Police want a share of pandemic relief funds. Activists find that 'offensive.'

Across the country, an avalanche of pandemic relief money has sparked a debate over police spending.

6/5/2021 6:44:00 PM

Police want a share of pandemic relief funds. Activists say that it is unjust to use Covid-19 relief money to boost officer pay or to fund ordinary police functions when so many residents are struggling.

Across the country, an avalanche of pandemic relief money has sparked a debate over police spending.

.Police say they deserve some of the relief money because, just like many other municipal services, their spending was cut during the pandemic as cities struggled with lost revenue.Andrea Edmiston, director of governmental affairs for the National Association of Police Organizations, said that while some cities, including New York and Los Angeles, cut police budgets under pressure from public outcry, many others saw their funding reduced because of financial shortfalls. A lot of these departments “stopped training classes and equipment purchases, had no cadet classes, and hiring and retention initiatives went out the window,” Edmiston said. The American Rescue Plan “is more about providing funding to help departments get back up to levels they need to be,” she said.

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Standing in the way, or at least hoping to, are those who envision a new system of public safety that relies less on police and invests more resources in treating crime’s root causes: poverty, mental illness, substance abuse.A demonstrator at a July 30, 2020, protest in Albuquerque, N.M., where activists recently battled an increase in police funding.

Russell Contreras / AP fileThis movement to “defund the police,” which gained momentum after the police murder of George Floyd last year, has largely been focused on the municipal budget process, where most decisions about police spending are made. The American Rescue Plan — which includes $350 billion in aid to state and local governments, half of which will be delivered this year — has created a new platform for this battle because cities that were strapped for cash during the pandemic are now flush and moving quickly to spend their windfalls. headtopics.com

The Biden administration has said the money should be used to help bring the pandemic under control, replace lost government revenue, support households and businesses, and address inequalities in public health and local economies. But the rules provide a lot of leeway, and cities are eyeing everything from vaccination outreach to arts grants. With violent crime

in many parts of the country, police have made the case that they need some of the money, too.Inlast month, Kansas City, Missouri, Police Chief Richard Smith warned that a hiring freeze was hurting response times, and urged residents to demand that the city use some of its $97.5 million American Rescue Plan allotment to hire officers.

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Defund the police. If so many of you think that the police should be defunded, then you should call someone else when you’re in need of assistance. Reduce their need, but you all want to shoot each other up too fast! I would love to have an honest conversation with some of these people, hear them out, and then tell them why they’re wrong with “no justice, no peace”. I just do not believe that any officer starts the day saying to themself “let’s see what I can get away with today”.

They shouldn't get paid AT ALL, unless they complete a LEGAL, just, law enforcement action.... Like the 'public servants' they pretend to be!🙄 Paid to fail for decades, AND wants a raise.....who's lead did they follow on THAT!? 45 year FAILURE joe!?🤦‍♂️

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