‘Politicians who don’t know what they’re doing should be asking us’: Teachers express outrage as President Trump pressures schools to reopen by fall

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association, says returning to schools is 'life and death and we've got politicians who don't have any understanding of what it's like to have real life kids in a classroom.'

7/12/2020 9:24:00 PM

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association, says returning to schools is 'life and death and we've got politicians who don't have any understanding of what it's like to have real life kids in a classroom.'

As coronavirus hot spots bubble up across the country, the debate over if and how schools should reopen rages on. MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez speaks with Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President of the National Education Association, about how teachers are responding to President Trump’s calls to reopen school districts in the fall.

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For kids wellbeing, they need to go back to school. Students and parents can have the option to opt for online or in person classes but they must have the OPTION. The mortality rate is, right now, at a level that people don’t talk about, but it’s down tenfold. Someone ANYONE please tell me why in the f*k trump is pushing so hard for kids to go back to school? Is it funding? It has to be money, I know that tuition and public school attendance has a lot to do with it but is it kids/school, kids/daycare then parents/work?

DandyThedandy1 You are exactly right. Zero fatalities among young children. Is the nation going to live in fear now, it’s lived through far worse diseases without taking these insane extreme measures. Who is this Garcia women some who wants kids to learn a false twisted version of our history to make them hate it.

Anyone who has ever cleaned a coffee table, walls, fridge door, bathroom (all surfaces) knows you can't police the little hygiene/ incubation repeat offenders. They're kids. My district has been feeding kids all summer. 3 meals a day. I'm sure we don't have budget for germ patrol CDC director warns keeping schools closed poses greater health threat to children than reopening

Where is Melissa Harris-Perry? Teacher's unions are dictating what is to be done and it's not in the best interest of the kids, it's all politics Agree. Lily is 100% right all the way. PeterTurnamian GovMurphy CCMProud Stone’s democrat death sentence Dems are turning USA into Venezuela. There are 1000s dying across the USA from cardiac events, missed cancer treatments, suicides, neglect. Hospitals are nearly empty, 36+ million out of work, generations being destroyed. The Dem govs are destroying businesses. Open the economy.

Political folks only care about their paycheck. They know what they are asking! They don't care about the death and illness. They care about getting things back to appearing normal at any cost, because they believe that is how they can win reelection. RepublicansAreKillingUs BetsyDeVosED GovRonDeSantis realDonaldTrump ⬆️As a parent, I will not sacrifice my child for anyone. The reason schools are back in session in other countries is because leaders took charge, did mass testing, took necessary precautions before opening anything back up.

Imo, they should create a commission on Education in Covid. They would bring teachers and health experts together, they would discuss and determine the parameters for safety, Funding needed, and they would mobilize a Jobs initiative for added teachers and support staff. If your so worried just dont send your kids to school...

I think Lily_NEA needs 2 sign up BetsyDeVosED 2 teach. 🤔She was a teacher, wasn't she? And, while U R at it, get the GOP parents who are teachers..to teach their kids in these petri dishes. COVID19 NSTA CDCDirector why does Betsy say not to follow CDC guidelines?🤔 💥As the socialist continue their 'fear' campaign children are the safest with this virus the virus 's dangerous to the elderly most people that test positive have no symptoms no treatments and the death rate in most states are extremely low especially Florida!!💥

Yup instead of listening they put there own interest first. Sad Completely true And they just really don’t care either! VoteOutTheGOPCowards But by all means clear out the jail and prisons Trump never went to class. How the hell would he know? cc: .JohnCornyn supporters. (why? because he still thinks maybe kids can't transmit COVID)

Reopen ....our neural models say this wave will end by Sept 8 BUT this virus is here to stay and is a matter of managemnt containment. Parents have alternative of home schooling if they fear for child's safety Unfortunately, the well being of teachers does not appear to be even a remote consideration for our federal government and at least 25 governors. Teachers may have to refuse to work in unsafe conditions to get the accommodations they may need.

Union Leader On Why Kids Should Not Be Back In Classrooms This FallNPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Cecily Myart-Cruz, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, about why her union is against reopening public schools in the fall. Give us a metric, in words, for returning to school.

New reporting shows virus surge is driven by states that were among first to reopen.jheil says the governors of Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Florida “decided to follow the Trump playbook” on reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, “and all 4 of those states are now on fire with COVID-19.” jheil That's what happens when you listen to a politician instead of doctors. Sad. jheil Total nonsense of course most people that test positive don't even have symptoms and the most important area that they don't tell is the death rate in those states are extremely low especially Florida that has had the lowest death rate from the beginning of the pandemic topresent jheil It shows again “Trump’s playbook” is a playbook for disasters

Teachers Weigh In On Whether Schools Should Reopen This FallNPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with teachers from around the country about how they feel about public schools reopening in the fall, amid a pandemic and rising infection rates.

'It just doesn't feel safe:' U.S. parents, teachers worry about reopening schoolsBrenda Del Hierro was not so thrilled with distance learning when her kids were sent home in March to when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, yet the Los Angeles mom said she was not convinced it would be safe to send them back to the classroom this fall. Because it’s not. Looks like cigarette butts from far up there. Feels over reals.

'Like a pawn in a political game': Contradictory school reopening plans leave teachers, parents reeling'We all know that when a pandemic is raging we should not be in school — we should not be having in-person learning,' teacher Chris Guerrieri said. 'It's surreal that they want us to go to school, and that makes it scary.' T1blondemom It’s only scary because people in publications like you are creating mass hysteria or a virus with a 99% recovery rate School won’t happen. There are not enough tests or tracers. Trump's handling of the COVID-19 mess is absolutely abysmal.

Medical group cited by Trump denounces school funding threatA medical association that the White House has cited in its press to reopen schools is pushing back against President Donald Trump’s repeated threats to cut federal funding if schools don’t open this fall He just wants to be able to say schools are open, without showing any concern for students. We can bet his son won’t be sitting in a classroom this fall. wrong wrong Professor Clementi reveals how coronavirus today is a hundred times weaker than March. Massimo Clementi is a full Professor of Microbiology and Virology, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy. It's an absolutely macroscopic difference.