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Election 2020, Virus Outbreak

Policy vs. personality: Undecideds torn as election nears

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amanda Jaronowski is torn. The lifelong Republican from suburban Cleveland supports President Donald Trump's policies and fears her business could be gutted if Democrat Joe Biden...

10/18/2020 7:53:00 PM

A small but potentially significant group of voters say they remain truly torn between President Trump and Joe Biden . They have been derided by those who cannot fathom still being undecided, but conversations with them reveal a complicated tug of war.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amanda Jaronowski is torn. The lifelong Republican from suburban Cleveland supports President Donald Trump 's policies and fears her business could be gutted if Democrat Joe Biden ...

But she abhors Trump personally, leaving her on the fence about who will get her vote.It’s a “moral dilemma,” Jaronowski said as she paced her home one recent evening after pouring a glass of sauvignon blanc. “It would be so easy for him to win my vote if he could just be a decent human being,” she had said earlier during a focus group session.

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Jaronowski is part of a small but potentially significant group of voters who say they remain truly undecided less than three weeks before the Nov. 3 election. They have been derided as uninformed or lying by those who cannot fathom still being undecided, but conversations with a sampling of these voters reveal a complicated tug of war.

ADVERTISEMENTMany, like Jaronowski, are longtime Republicans wrestling with what they see as a choice between two lousy candidates: a Democrat whose policies they cannot stomach and a Republican incumbent whose personality revolts them. Some voted for third-party candidates in 2016 because they were so repelled by their choices — Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton — and may do so again.

While polls show there are far fewer on-the-fence voters this year than the unusually high number in 2016, the Trump and Biden campaigns each believes it still can win over numbers that matter.Among those people is John Welton, 40, a Presbyterian minister from Winfield, Kansas, who has spent much of his career moving from parish to parish. His political views, he said, have been shaped in part by watching how trade deals have hurt once-vibrant manufacturing communities and his congregants’ livelihoods, as well as by his own “pro-Second Amendment” views.

Welton said he is turned off by Biden’s support for tighter gun restrictions. But he is also put off by Trump’s bullying and demeaning of opponents on Twitter and his divisive rhetoric.On the other hand, Welton has been pleasantly surprised that Trump has made good on his campaign pledge to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, though thousands still remain.

In 2016, Welton ended up voting for Clinton, but barely. He circled the block at his polling place before making a decision. This year, he’s hoping a second debate will offer him some clarity.“I remain pretty swayable,” he said.ADVERTISEMENTCathy Badalamenti, 69, an independent from Lombard, Illinois, is also struggling with her vote once again. In 2016, she voted for a third-party candidate after twice supporting Democrat Barack Obama.

“I’m not happy with anybody,” she said of her choices this time. That’s especially hard in a family of ardent Trump supporters who have balked at her indecision.“Believe me, my son, my kids are looking at me and thinking, ‘How can you not like Trump?!’” she said, describing difficult Sunday night dinners where she tries to redirect the conversation from politics to the Cubs.

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Badalamenti credits Trump for a booming economy before the pandemic but she’s turned off by his knee-jerk reactions, worried about his interactions with world leaders, and feels he should think more before he speaks and tweets.Biden worries her, too: “I think he’s trying to make a good effort but at the same time he doesn’t know what’s — he’s only being told what’s going on.”

Longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who has been running focus groups with undecided voters throughout the election, including one Thursday night that included Jaronowski, sees a common refrain among many of the undecideds.“They’re judging on two completely different attributes and they can’t decide which is more important to them,” he said. “They don’t like Trump as a person, but they don’t feel badly about his administration or his policies. They really like Joe Biden as a person, but they are so nervous about what he’s going to do if he were elected. And so they can’t figure out which is more important to them.”

With two historically unpopular candidates, the 2016 race produced unusually large numbers of voters — double digits on the eve of the election — who told pollsters they were either undecided or planned to vote for third-party candidates. Many of those voters rallied around Trump in the final weeks of the campaign, helping to hand him his unexpected victory.

Polls suggest there are far fewer on-the-fence voters this time around, but both campaigns believe they have the edge in an election where every vote could count.“Frankly, I like our chances with them because President Trump has delivered results,” said Nick Trainer, Trump’s director of battleground strategy. He said that just like in 2016, those who identify as undecided tend to be right-leaning and support conservative policies such as lower taxes and a strong military.

Biden’s campaign, which is ahead in polls nationally and a number of battleground states, voices similar optimism and argues those who are undecided historically break for the challenger.Having so few undecided voters to move “is problematic if your candidate is not leading,” said Becca Siegel, the campaign’s chief analytics officer. She adds that the campaign’s focus on unity and bringing the country together is “extremely persuasive to this group.”

The Biden campaign has hope of winning over people like Jaronowski, a guidance counselor who comes from a family of lifelong Republicans.Jaronowski, 37, who lives in Independence, Ohio, said she ended up supporting Clinton. Jaronowski said she was repulsed by Trump, whom she said she hates “with the fire of a thousand suns.” But it was hard nonetheless.

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This year, though she opposes Democratic policies, she has deep respect for Biden, whom she calls “a very good man.”But she and her husband own a consumer debt-buying company and fear that a President Biden could cancel that debt, which amounts to tens of millions of dollars.

“Voting in Biden, that’s a very scary thing personally,” she said, adding that the decision would be far easier if she didn’t think he was such a good person.Others are making their own calculations.Sam Hillyer, 35, who lives in Fayetteville in northwest Arkansas, voted for third-party candidate Gary Johnson in 2016.

This time, he said, “it’s down to either Donald Trump, Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate, or possibly not voting in the presidential and voting for the other candidates.” Hillyer, a dispatcher for a trucking company, has written off Biden, convinced the Democrat would raise taxes and take a more interventionist approach to foreign policy and, he said, it “doesn’t help with all the new kind of shady scandals popping up.”

Hillyer said he closely aligns with Jorgensen on most issues, but rejects the candidate’s support for abortion rights.Living in a strongly Republican state, he said, gives him more freedom than if he lived in a battleground state whose electoral votes are up for grabs, in which case he would vote for Trump without hesitation to try to stop Biden.

For now, he said, “I go back and forth maybe a couple times a day.”Tracye Stewart, 49, of Richmond, Virginia, is certain a Biden victory would lead to more government restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus and exact unnecessary economic pain.

Stewart, a faithful Republican voter, said that while Trump “hasn’t done anything spectacular” in his first term, he also has not “made the country worse.”But Stewart’s ballot remains on her desk at home unfilled.Her sometimes tearful conversations with a friend she’s known since 3rd grade have given her pause.

Her friend raises concerns about Trump’s embrace of QAnon, an unfounded conspiracy theory, and argues that white supremacy is on the rise under the president.Stewart, who works for a helicopter charter management company, said: “If I voted for Biden it wouldn’t be for myself, it would be for my friend.”

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I thought he didn’t like mail-in Ballots Well, that was stupid of me to click on this article. It’s either you support a narcissistic racist MF or not. Easy. Amanda Jaronowski, John Welton, Cathy Badalamenti, and all of the other genius undecideds just can’t make up their “minds” about whether they want to live in an Autocratic Dictatorship or a Democracy. Hmmm...which to choose....

This headline implies realDonaldTrump has any policies Unbelievable! Why would ANYBODY vote for a tax fraudster?! You don’t know that most people getting welfare are in red states. No one with a soul and a functioning brain cell can be “ undecided” or supporting Trump. Biden/Harris2020 is SOLDOUT and FakeNews - Is the AP reporting on ALL BIAS Democrat ties of the latest Presidential Debate Moderator? Yet, ANOTHER Democrat Operative. She spent last Christmas with the Obamas, but she’s NOT biased. F’N SCAMMERS. Do YOUR JOB and Report it !

I agree it’s because they are both trash but u have to choose the lesser of the two evils They be pretty stupid At this point anyone who’s undecided is not being honest about their affinity to Trump. Trump has trashed our foreign policy, has no healthcare plan, owes someone $425 Million, a Pathological Liar, No Infrastructure, is responsible for 215,000 deaths, etc! BE HONEST YOU LIKE HIM!

I’m not sure what she Abhors? Is it the fact that he voices his racism, sexism, xenophobia & narcissism? Would she be ok if he wasn’t so out front with it? Her business is in jeopardy because her president is drawn to bankruptcy behaviors. Incompetence Is A Business Killer! I don’t buy her story... NOT AT ALL! If you “ABHOR” anything, you separate yourself from it ASAP! VP Joe Biden is center-left. Just as Trump is the voice of the Republican Party, Biden will be for the Democrats. Biden has always courted Corporate America. She’s not Believable!

'I want to keep my white woman privilege, but don't want to feel guilteeee about it.' Have some more wine, lady. Moral dilemma my ass. privilege It's really is easy. You like having your 401K growing and growing? Then reelected President Trump. If you don't care about your retirement, stay home and don't vote!

If you're undecided for the 2020 presidential election, your sanity is questionable... What can we do for our country? Don't put party over country... How can you be undecided at this point! I’m convinced these people just want attention! How can you be undecided at this point? As a Canadian looking in, Trumps policies have been poorly thought out and needlessly extreme. Not to forget his endless string of embarrassing or outright insulting gaffs.

Stay home. if you’re still debating voting against a fascist who’s allowed 220,000 of his own citizens to die needlessly because he couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask as it might impugn his masculinity, hide in a closet. Pull something over your head. Stay home. Anyone who is undecided just doesn't want to admit they're voting for Trump. Let's be real

They dont have anybody to help them If they like anything about Drumpf's policies or personality, they're worthless to the nation. Trump has no policies!!!!!!! Facism vs not facism how is this difficult? Mind boggling, these people watch too much Fox News. How many are simply pretentious a$$h*les who desperately want to seem more 'open minded' and critical than everyone else? They're too dim witted to see how transparent their BS is.

Hunter Biden needs to come out and tell the world that the laptop, emails and the porn found on it were not his. Both he and Joe Biden need to tell us that they did not benefit financially by political favors granted to China and Russia. That they haven’t means there GUILTY! They should head for outer space. If they see any, and I mean any, merit in the Trump ticket, they have no humanity or decency ... only misogyny and racism.

There are no undecideds. They just want they 5 minutes. Governor Whitmer, are you still collecting a salary? I bet you are! Your citizens hate you because you shut everything down! There unable to work, put food on the table and pay there bills but that’s not the case for you, is it Governor! Your doing fine! Your still being paid!

That’s the “I got mine so F everyone else” voting block.... These 'on the fence' people get on my effing nerves! Where the hell have they been for the last 4 years? These are the ones who can accept a little racism, crime, babies in cages, misogyny, lying, cheating, stealing...madness! Beat it! Which Trump policies do they support? Look at what they've done for US: Worst recession since the Depression, bounties on troops, racial & religious division, immigration a mess, 220k dead, axed vital environ & bank regulations, emboldened bigotry... I don't understand these ppl

Did you watch Mayor Pete on Fox News tonight being interviewed by Chris Wallace? He was a loser when he attempted to win the Democratic nomination and he was a loser today in his interview. Pete needs a job. Please help him. If Biden loses he’ll have been the reason. Anyone who is still “undecided” is just trying to figure out a way to rationalize voting for the incumbent

Yes! The silent majority..... Policy will remain long after the personality has moved on. Simple as that. Trump 2020 Of you’re voting on “personality,” you should have your vote taken away. OMG! No. Yeah. No. You’re racist and for Trump or you’re not. Forget the personalities and just look at the party platforms. If you want higher taxes, anarchy in the streets, defunded police and business crippling regulations, vote for Biden and the Democrats. Otherwise vote for Trump. Pretty simple decision actually.

Omfg. If you can’t decide at this point, please don’t fucking breed either Riding that fence right til the end so they don’t lose family or friends BasinStRecords Duh. If it’s that hard for them, don’t do us any favors. Don’t vote. 🙅‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️ GEEZ! 😂 Want true freedom? Neither option will help. Vote Jo Jorgensen!

Ppl who may vote for Trump last min I think I get it. They see the bad now that may not be directly affecting them money, policy, human rights way that they dont like but a Biden potus would and dont want to trade that hardship for themselves, family or faith.... Really? It's a no brainer LOL. The title should be 'White Americans Who Could Give a Shit About Basic Human Rights, Remain Undecided'.

If you can't win on merit. You have to Gerrymander, take away polling places to make it hard for people to vote. You have to put fake ballot boxes in Calif. You have to spread hate and fear. You are not winning on merit but deceit. How hard is it to determine sides? BlueHour He hasn’t made the country worse? Really!!

If they are still struggling , then don’t vote . They must not know how this works. If these folks are torn, they are truly a lost cause. Good lord. It’s quite simple. Is either democracy or Trump. Trump’s in 3 states a day energetically rallying votes. While Biden called for a week’s media lid, went for ice cream, all amid scandal accusations with his meth head son-2 weeks before the election. Who do you want leading the country at this critical time in history?

Fucking idiots who wants attention. Annoying. I feel they are thinking of themselves not the whole country. They should realize that the stock market is not the econ. If they vote for trump, they will go down too when we have an econ. crash. Care about our country not just your self. Is it just me that’s thoroughly astonished that after 4 yrs of Trump there are ANY 'undecided' voters out there? I'm not sure who to be more worried about, undecideds or MAGA? 🤦‍♂️

Who cares. They sound like Ben Sasse. They like the sex but not the result I still say, these are people who really want to vote for Trump. Tough call all right. The economy has done SO WELL under Trump, as it did under W. And it did so badly under Obama! What a tough decision... It’s not that complicated.

Then they deserve what they get. It’s not that complicated. they have the luxury of being undecided, and at this point, fuck them. I think it'd be interesting to have a conversation with some of these people. Not to belittle them like so many of the replies here but because it would be a beneficial exercise in understanding how quite a few people feel about the country and current state of politics.

Hopefully this helps convince them! Vote for the guy who will raise your taxes, has done nothing in politics for 47 years other than an incarceration bill and who will be replaced in January by his own party? Sound good...right? Honestly don't give a F*K about these people. It's not complicated. They don't pay attention to anything outside of their little dull lives. So a couple weeks before the election they'll google, who are the candidates for US president?

I don't need to read an article about these idiots. Do better. *Attention seekers... Let’s see a guy who doesn’t cheat on his wife or taxes or guy who cheats, wives, taxes, fake university, loves dictators. Yea that’s tough. No. It is not complicated. At all. Nothing complicated about it. They're ok with white supremacy and the white patriarchy. Simple.

Idiots All kidding aside, there's something monochromatic about fence sitters this election season. Oh no the media’s 2020 voters of 2016 They’re not “undecided”, they’re Trump voters that are afraid of a well deserved dragging These are ALL Trump leaning voters. The comments on this article make me wish Trump wins. Hate is clearly on the side of the left.

Trying to decide if they support the corruption? The racism? The cruelty of child separation and concentration camps for refugees & immigrants? The historic incompetence & Failure to the COVID-19 pandemic? What? Seriously!! These people annoy the hell out of me. “Decide between good and evil? It’s so haaaard!” 🙄

given how the covid 19 has been handled I'm socked and apualled by their indifference , undecided smh. I think they want to vote trump and looking for an excuse. if 220000 and counting not convincing ur the problem Torn? Then u just can’t stand voting fir a democrat. Period. Not about choice This part sums it all up: “‘It’s a “moral dilemma,” Jaronowski said as she paced her home one recent evening after pouring a glass of sauvignon blanc.’ Ah the privilege of not being at all affected if DT takes office again. Drink your wine girl, some of us are here fighting.

All of the undecided voters featured in this photo series are white women. If your ideology requires an amoral piece of garbage to implement perhaps you should start checking your ideology. Apologies to all those economically anxious diner patrons. You have served us well, but we have moved on to undecideds. Best regards, The punditocracy

Here is an article from Politico a few months ago when the left didn’t want Joe Biden to be their candidate. Enjoy and you are welcome! via politico You will not regret TRUMP but will grieve the day of BIDEN. First sentence. “Life long Republican.” Damn clown! Trump followers appreciate his efforts in concrete important issues as the vaccines production. Vaccines are very important with scientists FDA&CDC approval to defeat COVID19.Regardless Biden&Harris efforts to erode with their attacks Americans🇺🇸 confidence in vaccines was wrong.

Whether you agree or not with them..... they are entitled to have an opinion and feel for something that will or not benefit them. I am not saying they are right or wrong but they are entitled to feel torn.... my opinion! No one needs to agree with it... Do you want your government to waste your time and money vying for power, or do you want them to get things done?

For the love.. HOW?! HOW?! Either you want a petulant child as our figure head who continues to divide us, ignore science & profit off the presidency or you don’t. All of this is so obvious. Either you agree w/these behavior or you don’t. This is not complicated. The RACISM thing is powerful.. To be undecided (🙄) in October of 2020 means racism, transphobia, misogyny, babies in cages and forces hysterectomies aren’t deal breakers for you. Yikes.

They are just acting smart or stupid. Her tug of war is between money and decency. Wow send like a no-brainer to me. Im Ok I’ll just call their bullshit & raise you a trumper..... They like him because “he’s a business man.” ... Narrator: he was not, in fact, a business man Are these the same people that hold up the line at a restaurant or stand in front of a spot in the grocery store staring back & forth between two things that are basically the same thing having trouble deciding? Probably.

Oh, shut up. mediatools TrumpTrash The decision is SO Clear! You can’t cure stupid! If that’s a tug of war, so be it. I don’t believe these people. They’re liars, just like Trump, for whom they’ll vote. I believe it’s attention seeking. The differences between the candidates could not be more obvious. You get with trump-4 kids with 3 wives all of whom he cheated on with porn stars, playmates and underage girls. You get a guy that says 'I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. ... Grab ‘em by the pussy. You can do anything.” Disgrace

This says more about people than these two choices ever could. Vote your wallet and safety, not your feelings. If you are still undecided after 4 years of Trump, you must have bigger problems. Semi Hollowborne. Some conscience yet still having major deficits lol. Just look at Trumps performance. He is the largest contributor to super spreader events and doesn’t give a crap. Now who do you want?

Americans have hell of a problem choosing whom to vote. They have no problem choosing which beer brand they drink or which tv show they watch. Most don't care what is happening around the world. They have no analytical skills even with college. No wonder USA a mess! Fuck them. Bologna. They are Trump supporters and know in their hearts he is a monster but still side with him. Shameful.

These are the people who warning labels and fire retardant clothing saved as kids. They should sit out this election. They make zero contribution to our economy anyway. Probably can’t decide where to eat on Saturday night and just stay home. I agree with RadioFreeTom- at this point undecided voters may just be attention seeking.

Fuk em. These people are gross - your undecided with a racist criminal in the White House. Then your a moron. I HATE THESE STORIES. Can you please interview Black and Latino voters who have have to go through hell and high water to vote because of voter suppression? Sure, trumps policy Power struggle over Congress authority Stripping the Justice Dept of rules n norms Firing AG's to eliminate accountability. Lifetime Judgeships of lawyers that have spent no time in a courtroom.and have not been endorsed by any progressional agency

These mofos work a nerve. HOW CAN ANYONE BE UNDECIDED AT THIS POINT?🤦🏽‍♀️ Vote policy not personality. The stakes are too high. Holy shit, it’s a picture of a white person. I wonder. Trump has said that testing is causing the cases of Covid-19, then why isn’t Trump out there calling for the arrest and imprisonment of the Person who invented the test for Covid. Then destroy all Covid-19 tests and America will Be 100% Covid-19 Free

This article is truly wild. These people are delusional. You all did the whole world a disservice by covering this with such a precious and unchallenging touch. Pacing around with her wine, this poor undecided woman I reeling from trying to decide between admitting she is racist or admitting she is racist. God help her...

Do the right thing and vote him out. Your business will survive under Biden. This small group gets all of the attention. There’s a stark difference between the candidates. Trump has the blood of by Election Day close to 250000 Americans. Stop It might be you before Election Day. Attention and news bullshit

I still don't understand how anyone can be undecided but oh well. Amoral assholes who want to feel better about it This is called privilege. One has support from the KKK, neo-Nazis, the Taliban, Proud Boys, garden variety Nazis, Bin Laden’s niece, QAnon. Blew it on the pandemic. Did nothing about bounties on our soldiers. Yeah, tough decision.

OH she is really torn Just look in her eyes LOL False: people are torn between “For or against Trump”. No one is “For Biden”. They should vote for the man NOT trying to kill every single one of us. I can't fathom voting for trump. To me it's like supporting Hitler or Jim Crow all over. Personality: the man is a self-center narcissist, corrupt so not much to desire. If he appeal to them they should vote for him that's their right.

These people deserve to be scorned. THERE IS ZERO OVERLAP BETWEEN BIDEN & trump. Undecided = uninformed How anyone can look at Biden and not realize what’s going on is mind boggling! In my opinion: Just remember if you vote for Joe Biden you are actually voting for Kamila, Palosi, AOC and the rest of the left wing party. I'll bet Joe will be too sick or they will figure out some way to get Joe out of there.

attention whores, the lot of em. The answer is simple. They will remain loyal to the impeached lunatic who has lied and managed to kill over 200,000 Americans. Don’t vote for either useless grandpa...Just solved your undecided problem. You’re Welcome. I can help: Tell them to vote for the one that’s not insane.

They like kids in cages, controlling women's healthcare decisions, grift, and supporting white supremacists, and many people dying of COVID, but they might want to vacation in Europe next summer. Maybe they should listen to people whose lives are risk because Trump continues to sow hate and violence. Oh BS! Anyone voting for Trump is not seeing him for the evil horrible person he is!!

This will give them a clue: They need something in the *** Horrible human beings. Nazis and kids in cages don't pursuade them? F-ing idiots. 2016 trump voter motto: 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!' Pass it on . . . Gosh you just can’t fathom why 🤷🏻‍♀️ They are absolute psychopaths.

Morons will be morons..👎 Your choices are 4 more years of hate and divisiveness with an ineffective, reckless, dangerously unqualified leader or Biden who cares, why has compassion and decency, and who would actually take the job seriously. I know it's so hard to choose.🙄 The are Trump voters. 🧐🤨 Biden sold his country to China.. how can a person vote for him?

i call bullshit. Ask then about Hunter Biden I know a few of those and main issue is... candidates age. Yes. They can't decide. And trying to reason about their lives, seems that it hasn't changed much for them other than not taking vacay trips this year or as many dinners out. Not sure they're even interested in voting

If they remain truly torn whether to vote for Trump or Biden, they haven’t been paying attention the last 4 years. These comments are a mosh pit of sucker-punch tribalism. What policies? Donald Trump doesn’t have any policies. This is the problem in this country. Comments here prove it. Ridiculing, blaming & shaming people into playing the same game that got us here. Many of us hate the two party system & their partisans want to make us the enemy because we don’t want to play.

Important points in her decision making: - she’s a lifelong Republican - she agrees with his policies - she fears the Democratic ticket will adversely affect business. “It’s a “moral dilemma,” Jaronowski said Moral dilemma?! 🤔 Morals would dictate voting against Trump! Screw this article and the “torn” undecided voters it describes. If you can’t reconcile the differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, you are a cretin who deserves the fate a Trump second term will yield.

They're torn between supporting kids in cages and not wanting to look like crazed lunatics to their neighbors. Got it. Oh please. Undecided about a man who is willfully killing Americans with his Covid messaging. This is not about policy, or even political points of view. This is about the survival of our Republic.

“But she and her husband own a consumer debt-buying company and fear that a President Biden could cancel that debt, which amounts to tens of millions of dollars.” So other Americans should suffer as long as they keep their jobs? 🤷🏻‍♀️ bullshit Wow, just wow... If you like Trumps plan , TrickleDownMurder of Americans you may have a tough decision. TrumpCrimeFamily GOPCorruptionOverCountry TrumpLiesAmericansDie

No Who he is affects his policies. For either man. The policies she likes are the ones that help her and she doesn't give a fuck how they're affecting others. I don't care that she doesn't like the man, what the man has done is who he is, and she's fine with that. Fuck her. It is not policy verses personality because very little actually policy has been made by the Trump Administration. It should be about saving our democracy. That’s what we will lose with lawmakers attempting to restrict voting, human rights and truth.

Stupid article not worth your time. F them. F anyone who votes for trump. It is known as the Trump stink. There’s nothing to be torn between ..Joe Biden 47 years no success.. President Trump 3 1/2 years tons of success ..just look at promises versus results ...that’s all you need to do I do not feel anything for these people, there is absolutely no reason to be undecided...they need to do a lot of fact checking!

Let me make this real simple (Undecided Voters) you have a choice between a ham sandwich or a sandwich made with cow chips and you’re asking the server how the fucking ham was cooked? No sympathy I think the undecided voters in this election are 1) don’t need to engage in the political process because of privilege 2) to afraid to say they will still vote gop because it benefits them financially in some way

These “undecideds” have to be the biggest idiots on the planet. If the last 4 years has taught us anything, it’s how many uneducated/ignorant people live in this country. It’s absolutely shameful. Our country’s choice of leadership is in a race to the bottom. So she’s not “undecided”. She has constructed her identity around being republican, and now rejecting Trump means rejecting her identity. I have no sympathy for her. 🤷‍♂️

How can you be undecided at this point? If you’re undecided you haven’t been paying attention. It’s insane that America’s fate is in the hands of people who just don’t care that much to pay attention. 🤣🤣 These are truly the stupidest people and a very clear reason why the electoral college needs to die.

Anyone who is undecided 🙄😐 is a vote for trump Because let's just be honest 🤔🤬 😳🤧🤢🤮🤡😷 If you are still undecided about trump its because you are too embarrassed to admit you like his style of 'hate 🇺🇸 You cant ignore one behavior and then praise him for his hypocrisy people are allowed to be undecided quit being human garbage and attacking them. this is one reason why people don't vote because of fucking lunatics.

If you still can’t decide please just stay home. You clearly haven’t been paying attention to anything that’s happened over the last 4 years. Ask if they're looking forward to 60 million+ Americans, most too old or unwell to work, losing 90-100% of their income if Trumphole stays in and kills the Payroll Tax, which will kill Soc Sec by ~2023. Want a nation where 60 million+ must commit crime to survive?

At this point in the election, you are not an undecided voter, you just want attention! BidenHarris2020Landslide Joe Biden, EL BIG GUY! Personality only wins the day in high school along with Most Beautiful and Most Handsome. Most people don't vote for sociopaths. COVID-19 'Herd Immunity' = Mass murder. Trump is giving up on fighting COVID-19. He doesn't care about more people dying. He failed to act early. He listened to Kushner and Ivanka who cared more about the stock market and re-election.

'On the other hand, Welton has been pleasantly surprised that Trump has made good on his campaign pledge to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, though thousands still remain.' -- This is just not true. End of Obama - 10,000 troops. End of '20 - 10K troops. Let me call them. Don't care about Trump. I'm voting against asshole liberals and their policies. Liberals want to decide your morality and are the party of gender confusion and pedophiles. Trump is a buffoon but better than sniff and blo.

It’s either the guy who grabs p-ussy because when you are a star you can or the guy who would never say such a thing. Pretty simple. TrumpIsALoser TrumpFailedAmerica TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison TrumpDoesntCareAboutYou Just don't vote. I really don't see the reason for a conflict. In my opinion trump is bad for our country and planet !!

If this minister is comfortable with a person who puts children in cages, this stays a lot about him. pathetic What's the argument FOR Trump? He literally has no policies for his second term. He just says things like 'I'll create 10 million jobs' but has no details. If you don't like Biden's policies, ok, but at least he has some. Oh, and people that worked with Trump call him stupid.

I mean if they enjoy living in a horror movie. The rest of us didn't sign up for this,and prefer to keep the 'horror' on the television or the theaters.vote These are Trump voters trying to make excuses for voting for a racist grifting loser that somehow is serving their interests. What those are we can only speculate. I think a lot of it is deep seeded racism. But that’s just me.

There is nothing complicated about it. After the disaster Trump has been, if they are still undecided, it's because they love his racism, but know he his going to destroy this country if reelected. If this didn’t do it, I got nuthin’. They are probably the same people in school who claimed they do poorly in multiple choice test - they just lack confidence

I like how these people think biden will bring an end to the world based on nothing Do these people need help crossing the street too? Because I can’t deal with the stupidity AP is a massive racist organization Undecided or foolish Americans “I remain pretty swayable,” he said. Correction: “I remain pretty SWAMPABLE”. Trump voters, supporters, and those considering him deserve derision and ostracism. Evil is evil.

This....is....so....haaaaard IDI0TS! Translation: Trump voters too embarrassed to admit it. Yawn. These are the same people who’s lives are always filled with drama. Jump on Absolutely absurd '죄의 중력은 너무나 강력해서, 휴거의 날 결코 들림 받지 못합니다 아무리 작은 죄라 할지라도 .. TheSundayExpedition 100% undecided here!🙋‍♀️ Personality won't fundementally destroy the country. Think of a relative you can't stand, they're loud, braggadocious, are you gonna wish they died of COVID & make up fake stories about them for 4 years to try to destroy them? There's your choice, pompous ass or liars & cheats.

Are these people dumb or the press is just trying to get more click by writing these moronic articles? Seriously? Fuuck them regardless of who they end up voting for I truly respects others views. But at this point, how come someone can be undecided? It’s really not complicated. At all. The dilemma: I really like Trump's racism but the economy kinda sucks.

Trump lies every single day and people are still undecided? Seriously? This isn’t a vote for ideology, it’s a vote to get our country out of the grip of this incompetent “leader”. You haven't figured it out yet wishy washy...time to grow up. Crazy that people are still undecided. If you want to go out again and not wear masks, vote Biden. Trump has no plan for getting us out of this pandemic.

Burisma job, China loans, affair with brothers widow, $129k Porsche, Arkansas love child, drug addict, dishonorable discharge from the Navy.....wow, Russian intelligence has been busy. WHAT POLICIES?!? I don’t care, do you? Kiss off the majority of Americans are over the Trumpster's and what they think!

If you are really still undecided, the question should be more about why we are letting you vote at all? Really Morals vs. Trump....pick one. These aren’t undecided voters. Every single person in this story is a low information FOX News watcher that is going to vote for Trump but wants to feel special and get profiled in articles about undecided voters

Who are they kidding? Undecided? I had lost my patience with media wasting their time on people like that. Should we really care about what they think? No. Just stop. No one is interested. Stop airing this BS Nobody’s believing this BS!! They are Trump supporters and that’s who they are going to support!

These people shouldn’t vote and instead should seak mental help. Sounds like what's best for me, and not the Country. Please tell me what Trump has done during his term, other than divide this Country further, and spread racism and fear. Makes me glad I am Indie voter, not Party above everything. White and undecided means racist and realDonaldTrump voter.

Fuck undecided people. Trump lies every single day and people are still undecided? Seriously? This isn’t a vote for ideology, it’s a vote to get our county out of the grip of this incompetent “leader”. If one of the choices is realDonaldTrump , you’d have to brain damaged for this to be a hard choice!!!!

I’m just going to make a wild guess here and say that all these people are white There are alot of people in Cleveland that will choose Joe Biden because He can unite the Country again. Aren't you tired of divisions that Mr. Trump likes to cause, I know I am so I voted for Joe and Kamala! Bottom line. They don't like feeling guilty about supporting trump and his failure and can't figure out how to rationalize their continuing support. VoteBidenHarristoSaveDemocracy

🙄 These are people who would have a tough time deciding between drinking a glass of water and a glass of bleach. Why ? At this stage of the election what could possibly be the reason..like I keep hearing if at this point you have NOT HAD ENOUGH OF THIS PRESIDENT AND ADMINISTRATION YOU ARE AN ENABLER AND A RACIST PERIOD!! THAT'S THE TWEET!!BidenHarrisLandslide2020

It’s helpful to hear what these folks are thinking. It sounds like the racism, xenophobia, and misogyny aren’t a problem for them (those are NOT personality traits) but they don’t like that he’s a horrible person. “Undecideds” this year are about as real as Trump’s “very fine people” in Charlottesville

Already in process VACCINES & PREVENTION key factors to DEFEAT COVID19. Regardless politicians as Biden&Harris eroding Americans🇺🇸 confidence in vaccines for being produce under the Trump adm that only will be approved by scientists the FDA &CDC Americans must trust the vaccines. Many people think that they are helping God to vote for Trump. God does not need the help of men. Men need the help of God. 'Let Sinners go on sinning just see that you keep your own garment clean'. The decision is not a difficult one. There's a lot of bad teachers, not teachings

Whatever Lololololololol Go to therapy if you're undecided. Humanity vs. Inhumanity. I can't help thinking these people are just looking for attention. Who the hell can't decide between a cruel clown and a decent human? Smh This woman featured in the article owns a consumer debt buying company. Her wealth is gained on other people's disasters. She produces NOTHING to better humanity, she takes money not even owed to her for a living. Of COURSE she's 'not sure if Bidens tax increase' works for her 🙄

Man get outta here. It’s clear trump inherited a long term great economy from president Obama and joe Biden it’s Donald Trump racism and the racism in her that’s she’s torn between. Can't understand how so many democrats can vote for Joe whose mental abilities sadly are declining FAST. The party's left wing no doubt will take control if he's elected; that should be scary enuf for all except communist believers and it don't work!

She should know that tax evasion fraud and other finacial crimes are not good policy which is a serious investigation into the president. Also if she is christian she shouldnt like him as he is a wannabe lucifer morningstar wants all the praise of God but does none of the work Idk, after reading these comments, I see their point.

GDI.... THERE IS NO POLICY! THERE IS JUST IRRATIONAL DIRECTIVES THAT FIRE UP THE BASE. And many of those get reversed within days. That’s it. There is nothing more. I cannot fathom anyone being undecided at this point. Either they are selfish enough not to care what's been happening or too dumb not to understand.

Bet they’re the people in line who can’t decide what to order at any given coffee shop or fast food establishment either. These people can’t be helped. Choose decency. From bigot: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. The US is a pluralistic society. The pendulum of abuse swings both ways. I no more want to see an all- Democrat govt than see the current swamp remain in power.

These are the closer attention seekers. They play neutral for attention. They claim to be apolitical! It’s bullshit. They’ve made a choice. IT’S CALLED COMPLACENCY! complacencyisachoice vote VoterSuppression Democracy antiracism Ok Torn? The answer is obvious! They’re Republicans who only vote straight party and can’t fathom voting for a Democrat. They don’t think

It's simple , if you think the government should meet all your needs and we should have open borders vote Blue. Uh huh. Next... Policy vs. Perosnality Logic vs. Emotional It's not a difficult decision.... just depends on what type of thinker you are. a complicated tug of war between the worms and the spiders in their brains

Lot of love and acceptance here... I would tell them this. Things in this country will never be better as long as Trump is President. The only two things Trump cares about is hisself and in a distant second his kids and he sell them down the river if it was money in his pocket. Except Ivanka. He is in love withher

Stop wasting time on these people. Christ This should shed light on why you should vote for Trump Biden is a racist , liar and corrupt You're either for Fascism or you're not. Period. Racism, xenophobia, sexism, science denial vs healthcare for all, respect and decency is hard. Take all the time u need Attention seekers.

a·bu·li·a /əˈbo͞olēə/ noun PSYCHIATRY an absence of willpower or an inability to act decisively, as a symptom of mental illness. Stop pandering to these people. There should be no such thing as an 'undecided voter' right now. If these people are willing to ignore 225,000 of their dead fellow Americans they are not deserving of any respect. Trying to pander to these amoral people is a waste of time.

Stop giving these attention seekers what they want. Christ, the public handwringing by these people is embarrassing. If you’re undecided at this point there is something wrong with you SMDH What is wrong with these people?!? There is no complicated tug of war. This is bullshit. Trump is a sociopath. I know what I'm about to say is unpopular, but to you undecided voters... I really want to use the F word, but trying to maintain some type dignity during these time.

It’s easy. Look at your Democratic run cities being destroyed and domestic terrorists allowed to take over those cities! Do you want that in your neighborhood? Geez!!! Look under your nose!!! A small but potentially significant group (if MSM=TopInfluencer devotes space to Fringe) remains torn between Slavery & Emancipation, particularly if the latter connotes EqualRights, and torn whether indulging THEIR sexual preferences should be hampered by AgeOfConsent legalese.

In other words, they love the cruel policies that Trump and the Republicans have instilled, such as kidnapping children from their parents and throwing them in cages, but they don’t want Trump in charge because his racism is making their racism more public. I can only imagine how annoying they must be while ordering dinner at a restaurant. JFC.

Did anyone answer questions about COVID-19? The main issue!!! Because nothing is going back to normal until this is solved safely - and in no way is donald trump the person to solve it safely. Of course the 'consumer debt-buying company' is loving the virus too. Sorry. They’re all blind and delusional if they can’t see the damage trump has done and can’t recognize demented conspiracy theories. I agree with others here that they’re too afraid to voice their support for this monster. At this point, no one is truly undecided.

On one side is a guy whose pandemic response has resulted in 220k dead. On the other side is not that. Tough decision. The media needs to do a better job of not carrying water for republican talking points. 'Is having the government impose my bigotries on others worth my livelihood, and possibly my life?' The hardest question of our times.

It's really NOT complicated at all. Trump has no plans, no idea, and no concern for the average working class. He had his 4 years and blew it. No point in wasting 4 more on him. He's not a leader. NEXT! I grew up in a predominantly white, upper middle class community. I know these people. There world never moves very much nor have them suffered from this president's policies. As long as their world doesn't change they don't find issue with his behaviors no matter how repugnant

It all comes down to looking in the mirror at yourself & ask am I voting for what’s best for my USA or my own personal needs? Great article thanks to those who shared their perspectives 🙏🇺🇸💪 TrumpLied to us. 220,000+ Covid_19 deaths and realDonaldTrump CONTINUES to hold gatherings and then send his “fans” home to their communities, who evidently like to hear the same old hateful rhetoric because he NEVER tells them anything new for our future. ControlTheVirus

How do you spell Deza? Good grief. Please stop interviewing these Ken Bone types. If you're undecided at this point then frankly, you're not paying attention. This didn't help my image of undecided voters at all. In fact, it confirmed almost all my biases about them and made me dislike them more. Idgaf Please just don’t vote.

Yes, there are a lot of morons in this country. Other conversations with group show they haven’t bought new clothes in three years, as they just don’t know if $60 is too much for jeans. Not complicated. Decency and democracy or that luscious tax cut and Muslim ban (etc. etc. etc.)? Oh my goodness, exhausting. this one here ... 'consumer debt-buying company'... if they abolish slavery who will pick our fields? We need the bad man. [HARD EYE-ROLL] 🙄

I am convinced our educational system have failed...we need to review the national curriculum and focus on critical thinking, comprehension and analysis of data to come up with an answer:There is SUFFICIENT data already to make a decision. You are either with Trump or not! Simple These types of people are known as attention whores.

Policy is far more important then personality. Trump wins on both. I find it difficult to find any sympathy for voters who have NO Problem with Racism and White Supremacy but would just prefer it came in a Nicer Box! The responses to this story are part of what is wrong with our country. No tolerance for difference. People should be not ridiculed for their thoughtful deliberation between two less than stellar options.

Undecided? Please check out ⤵️ AnotherReason2VoteJoe Biden President Your choice is so critical to our Democracy The demographics are clear. Those who won't choose conditions that will make them thrive are choosing self-extinction. It is what it is. Nobody cares. If you’re undecided you deserve the derision. You’re either dumb or lying

What Biden is respect, Trump is disrespect that the difference, how are u undecided I just don’t get it! My message to undecided voters: YOU COUNT. Rush Limbaugh said that if you can't make up your mind between Joe Biden & Donald Trump, you should just stay home & not vote. I disagree. If you can't decide, vote none of the above.

Interesting read. It seems like the undecided voters don’t see any issues that are (in this case) strong enough to help them decide. I’ve cast my vote and I’m seeing plenty going on around me which helped me decide months ago Absolutely wild. 'I love his policies of downplaying a pandemic that's killed pver 200,000 Americans, gutting civil rights, blatant corruption, and environmental catastrophe, but I wish was more polite about it!'

How in the world can people be u decided?!? I am completely stumped. Before you judge, remember somebody has to keep the fence warm. If you're entertaining the idea of voting Trump, you've made up your mind and just trying to minimize your guilty conscience by being on the fence There's way more of them than anyone knows. If you aren't insane you understand why. These are the worst options in our countrys history. One side is the most Racist ticket ever and the other is the Insanity of Trump.

If Hitler was on the ballot and you agree with his capitalist policies, would you still vote for him? Does the end justify the means? This is no longer about policies. It is about morality and decency. At this point, if you’re truly torn, you’re a moron. So which trump policies do they like so much, getting rid of Medicare and Social Security (yes he said he would make payroll deduction tax go away permanently), the new health plan (where and what is it) gutting the EPA? And BTW economy went up because of Obama check the graphs.

Please stop covering these people. They are either lying or stupid. Don't give them attention. Anyone who is undecided has not been paying attention. Wake up people and smell the coffee. Two years of campaigns and they can't pull the trigger? Please. This has more to do with some people's need for hard and fast deadlines.

Vote Trump!!! They are nothing but bad faith liars and gullible morons Undecideds are Trump voters just making themselves feel good that they actually thought about it first before “reluctantly” voting for him. Truth Also, I was a Never Trumper, but woke up when I realized I’ve been lied to by eloquent politicians. We need the bull in the China shop right now! trump2020 MAGA UndecidedVoter

i like that he enabled the torture of children but wish he wasn't so rude This is absurd. 'But I really liked Mussolini's and Hitler's policies,' in nothing to be truly torn over. I.E. - they are torn between the government taking care of the the rest of their life as apposed to freedom to make their own choices, hard work.

Just don’t vote then. But accept the consequences, knowing it will be one or the other winning. Undecideds are even dumber than Trump supporters... I don’t believe them. If they are torn then they really want to vote for TrumpTheTerrorist but are too ashamed to admit it. 🇺🇸Received a call from my Republican friend, he voted for Joe Biden, he said after that disgraceful Debate he knew who the better man is and this president made him sick.

If you’re having a tough time deciding between morals and money, I have some bad news for you... They are not undecided, they are idiots... A 2020 undecided who voted 2x for Obama then voted trump in 2016 should feel comfortable voting for Biden/Harris. I guess his treason, money laundering, corruption, grifting, tax fraud, lying, incompetence, idiocy, Covid 19 fiasco, and the destroyed economy coupled with his racism and white supremacy ain’t a deal breaker enough to go for uncle Joe, the abler/uniter America needs? 👇😂

We can get rid of these people in our society and we would all be better off. We've capitulated our democracy to these attention whores far too long. I would say read independent articles by medical and public health professionals about Covid-19, and then decide if this president has handled the pandemic in an acceptable way. This affects everyone.

If you are undecided... truly on the fence about voting for realDonaldTrump or not... you are nothing to me. Nothing. How you could even consider Trump tells me everything. You dont have to like someone who is President to vote for them I hated Clinton and Obama. If you're torn between a Nazi and a legitimate human being, you probably should just stop voting.

Pathetic. It’s as basic as good vs. evil. Vote BidenHarris WearAMask This is what you need know.

Who's undecided? Donald Trump's toughest hurdle to pull off a win: Most minds are made upAs Trump's support erodes among seniors, women, and suburban voters, Joe Biden has taken a double-digit lead in several national polls and widened margins in battleground states. So what you’re saying is that being a total ass does not work? Go Joe! BidenHarris2020 Don't miss today's NYPost. So hot it's been banned by Twitter.

Michigan bans open carry of guns near polls on Election Day"Prohibiting the open-carry of firearms in areas where citizens cast their ballots is necessary to ensure every voter is protected," a state official said. Even Trump's 'Poll Monitors'? It's common sense. Banks, bars, courthouses and polls. GOOD

Michigan bans open carry of guns near polls on Election Day'Prohibiting the open-carry of firearms in areas where citizens cast their ballots is necessary to ensure every voter is protected,' a state official said. Cover Hunter Biden scandal

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