel less than a man so he is morphing into something limp and slimy...

fakenews HillaryClinton is outpolling realDonaldTrump in right up until the election where she was defeated by the better candidate! Your polls are garbage.... I am for honesty, I am for Biden. I want peace in this country and for our allies

Biden leads but Sanders, Warren get boost in new pollFormer VP Joe Biden maintains a lead in the latest Quinnipiac polling on the 2020 Democratic field, but Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have gotten a bump since May. The panel discusses. I wish you weren't so transparently in support of Biden. Report the news but don't ignore the rest, please biden, our 46th potus, is running against trump... iono who these other folk are running against? each other, maybe BREAKING: cancer czar under Obama Biden now promises if elected president he WILL cure cancer... really?

The same poll that said Hillary at 96%? It's a Democratic poll - means nothing Latest Election Polls 2016 Updated November 8, 2016 Updated daily as new polls are published. Sign up for updates See Senate polls → National Polling Average Including Gary Johnson Hillary Clinton 45.9% Donald J. Trump 42.8%

Rich old WHITE man the last hope for the Democrats. Who are these 40% ignorant people? Where was the poll taken? North Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana? Come on guys! I think this poll is fake. Trump cannot that close to anyone. The polls must be 75 to 5 and the rest undecided. Biden leading. FAKEPOLLS INDIVIDUAL1 WEWILLIMPEACHTHEM PRESIDENTFIREHYDRANT JOEBIDENWILLKICKTHECRAPOUTOFDONNIE REXISRIGHT PRESIDENTSCUM MEXICOWILLPAYFORIT FAKEPRESIDENT DUMBVANKA TRUMPTOWERMOSCOW DONNIEISAMORONIDIOT

Polls mean nothing if people don’t vote. President Trump is losing to everyone Oh really? We remembered win you leftlibtards said that No way realDonaldTrump was going to win. How'd that work out for you? LOL Now yo're campaigning for Creepy, but sleepy JoeBiden with your disinformation propaganda.

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Hmmm ... only 13 I believe in 2016... it was more than that... against Hillary....oops ... we all know how that went... Same pollsters that promised HillaryClinton would be elected over realDonaldTrump ? you are delusional. TO PAINT HEAVEN YET LIVED LIGHT TASK, THE HELL YET LIVED SO IMPOSSIBLE DARE TRY GOD.

Fake News, no one has polled the people I know. Polls are for Trolls. Ask HillaryClinton how those Election Night 2016 polls are working out for her. TouringWithBillAndNotOnTheHill I get confused as to who I’m supposed to vote for. Every old rich white guy looks the same to me. I’m so grateful for media outlets like this one to remind me that Biden is our choice. Biden2020

Silly polls can get you to here... Again, bahahahahahaha Trump and his Russian buddies aren’t going to let that happen 😏 It’s amazing that it is that close. Other than the cult 37%, who would vote for the current President? Not according to Trumps rallies. Fake news

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God I hope so Dems better not rely on polling, especially these early data points. Our media should play a responsible role and not get carried away will poll numbers. Less we forget 2016election Yea right I think we learned our lesson on the reliability of these 'polls'. FakeNews FakePolls 😂😂😂we will count on that! Just like HillaryClinton in 2016!

😂 We ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump is going to become so untethered it’s going to be delicious. Wrong again keep hoping If only polls were relied on now. Unfortunately I don’t hold ANY value in the polls after the last election Yippy!

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And I suppose that would be the same poll that you used for your queen Hillary LOL Yes but what does it look like once you filter it through the Electoral College lens? Screw polls Shame on you for promoting pure utter bs. BUT, come to think of it, it's all you know how to do, every single day ... promote whatever the daily 4 am marching orders tells you to, js.

Just like y'all thought about Hillary too! Fake news Good try...you should have learned about these polls in 2016...more BS! Ha haa haaa...this is solid GOLD. 2016 allmover again. MAGA Fake as always Same ol shisnit , different year , Take that poll and shove it in the back end

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Yeah, we all know how the polls work..... Slimmy Joe will win..... I am voting in the Democrap Primary and voting for Slimmy Joe...... Bwaaaaa Haaaaa!!! What’s so funny is that y’all actually believe people will still buy your BS polls... Are Effin high? You did the same crap in 2016. What are you even doing presenting polls? Haven’t you learned yet.

Please Trump afraid of Uncle Jo your so full of CRAP and these polls don’t mean anything you all had Hillary winning too but you see how that turned out! Trump gonna win a blow out... 2Q2Q Looks like a 2016 Hillary poll. That's real useful considering we elect our president by popular vote. FakeNews Never stops. TrumpLandslide2020

🤣🤣 right

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Yea and we believe you just like in 2016 when the poll said Hillary would win 98% to 2 % we know now that polls mean absolutely nothing zero zilch Lmmfao👆polls Go JoeBiden Now get out and campaign and TALK to the voters. But with all the voter suppression and all the other tricks in key states, the race seems to be neck and neck

The Hillary fake polls again You 're going down POTUS Just like he was supposed to lose to Hillary. These polls are garbage and fake news Nobody over age 12 fears Creepy Uncle Joe.

Must be why there are consistently more people in the pretzel line at a Trump rally than at all Biden's combined. Unless there are cheats and liars about, that is. ;) The Democrats of this Country need to ignore all these polls and keep working hard getting people registered to vote and getting them to the polls to vote That's how we Defeat realDonaldTrump and the GOP we have Senate seats we need to turn blue also!! VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

Same polls as this? Lol. Polling already? Please give me a break. 24 Democrats running against 1 Republican. I’m waiting for a 1to 1 Race. Same poll as this? lol. Who are the 40%? Biden could win the 2020 election against Trump, But Donald Trump will never concede to Joe Biden. That's why Trump is helping Biden to become the Democratic he run against in 2020. Beto O'Rourke is the only real threat against Trump.

I believe you said the same thing about Hillary. Lol another poll? Worked out great for Hillary. You got to love liberals so so stupid.

It’s a Joke !!! A poll taken in office by Maddow is not real.... great news for realDonaldTrump given that he's had to deal with MSM trashing him for 3 years and Joe's not even in the arena yet. MAGA Trump2020Landslide Polls are interesting but by no means dispositive. Remember 2016. vote Ffffffffffaaaaake! Fake. Fake. Fake news.

Yea that looking like him vs Hillary in 2016. We know how the polls are.. 😂😂 Bahahaha wrong as usual Polls don't mean anything. Bye And yet MSNBC continues to bash Biden. They continue to push female candidates like the arm waving, screaming Warren. Have been watching MSNBC for a long time but have stopped watching except for Rachel and will stop that if she starts bashing Biden too. You are helping Trump!!!!

YAY! Polls claimed the same thing with HRC, even more of a lead, but look what happened. Oops, polls were dead wrong. I just love our Democratic candidates! And debates coming up♥️😍🥰. Ya know Trump can’t move his lips without lying and name calling😂 EneMedia Your polls and reporting have been so accurate the last several years it’s frightening. LOL you just have no clue do you? Bless your hearts....

ok.... These corporate scumbags at MSNBC are at it again, ignoring Bernie Sanders, the real leader!! I realize MSNBC has to dance to the tune as directed by their corporate johns..... Anyone but Trump!!! Let’s look at other candidates, too. Don’t put too much focus on Biden. It’s not fair.

Fake news Looks just like 2016 polls looked... oh SH!T you mean Hillary didn’t win... Oh he’s scared 💩less!!!! Can we just do away with all this polling? They are misleading and mean NOTHING. CNNPolitics In what universe has the POTUS shown that he was afraid of ANYONE Much less Biden i have a 2020 prediction for you...

Proof the Democrats and their liberal donors own the Democrat MSM 🤦🏻‍♀️. Are these the same polls that had Hillary winning in a landslide? Good. Donald Trump sucks. That is all.

Just like Hillary was ahead of Trump. Jokers! Fake news. Hahahahahahaha. Sure Good! But I hope Biden supports legalizing marijuana, and is more forceful about protecting healthcare and abortion Too bad we trust polls almost as much as we trust your news. What did the polls say the last election It’s too early for polls to matter. Numbers change hourly.

wow! this seems really familiar. Lmao u idoits haven't learned anything and your our highly educated LMFAO. LMAO. Now add in all the Trump votes you left out. Quick, just for giggles, show your poll results of Trump vs Hillary in 2016.!!! Liberals Sheeple FakeNews Trump wins in a landslide and polls are paid for and manipulated by msm to favor democrats

Do you think JoeBiden should be considered for POTUS regardless of public opinions concerning his questionable integrity and his overly affectionate 'touchy feely' persona? Poll created by MSN for MSN employees only. 😂 on your poll. Lol! Like they showed when Hillary was supposed to win in a landslide?

I'm so sick of MSNBC pulling their crap. They leave AndrewYang out of all of their graphics and now they're trying to shove creepy uncle Joe down our throats. Hard pass. NoJoe Yang2020 I’m ignoring polls because it was touted Hillary was way ahead and she was going to win and become president and we got a dictator in training, stop touting polls because history will repeat itself and dictator in training will win!!!😥😥

😂😂😂 Hilarious. It means landslide victory for President Trump. This is perfect: Lol, remember when Hillary beat Trump in the polls? Yes Yes Yes!!!! Russians will fix that

Great. No need for democraps to go to polls. They have it in the bag. lol Hallucinations. Shame. realDonaldTrump will emerge victorious in 2020Election Lol Dont believe this. Fake news! HAR! NOT! Another GOP candidate might beat realDonaldTrump in 2020, but the DNC has got nothing credible, nothing ... and I'm a 50 year DNC loyalist who switched over to pseudo-independent candidate realDonaldTrump. A party whose public face is abortion doesn't impress me

fakenews fakepoll msm works whith the democrats mediacollution Dream on 🤣😂🤣😂 In your Dreams

All this proves it for sure... everybody needs to vote for Joke of the day Joe Biden.... Huh, Figured you would have put that 'Hillary 98% favored to win' again. . We shall see, how much you missed this one by. Trump2020 MAGA If anything, JoeBiden will n the bulldozer who shoved Donnie out of the WhiteHouse. He the only one who consistently calls Donnie out every which way & every day!💃💃💃😂😂😂👊👊👊💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

No Biden!!! We need new!!! Obama took Biden off the Trash Heap. Now he’s back on top of it HAHAHAHA! I see we are going to have a November 2016 again... Not only are polls skewed, but people are not telling what they really think because they are afraid of someone hurting them. RINOs & degressive pigs have gone off the chart with severe TDS regarding the POTUS MAGA!

That's your guy! Stop looking, you can tell he scares the piss out of Trump Over a hundred million voters and this poll of a few hundreds or a few thousand is accurate ya right The polls got it wrong in the 2016 election I predict that Trump will win in 2020 Yeah right is this another all liberal poll and Biden just winning by 3 pts Lmao

CNN CBSNews NBCNews realDonaldTrump listening 2 trump tell reporters polls fake news/mueller rpt says no coll/no obstr & he hoes unchallenged-how can that b when all news media but foxnews stating rpt actually doesnt say that/infers opposte & tells Congress 2 pursue truth!! Please don’t go by polls, just get out and vote! This is what happened in 2016 and look who we got.j

Not a single person in here who is commenting took this poll yet you blindly believe it. Ask your friends your neighbors if they took this poll they didn’t either More n More TrumpLies by Our LiarInChief!!! people love to mislead the pollsters Where have I seen a poll just like this before, thinking.......

WHY do you put Trump's little photo ops on TV? Just report the important issues. He is NOT important & allowing he & KellyannePolls to attack the press, lie & spread conspiracy theories makes news organizations complicit. Go back to plain reporting. Your polls mean nothing...just like they did in 2016

I still remember these polls said Hillary was leading Trump by double digits going into 2016 election night. Seems like same lies to me. More FAKE NEWS

BREAKING: Pathetic fake news showing Trump loses in a landslide in the poles ... when he wins in 2020 they will again cry “collusion “ ... they just can’t stand the GREATEST president in American history... sorelosers Liberal liars LOL So Trump wins in a landslide! So he goes on television 📺 and claims “fake polls.” realDonaldTrump claims he’s winning everywhere. Trump haters are everywhere— no collusion— this is the song that never ends, he just goes on and on, my friends.

Lol. You dreamers. Liberalism is truly a disease To be fair..he’s losing to all the candidates Use a current picture of Old Donny Trump not one 35 years ago I’m old enough to remember this on election night. Do you believe your Dumbarse followers will fall for this fake news again? Cool! I won't have to vote for Biden, he's got it in the bag!!

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