Politics experts on Ice Cube plan, Black male voters, and Trump

'Trump's goal isn't necessarily to get Black men to vote for him. Trump's goal is to play into the cynicism that Black men legitimately have toward this country,' says @DrJasonJohnson of Pres. Trump's outreach to Black male voters.

10/18/2020 7:32:00 AM

'Trump's goal isn't necessarily to get Black men to vote for him. Trump's goal is to play into the cynicism that Black men legitimately have toward this country,' says DrJasonJohnson of Pres. Trump's outreach to Black male voters.

The Donald Trump campaign’s controversial outreach to Black male voters and its reported link to Ice Cube are questioned, as the iconic African-American rapper comes under fire for discussing his ‘Contract With Black America’ plan with the Trump campaign. Tiffany Cross and her panel discuss black male Trump supporters, and the apparent rift between some black voters and the Biden campaign.

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DrJasonJohnson Facts matter and the president has helped everyone in this country! Especially the black community! And those are just facts! TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica DrJasonJohnson LBJ put blacks on the government democrat plantation and laughed about them voting democrat forever . DrJasonJohnson Biden /Obama promised criminaljusticereform, but Trump delivered - also created 9000 black opportunity zones & lowest pre-COVID black unemployment rate EVER! blacklivesmatter black blackownedbusiness black blm blmmovement blmprotest blm✊🏾 walkaway TownHalls TownHall

DrJasonJohnson Keep voting democrat the major cities with large black populations are in the situation their in due to those leaders. However they do not want to take responsibility so they blame racism. Keep voting for democrats but do not blame anyone but yourself then. DrJasonJohnson Someone needs to show him a picture of all the elected Democrats vs all the republicans. Then ask him which one represents America. Show him all local, state, and national

DrJasonJohnson I know with 100% certainty the black CITIZENS , men and women, in my neighborhood are Voting BIDEN/HARRIS to SAVE AMERICA DrJasonJohnson According to JoeBiden you’re not black if you don’t vote for him. DrJasonJohnson CAPITALISM IN 🇺🇸 Was based upon the slavery. The capture & sale of Black bodies. The Constitution was written by wealthy White men. Barrett is subscribing to a doc that wasn't written w her in mind. The Const was written in such a way, so that later gens could interpret it!

DrJasonJohnson will Black Male voters destroy what was gained? DrJasonJohnson Once you stop letting Democrats identify you as a victim and start as identifying as an American can you end the identity of victimhood the Democrat party uses to control you. Free thinking! DrJasonJohnson Trump 3.1 Trillion $deficit 210K DEAD Paid a porn star Ukraine Bribe packed the courts a SCOTUS 2 take away our freedoms All time high indictments Launder money from CHILDRENS Charity Sexual Assault charges Tax dodger Golf playing Abortion paying lying Racist POTUS

DrJasonJohnson If you’re negotiating with the devil , taking up his time when he’s responsible for the entire group of American people, but you only want to help one kind, how are you any better? DrJasonJohnson More Mind-reading on the part of Democrats. They don't need to enter into dialogue - they know what their opponents are thinking already.

DrJasonJohnson Ice cube...Jim Brown...kanye don’t really have the intellect and mastery of governance to match their influence. I appreciate their effort to force democrats to not take the vote of black men for granted. But trump is an evil racist who would literally enslave them if he could! DrJasonJohnson 2019 Trump signed a bill that will permanently provide more than $250 million a year to the nation's historically black universities Trump 'Black Economic Empowerment — Platinum Plan' & First step act

DrJasonJohnson There are a thousand reasons to show Trump is a racist or has done nothing for black people and this oaf cannot find one of them. DrJasonJohnson Malcom X said the Black man’s worst enemy is a white liberal, so cynicism or not, African-Americans have heard all the lies of Liberal Democrats and are looking to someone else who listens, WalkAway

DrJasonJohnson DemoRats want to keep you ... keep you depending on them Section 8 forever ..... generations of Section 8 .... you will never get out and that is what you will get for your vote .... good luck with that. DrJasonJohnson I was one of the apathetic black men that had no intention whatsoever of voting..I don't know what changed it specifically..I am becoming more aware of the myriad psychological warfare tactics!

DrJasonJohnson DrJasonJohnson Don’t forget you ain’t black unless you vote for basement Biden DrJasonJohnson trump is the same as the white man who gave you a high mortgage rate on an overpriced run down house in a failing redlined neighborhood. Oh that's right he is the man who did the dirty deed.nottobetrustedinthislifetime

DrJasonJohnson ICE CUBE has always been ahead of his time. DrJasonJohnson a Spin Doctor DrJasonJohnson It's interesting how we were divided and conquered to the point of bashing Cube! The term 'hubris ' was used.. he has a voice and platform. And you're not going to tell him what to say! (This is the guy that wrote most of NWA's catalog)

DrJasonJohnson YES IT IS. DrJasonJohnson Listen, Black voter: If you’re not at the table, you are on the menu. VOTE NOW. Failing to vote hands over POWER to others to decide your fate—& your descendants’. The stakes could not be higher. VOTE Black voters are being discouraged from voting at all DrJasonJohnson I think ice cube is just frustrated and wants to help black Americans but I really don’t think trump will do anything but use him as a prop or what a kanye

DrJasonJohnson Hey MSNBC...you can cherry pick whatever quotes that you want to meet your politicized narrative but for those of us who are clear minded we will look to DT to share what his goals are directly. Another example of 0% journalism and 100% spin. DrJasonJohnson Trump is creating policies that help the black community as opposed to just increasing welfare like the Dems.

DrJasonJohnson Facts. It's amazing how man black men I hear that are not voting now or voting Trump. I really wished we were not so easily influenced sometimes. DrJasonJohnson Well Black unemployment has been at its lowest under Trump so I think he’s doing more than that. DrJasonJohnson Trumps goal is to get immediate glorification, usually through fear. Dont credit him with intelligence.

DrJasonJohnson I want Trump gone as much as next person but “we’ll take care of you the next time” is getting old. Of course Trump will use this to sow divison but Dems need to make a play so it’s a non-factor...but they won’t. When are we as black ppl gonna stop giving away our vote for free? DrJasonJohnson I have 3 sons: 32, 26, 22. We discussed. Their responses in order: He needs to get better informed. He’s just trying to stay relevant; he’s gone main stream. What’s the last thing he put out there?

DrJasonJohnson Sounds like a pretty good campaign strategy to me. A lot better than ol' Joey trying to act like his crime bills aren't pretty much the 1 reason for this legitimate cynicism. DrJasonJohnson Hi ICE ! They try to conspiracy Mr Trump’ S vote plan to Black men . Crazy . They try to put the wood into the running tire and give you handling it . This station never had any good words to Mr Trump . They try to criticize whatever Mr Trump do it . Why don’t criticize this ?

DrJasonJohnson Wasn’t it Cube who rapped a song called True to the Game. 🤷🏾‍♂️ DrJasonJohnson I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF THIS....... UM. UH. UM.... . AFRICA IS SO MUCH BETTER? ANY WHERE IS SO MUCH BETTER? What is it ... DrJasonJohnson Since its accession to NATO in 1952, Turkey has received American military and economic aid, weapons, and intelligence. Turkey recruited Syrian Jihadists to Fight Against Christian Armenians for Azerbaijan

DrJasonJohnson lol, thats that super paranoia mind... DrJasonJohnson I remember when something like George Floyd's death would have gotten icecube upset now he joins the guy who ignored the shooting altogether ..sell out DrJasonJohnson Ice cube has $$$$$$$ so he doesn't have to worry too much about what trump does to the average person.

DrJasonJohnson If Biden wins, he will be the dumbest, weakest, and most confused president in the history of America!!!! He thinks he's running for a democratic seat in the Senate Vote Trump-Pence-2020. DrJasonJohnson 😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂🤡😂BLEXIT DrJasonJohnson He don’t speaks for Black ppl. DrJasonJohnson In the past 4 years there has been more blatant police violence against black men. Who was the President for those 4 years? Wouldn't almost anybody be better than Trump? He is an outright racist who has encouraged the police to be harsher.

DrJasonJohnson icecube Is A DISTRACTION! VOTE VOTEEARLY BIDENHARRIS2020🇺🇸 FLIPTHESENATEBLUE🇺🇸 Trump's a birther DrJasonJohnson Trump will use whatever or whoever to Win. DrJasonJohnson Kanye still sux DrJasonJohnson You know, the kind of cynicism towards a country where failed real estate heirs to take out full page ads in papers asking that the Central Park Five be executed.

DrJasonJohnson And the Dems use strippers. DrJasonJohnson DrJasonJohnson By Spring 1 in 500 Black Americans will have DIED of COVID. Armed with this new info Trump & the GOP have switch gears & are now pushing an ETHNIC CLEANSING agenda called HERD IMMUNITY. Make no mistake, this is GENOCIDE. 'Whites' who die? Collateral damage. COVID19 BLM GOP

DrJasonJohnson True! DrJasonJohnson Trump is an oxygen thief DrJasonJohnson You need a priest to confess your sins to. DrJasonJohnson Split a pizza fee to me with Wesley Snipes - Cube? Room 113 It'd be real and no huge guy eating it lol DrJasonJohnson And thank God, most are not this stupid. DrJasonJohnson


Column: To understand why some Black men support Trump, start with Ice CubeIce Cube's thought process, an odd mix of obliviousness and entitlement, helps explain why Trump has an in with a demographic that should be against him. No Ice Cube's a Farrakhan antisemite, so, I guess a need to follow racist charlatan fascist cranks is the prerequisite Bye bye Big 3

From N.W.A. to MAGA: Ice Cube takes some heat for working with the Trump administrationRapper Ice Cube is causing a stir this week for working with President Trump on his plan for Black America Americans will never cease to amaze me. The same people shouting about divisive rhetoric are the biggest dividers Trump has had 4 years to do anything about this and he has only made things worse with all his racist shit. And now all of a sudden he is going to do something when he could be voting out of office in a few weeks? Trump hasn’t and isn’t doing much for anybody nowadays. Trump sued refusing to rent black tenants, black people removed from his casino floor, said “laziness is a trait in blacks,” took out ad at Central Park 5 refused to apologize, condones white supremacists, calls them to stand-by, attacks BLM protestors etc. Cube getting played!

Is Ice Cube Working With Trump Administration?A senior advisor for the Trump administration says actor and rapper Ice Cube has been working with President Trump. Is it true?

White Michigan man accused of attacking Black teen with bike lock, yelling 'Black lives don't matter'A white man in Michigan is facing a federal hate crime charge for allegedly attacking a Black teenager with a bike lock and yelling, “Black lives don’t matter,” among other racial slurs. Hopefully he'll get a long ass minute in jail 4 tht!! Unbelievable🤔😮🤬😥🖤💛 Donald Trumps America is dangerous. Time for change Good. Nut!!

Fake pro-Trump Twitter account used photo of Black veteran killed in police shootingA fake Twitter account using the photo of Black veteran Damian Daniels, who was fatally shot by police in August, is one of over a dozen suspended profiles posing as Black Trump supporters. Trump supporters will do anything BUT appeal to minority groups to make it seem like they’re a diverse base.

Tyler Perry Teams Up with Nonprofit to Boost Black Voter Turnout in FloridaTyler Perry's helping fund a massive effort to get Black voters to turn out this election. Good luck President Trump is going to have the biggest turnout for him in presidential history! After Tyler Perry helped Evil Grifter Markle...He lost a fan..🤨 Trump2020