POLITICO Playbook: NEW: Pelosi leaves the Covid relief blame on Trump’s doorstep

And the Supreme Court leaves the status quo intact in North Carolina and Pennsylvania election cases.

10/29/2020 3:23:00 PM

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is suggesting Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the administration owe her answers on nearly every contentious issue in the Covid relief package

And the Supreme Court leaves the status quo intact in North Carolina and Pennsylvania election cases.

:“French anti-terrorism prosecutors are investigating a knife attack at a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice that killed two people and injured several. The prosecutor’s office and national police said that an investigation was opened into an attack with a terrorist connection after Thursday’s stabbing. The exact motive of the attack was unclear but comes as France is under high alert for terrorist acts amid tensions over the publication of caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad and after two other recent attacks.”

Who Should Perform at the 2021 Grammys? Vote! 70-year-old nurse who came out of retirement to teach dies of Covid-19 Sweden's new car carrier is the world's largest wind-powered vessel

A message from the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future:When it comes to health care, lowering costs is voters’ highest priority – but the public option could force the average worker to pay $2,500 more a year in payroll taxes in addition to the cost of their current coverage.

TEXAS IS NOW A REAL THING …-- NYT’S JONATHAN MARTIN“Texas Is a Tossup. So Why Won’t Trump or Biden Campaign There?”:“They may be on opposite sides of the partisan divide, but Texas Republicans and Democrats alike believe the long-awaited moment has arrived: The state is a true presidential battleground, and either candidate could prevail next week.

“Although a Democrat has not carried Texas since 1976,recent public and private polls suggest a highly competitive race, with some surveys showing Mr. Biden up narrowly and others showing Mr. Trump enjoying a small lead.“Yet even as leading figures in both parties urge their respective presidential

nominees to take Texas seriously, the campaigns are still reluctant to spend precious remaining time and money there. Neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden is expected to appear in the state before the election, the president has not spent a cent on television commercials, and until this week Mr. Biden had resisted advertising in Texas’ two largest markets, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

“Though the state isn’t essential to a Biden victory,Democrats have been more aggressive here. Mr. Biden is dispatching his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, to Texas on Friday, and Democrats have also planned a multicity bus tour across the state. A pair of Democratic billionaires, Dustin Moskovitz and Michael R. Bloomberg, have separately poured money into the state at the 11th hour. …

“Recent polls, soaring early vote participation in the state’s mostpopulous counties, and more than 50 interviews with Texans in three pivotal regions point to an increasingly competitive race because of a spike in turnout by an electorate that is diverse, loathes the president and makes a mockery of his pistols-and-petroleum stereotype of the state.”

GM turns on Trump, now supports California’s tough emissions rules Large Metal Monolith Mysteriously Appears In Remote Region Of Utah's Red Rock Country 'It's working!' Deer, bears and other critters like Utah's first wildlife bridge — and the state has video to prove it.

-- WAPO’S JENNA JOHNSONARELIS HERNÁNDEZwith a San Antonio dateline:“Can Democrats win Texas? A surge of new voters and Trump antipathy give them reason to hope”:Many Texas Democrats had eyed 2024 as the year when what has been elusive for so long might just happen: Their state’s growing, diversifying electorate would make them truly competitive statewide.

“That change could come this year instead.The presidential race has tightened to become nearly neck-and-neck. The state has led the country in early voting, and more than 8 million Texans have cast ballots, more than 90 percent of the overall number who voted in 2016. Some experts project that turnout could hit 12 million by Election Day. …

“The political evolution in Texas has been sped upnot just by demographic changes that have been underway for years, but also by the repelling power of President Trump and the burst of liberal activism he has inspired. In the four years since the last presidential election, at least 2 million people have moved to Texas, many of them Democrats from places like California, Florida, New York and Illinois. An estimated 800,000 young Latino Americans have turned 18, and a wave of immigrants became naturalized citizens. More than 3 million Texans have newly registered to vote.”

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Utah helicopter crew discovers mysterious metal monolith deep in the desert

What started as routine wildlife assistance took an unusual turn after a helicopter crew stumbled upon a mysterious monolith in the middle of rural Utah.

SpeakerPelosi should be arrested and jailed for this. Either shes too stupid to realize they dont give a damn anymore since she waited, or (most likely) this proves she played politics the whole time Really? 😂😂😂

Pelosi says no Covid-19 relief l before election day, blames White House for failing 'miserably'NEW: Speaker Pelosi says a Covid-19 relief deal is not coming before Election Day; blames White House for failing 'miserably.' Duh Well that’s what happens when you have old ass McConnell blocking everything. Over 400 bills sitting on his desk and he is worried about sucking off Trump. VoteThemAllOut Great news

Trump’s COVID Task Force Is Livid Over the Trump White House’s ‘We Ended COVID’ ReportHealth officials and scientists working on the Trump administration’s coronavirus response said on Tuesday they are personally offended by the White House’s announcement that it has successfully ended the COVID-19 pandemic—a pandemic that is, in fact, worsening.In a statement released Tuesday afternoon Mission Accomplished? See.....a bunch of liars!!!! Really who won the task force told you that they were livid or did you just guys make this up so that your viewers keep the hatred in their heart and believe all the lies you spew with them

Pelosi signals no stimulus deal before electionSpeaker Pelosi says a Covid-19 relief deal is not coming before Election Day; blames White House for failing 'miserably.' kasie reports the latest. kasie Well even CNN admits it's Pelosi who won't take yes for an answer but ok Kasie. kasie TonyBobulinski isn’t going away. Tik tok Buy-den crime family tik tok kasie it's important to not have a deal before the election. Americans must suffer as much as possible so that they hopefully vote for Biden. It's the only chance we have at taking back the White House - maximum punishment!

Trump chants 'COVID' 10 times at rally after Obama accuses him of being 'jealous' of virus media coverageTrump said the media focuses on increases in COVID-19 cases to make him look bad, adding, 'They're doing heavy COVID because they want to scare people.' On COVID19, the US in Trump’s hands has become a paper tiger, standing 10th in the world by of deaths/1M pop after these small & some poor countries: 1San Marino 2 Peru 3Belgium 4Andorra 5Spain 6Brazil 7Bolivia 8Chile 9Ecuador 10USA

White House Claim That Trump Ended The Pandemic Was ‘Poorly Worded,’ Spokesperson SaysA Trump campaign ad also talked about Covid-19 in the past tense this week. Most of the issues trade security tax loopholes Trump inherited from DEMs and has handily reversed the damage in just ONE TERM! His tax savings were a GIFT from DEMS to the rich! All the while DEMS talk if being working class party!

The Emotional Strength of Introverts During the PandemicIntroversion may be an asset for staving off loneliness during the pandemic—but only when combined with the ability to reframe negative emotions in a more positive light, writes swhitbo swhitbo Yes it is swhitbo what about extroverts We thrive on people and can’t be around them. swhitbo People stress me, especially now with all the hysteria. Due to the pandemic people have become ruder, hypersensitive and extremistic, as well as intolerant. I try to be alone as much as I can.