Poll: Americans trust Dr. Fauci over Trump on coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci receives broad public support when it comes to trust on the coronavirus. More than two-thirds trust Fauci over one-quarter who say the same for President Donald Trump.

7/14/2020 2:42:00 PM

More than two-thirds of Americans trust Dr. Fauci to provide accurate information about the coronavirus over one-quarter who say the same for President Donald Trump, according to polling from the NY Times and Siena College.

Dr. Anthony Fauci receives broad public support when it comes to trust on the coronavirus. More than two-thirds trust Fauci over one-quarter who say the same for President Donald Trump.

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Russia gate could possibly annulled US 2020 Election! I covered Nigerian Presidential election 1993, when Abiola won, but the election was annulled by the court in Nigeria! So why haven’t the 1/4 injected Clorox, or shoved a UV Light up their asses This is a fake news poll, meant to cause visceral response.

The fact that anybody trusts Donald Trump over Dr. Fauci blows my mind. To trust a lying, corrupt, etc. president over a expert on viruses Is unbelievable. Trump has done nothing and Dr. Fauci wants to make this virus go away and Trump won’t They should Ahh yes. The very trustworthy NYT. It would be nice if you spent more time with facts and real news as opposed to creating fake polls. Hope the Dems buy them and all stay home in November for another Trump landslide

Whatever the poll is one thing is Dr Fauci has given mixed messages all along if one can listen to all his comments Pray for the end of the existence of the cause of the problem I'm having as I buy prepared hemp bud & procure it so buds continue to grow & massive amounts of criminal war crime techniques, sometimes told fictionally, steal most of my crops leaving only near murdered raped plant

Don’t even put Trump in equation. Dr. Fauci has flip flopped numerous times during the Covid pandemic. Why should anyone listen let alone believe anything he says? Oh how soon and easy people forget what happened yesterday. CDC, WHO, & others aren’t sharing facts with the people At times, I can’t tell who is the Democratic nominee for 2020 election. Is it E. Warren, AOC, Barack Obama, the squad,or B. Sanders? Isn’t this a job interview? Why does Joe Biden need so many people to prop him up? Trump needs no star power. A leader all by himself. Trump 2020.

You guys keep pushing these polls like your trying to convince yourself more than anyone else. It's appalling that many Republicans trust Trump to provide accurate information about anything. The only problem with this poll is Bunkerboy paid people who voted for him. You want to take hydroxychloroquine and wash it down with a glass of bleach? Let us know how that works out. As Bugs Bunny would say “ what a maroon”.

45 is a proven liar. Dr. Fauci is trying to help us through one on the darkest time periods of this century. This administration is trying to undermine Fauci. It’s like the GOP has gone mad. Six more months of craziness. Please only six more months. I don’t think I can do more. 66% of GOP trust Trump on Covid. More proof that stupidity runs very deep and is virtually impossible to fix. When you've been conned, you would think one would catch on when they lose their job and run out of money. I wonder if they will catch on when the casket closes.

Who did you poll? False. Dr. flip flop Fauci lost credibility. FireFauci This is the fourth day in a row that you’ve tweeted this. Of course, Trumps been wrong since day one...Fauci has been right since day one. It just goes to show that the GOP will say or do ANYTHING, including commit murder, to stand with Trump and their party rather than agree with medical personnel and science that they know are right. Without a vaccine, covid is not going away. We have to safeguard ourselves.

FAKE NEWS! More than 2/3rds DO NOT BELIEVE IN FAUCI! FAUCI makes up crap as he goes along, all because he's rather see our economy shut down! So NO, THIS POST IS A JOKE, LIKE YOUR STATION! If realDonaldTrump told me the time I’d check my watch What's wrong with these people that believe an orange baffoon over science?

51+66=? Did tRUmp get to the GOP numbers with a sharpie? You guys and your polls 😂😂😂 Who are trying to fool MSNBC ? Nobody is listening to Fauci over 138,000 dead should be a clue. 🤓 LOL! What a joke! 😂🤣🤣😂🤣this is a funny bull****! Stupid. Proof that Republicans are blind partisans...anti-science, and anti-intellectualism.

No they don’t. FakeNews tinyboo49 We can’t forget awful role realDrBirx plays.. paramount in why 140k ppl have died from coronavirus! She & VP r puppets to psychotic POTUS!! We need Dr Fauci to be charge like we need to WearADamnMask to flatten curve! JoeBiden cspan I'm no mathematician, but your graphic shows GOP column totals more than 100%.

I don’t buy this at all. I remember that idiot from the 80s when he was tasked with curing AIDS. How’d that work out?! It didn’t. The “Fauci” has absolutely zero credibility! The GOP numbers are hilarious trash polls commissioned by the globalists for the benefit of the globalists. 25% of Americans trust Trump?

1/3 of Americans are unbelievably stupid. That seems to be a slogan. Sample data? If Fauci runs as a 3rd party candidate we’re screwed 😂😂😂 2/3rds of Americans don’t know who fought in World War 2. Of course, I blame the globalists trying to take over America, for that... BoycottComcast Yawn. 2/3rds of the Republican party don't have two brain cells to rub together and we are surprised they support Trump over scientists... The same people that share a bs conspiracy theory from their highschool buddy, but flunked out of Bio100...

I think Americans are being misled. Not only that but, also think the presidency will be HIJACKED. No freaking kidding! That 66% and the other no-maskers, along with Trump, need to be relocated to Alaska where they can live in harmony in a COVID Slurpee. IBelieveDrFauci Mr. Trump is the classic example of a demagogue that we've often seen in history - Caesar, Napoleon, Putin, Hitler, etc. He only cares about increasing his personal power, not the public good. He is indifferent to the suffering and deaths of Americans. Dr. Fauci is a good man.

Wrong Lie. No credibility Am I missing something or do a couple of those numbers added together exceed 100%? ListenToFauci Wait, so you're telling me reality tv show hosts aren't also infectious disease experts ? I don't believe you. Can you imagine ANYONE believing one word about anything from that idiot, let alone, about this virus or medicine!

It's sad when more than 1/2 of party members believe ANY politician more than an actual DOCTOR when learning about disease House Democrat warns about 'inaccurate' polls: Trump voters 'fundamentally undercounted they're bias' Democratic counters block conservatives! GOP Yet the Dr. has been wrong on almost everything. Deep State Puppet.

When our intellects are rooted in fear, separation and ego, we are always on the lookout for reasons to separate ourselves into competitive, right fighting categories. When our intellects are rooted in Love, we look for reasons to Unite✌🏼❤️ What’s up w/GOP? Are they really party of uneducated uninformed&learning disability? Pls wake up. senatemajldr GOPLeader AmyMcGrathKY harrisonjaime ossoff JoeBiden realDonaldTrump foxnews CNN maddow RepCohen nytimes Lawrence MSignorile Reuters MiamiHerald ewarren

Those look like normal election numbers for the GOP to me. 51% for Fauci and 66% for RUMP.. lol That is how RUMP beat Hillary. She beat him by 3 million votes, but the Public Idiot won anyway. So... 1/3rd of the Americans have no idea what science, technology and data is. Trusting a doctor or a politician for health advice. So sad that this is even something that needs to be brought up.

MSNBC divisive and evil! So sick of this propaganda outlet! So sick. Dr. Fauci is a scientist. He is a man of integrity, he is deeply concerned over the impact of COVID-19 on lives, communities, the economy. He is a treasure to us. trumper is none of those things and cares only for trumper. Surprised his favorables are above 0%.

Republican Utters tell me what accurate truth has president Trump every told over the coronavirus? I guess you republicans are drinking his bleach cocktail and rinsing it down with a puff of his ultra liquid 'violet red' juice. Funny, Trump only believes if you lie for him realDonaldTrump Because of course the guy who paid someone to take his SAT and can't form complete sentences knows much more than the guy who wrote the book on infectious diseases, right?

Jrivera91_ Fauci stated in an interview yesterday morning that he’s concerned. The virus is showing up in kids as an inflammatory problem in their cardiovascular systems. Doctors currently don’t know why. Trump insisting that kids go back to school. See WHY Trump is silencing Fauci? How is that even a legitimate poll? Here is my poll Who is the best basketball player?

Whoever believes trump over dr fauci - is an IDIOT IStandWithDrFauci Shocking more than a quarter of US citizens considers this POTUS has even a shred of credibility. As a clinician for over 30 years, just can't imagine any American would believe the ignorant statements made by realdonaldtrump unless they're brainwashed & involved in a cult.

Fake news! 4% democrats think trump gives accurate information! Why is the GOP over 100%? The fact that a poll had to be done says it all. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Do a poll on what Americans think of the media. You won’t like it. Not republicans, they want to go down with the ship and praise their great Russian leader.

The Truth About The New COVID Task Force morningmika In Jan Fauci said this is not a major threat for ppl of US, not something US should worry about...In Feb Fauci the threat from coronavirus is 'minuscule.'...In Mar Fauci said it could be really bad but I don't think it is gonna be...it could be mild. So which is accurate info?

The GOP is the problem! 66% of GOP voters trust Trump more then a scientist. Swallow that. Sixtysix percent 😱 WestbrookMel STOP THE PERSONALITY CULT CRAP. Stop. You are doing what he wants. It is NOT about personality. IStandWithScience Oh, Goya! The GOP is the party of anti-intellectualism Someone should conduct a poll and ask do you think MSNBC is a irrelevant left wing liberal propaganda news outlet. I would imagine more than 90% of those polled would say it is.

Anothe proof of how stupid republicans are 🤡 Just LIKE this network, I neither trust him or them. They both form an opinion and still they don’t have any answers. Just like the common cold, we have medicine to coup by nothing is concrete I mean who actually trusts the man who suggested to Americans to ingest Clorox ? I feel like I’m in a parallel universe

Should we trust the man with a prestigious lifelong medical and scientific background or the guy who stares into the sun during an eclipse? ❤❤❤❤ Fake news, none of these so called experts have a clue, if they did they would all be on the same page. You and dems just want to keep this going until election then you won't hear about it anymore Then it will be back to Russia

Yo why aren't you all over the fact that GOP trusts Trump over Fauci. He doesn't even know what the 19 in Covid 19 means. ProjectLincoln MeidasTouch RepsForBiden morningmika What does this prove? You’re comparing trump to a doctor. You’d get the same results for Obama, Biden, Hillary, Joe and yourself. What’s next...a poll asking if ppl rather a lifeguard or Vietnam vet by their swimming pools?

Yet another example that a large portion of my fellow Americans are just beyond help. It’s scary. Those 4% of Democrats who voted for Trump over Fauci need to change parties immediately. There is no way they are true Democrats. believeindrfauci he swore an oath to tell the truth and so far has delivered. realDonaldTrump has violated his oath and has not delivered anything but lies! Over 3M infections!

Haha that’s a lie TheRickWilson Not news. Explain 117% total for GOP PLEASE report on the FoxNews effect. Can you get the data on (new) Covid cases among Fox viewers. Asking for about a million class action suit attorneys. 116% of republicans responded? Any person 45 or organization GOP that disputes 40 yrs Dr Fauci has of expertise and experience should not be in leadership roles. GOP are endangering the population for political power and greed , while legally fleecing America, while killing us with willful incompetence !

I do not he has never been consistent, he is politically controlled, like many other puppets. More example of just how dumb, uneducated and ignorant people make up the GOP & trump supporters! Mind boggling that 1/3 of the population believes Trump over Fauci. That's some deep racism! That's his base. DenisCoderre So many people still trust Trump...deathly!

Who is this 26% that would take their medical advice from Trump? Represent proudly. Can we all just agree today? IStandWithFauci We need an EXPERIENCED scientist who isn't swayed by politics, has worked under SIX Presidents w/out incident (!) & ISN'T easily manipulated by politicans & this Administration to lie His primary care is the health of Americans!

Bull TheRickWilson These polls continue to show just how stupid the average Republican is, and how astounding it is that the smart ones stick with the party. Let's keep polls where they are necessary. TheRickWilson This graphic tells you everything you need to know about republicans a former game show host who suggested disinfectant and UV lights inside the body is more trusted than a disease expert with more than 30 years experience! RIP republicans

In March, Dr. Fauci said that wearing masks is unnecessary. Donald Trump said that you can wear a scarf as protection. MSN mocked Trump for saying that. Which of the three was smartest? Seems Trump was right again 😂 😷IStandWithFauci “It’s not a cult.” NYT. lol. a poll made up of: 87% democrats 9% independents 4% republicans keep believing your polls - LOL

Something's not right with this poll. How the heck would 4% democrats trust Trump to provide accurate information on coronavirus? The fact that 25% trust Corona Don is a resounding statement on the mental health of our country. 25% are and will forever be dead weight that the rest of us will have to carry.

Fauci2020? morningmika U can count me as a member of the GOP who trusts Fauci over Trump any day of the week Oh, but you know your dwell on the 66% Republican support… TheRickWilson It is truly terrifying that 66% of GOP trust Trump about anything. 🤦‍♂️ LOVE4ALLMATTERS 🤣🤣🤣bs But it appears that the 33% are in power. That is so damn frustrating! RETURN TO SANITY!! NOVEMBER!!!

And they should TheRickWilson Fauci over the crooked moron any day of the week TheRickWilson What is very hard to believe is that there are still 66% of the GOP that still believe what this habitual liar says about the virus. Are there really that many brain dead Republicans walk the earth? So let’s utilize science and dump political driven Trump to overtake this Pandemic to save America!🇺🇸

I trust in myself. Guy who believe in science and data, versus guy who believes in magic and pretending. Who to trust? Humm. Take shot with your life and roll those bones. TheRickWilson Look at GOP numbers. How can any thinking person be part of that cult? Apples and iranges. They didn't ask me. I trust myself to make my own decisions. Fauci is too wishy washy and has a one size fits all solution

That’s because the handful of “polled” hate Trump and nothing to do with reality and facts. morningmika If the virus could only impact stupid trump supporters... eh ok. But those stupid trump supporters put all of us in danger! Dr. Fauci needs a national venue for public service broadcasts. America needs to know the truth

You fail to mention that 100% of those polled are Liberal Elitists. In the Covid-19 ring in the red corner we have the challenger a defeated POTUS. In the blue corner we have the health weight champion of America Dr Anthony Fauci.For the undisputed care concern of all Americans! morningmika New York Times and Sienna College poll - now there’s some credibility.

This is so stupid, why are we even at a place where we have to poll whether or not people believe scientists? It's like we're back in the middle ages and people couldn't believe the world isn't flat. Are we witnessing the Götterdämmerung of the Trump regime? More insanity from GOP voters. Who on earth are these people? How did America become so st👀pid?

I really doubt this is true once again, you have edited out the truth IStandWithFauci Very true More 2/3 of Americans have brains! Science is king As many people as i see not wearing mask i cant tell The GOP numbers are telling. If that doesn't prove they are either stupid or morally bankrupt like potus I don't know what else does.

Fauci's perspective: We need a fundamental change. Worldwide. Our kids deserve better. A little punk number that I made to get people thinking and hopefully singing. Please retweet and subscribe! Just an independent artist from Aus. FOX NEWS - 99 ........... msnbc - 1 2/3rd of Americans failed science. So, 66% republicans think it is ok to inject bleach to cure COVID-19, wow!

That 1/4 percent obviously failed science classes. That 26% is the reason for the surge. There’s no justification for listening to a liar who only cares about his reputation and money To begin, who would trust their polls Hillary’s big loss disproved that theory. lol. You of course polled 323 million Americans, right?

'The New York Times' He's running. (Totally kidding, but this is why Trump is taking a whack at Fauci) Quite remarkable. Masks don't work. He said

Trump, White House Insist Their Systematic Shitting On Dr. Fauci Is Nothing PersonalDr. Anthony Fauci has been a household name since the covid-19 pandemic gave Americans a rude awakening in March, easily becoming the most trusted member of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force. But his frankness about the gravity of the deadly virus—which has killed 137,000 Americans thus far—and the measures everyone must take to protect themselves and each other has never jibed with President Trump’s ignorant optimism or his denial of covid-19&39;s true toll. Everything with the moron in charge is personal TrumpHasNoCredibility TrumpIsALaughingStock TrumpOut2020 TrumpVirus BoycottGoya

The Note: Trump vs. Fauci eclipses Trump vs. BidenWhich showdown matters more for the presidential campaign at the moment -- President Donald Trump vs. former Vice President Joe Biden, or Trump vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci? Trump lost to Biden already. So he needs a new foe, moving forward. Trump dominates both of them. Fauci and Biden are both liberal puppets. CovidiotInChief

White House works to discredit Dr. Fauci as coronavirus surges in U.S.As coronavirus continues to surge in states across the U.S. White House officials are distancing themselves from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert. NBC News’ Josh Lederman reports on how the White House is working to discredit Dr. Fauci. I wish Dr Fauci would just tell the WH to sod off and he can put on his own independent press briefings...as there is not one soul left in this country that has a FUNCTIONING ADULT BRAIN that still listens to a single syllable this administration has to say... TeamTonyFauci What did he get wrong? In the beginning covid kept changing. He got out the current info ASAP. Trump's disdain for Dr. Fauci may backfire on him!!!!

Sen. Claire McCaskill: ‘This country trusts Dr. Fauci for a reason’'The notion that he has sent the White House…press operatives out to drop oppo on Dr. Fauci is beyond the pale,' clairecmc says of President Trump. 'This country trusts Dr. Fauci for a reason.” clairecmc No one should trust Dr Fauci. He ignores pleas from honorable physicians such as the following for greed and politics... clairecmc All covid patints take medicine himself and recovers after opening of my mouth with in 6hr clairecmc Did they trust Fauci in Feb when he said masks don’t work too?

As virus surges, WH seeks to discredit Dr. Fauci'You expect a White House to lob political attacks at its opponents,' JoshNBCNews says. 'You don't expect the White House to be doing an opposition dump on its own top infectious disease control doctor.' JoshNBCNews FireFauciNow fraud Scamdemic JoshNBCNews i see an intellectual exodus in America , can you see it too? JoshNBCNews Argentina closed the economy to avoid deaths, now it will have both death and economic bankruptcy, that is what you wanted to end Trump

Dr. Anthony Fauci says U.S. coronavirus cases are surging because nation didn't totally shut downWhite House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the United States is seeing a surge in new Covid-19 infections because the country never shut down entirely. Listen to Fauci. He wants a healthy country. Suck my balls Fauci and cnbc this mans a con artist with an agenda with pharm corps an with the bill gates foundation and rockefeller foundation.