Police: Truck with 100 monkeys crashes, some of them missing

DANVILLE, Pa. (AP) — A truck carrying about 100 monkeys was involved in a crash Friday in Pennsylvania, state police said as authorities searched for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped the vehicle.

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1/22/2022 6:33:00 AM

A truck carrying about 100 monkeys crashed in central Pennsylvania , state police said, as authorities searched for at least three of the monkeys that apparently escaped. The truck had been on its way to a lab, state police said.

DANVILLE, Pa. (AP) — A truck carrying about 100 monkeys was involved in a crash Friday in Pennsylvania , state police said as authorities searched for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped the vehicle.

The truck had been on its way to a lab, Pelachick said.Authorities have asked residents who might see the monkeys to call state police at 570-524-2662.It was unclear if any people or animals were injured in the crash.

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Michelle Fallon is in danger. Take care of US FBI. This is truly cruel & Disgusting, first they are killing these animals for experimentation , bringing them fro Mauritius where they live to die all for the fucking purpose of inhumane LAB studies for Humans. Stop the Killings of all small & great Creatures!🐵

Coincidentally there is an ebola outbreak going on in China right now and people were commenting on Twitter the the Chinese govt owned social platforms posted about the accident and the monkey’s escaping. People are saying they are creating a narrative to blame for outbreak Just wait, they’ll be hosts on Fox by tomorrow.

Not my circus not my monkeys If you see the monkeys tha got away please help them out and don't call authorities . Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, Only three Pity Let me think of 'outbreak'. Holy Sxxx. I just wanna know, where was this truck taking 100 monkeys, & are we sure that the escapees aren’t the lucky ones?

Was that the tr*mp train of the republicans?

Police: Truck With 100 Monkeys Crashes, Some of Them MissingThis is no monkey business! State police say a truck carrying about 100 monkeys has been involved in a crash in Pennsylvania and authorities are searching for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped the vehicle. ThePerezHilton Those poor lab monkeys. Hope those 3 monkeys find a better life. If I were to find them i'd send them to a sanctuary. 🐒🐒🐒 100 monkeys? Isn't that CONGRESS?

If I see giant two-headed monkeys in the parking lot at Target, should I be worried? Darn! These monkeys were supposed to be delivered to the Wuhan Live Animal Food Market. Oh no, these are the monkeys infected with the 'Rho' variant of Covid. The public wasn't supposed to know about this. Call Rand Paul, this is a total gain of function situation.

Not my monkeys, not my circus. 100th Monkey Effect! Franzimulation SarahRuthMayer Shame on all of you that treat wild life without respect or dignity. Hold the fuck up, The monkeys are in those small wooden crates stacked like fucking Amazon boxes WTF tarastrong this is crazy

Truck carrying 100 monkeys crashes in Pa., and now some are missing: PoliceAuthorities have asked residents who might see the monkeys to call state police at 570-524-2662. Carrying the monkeys to a lab...hopefully those monkeys are never found why so many monkeys? where are they going? run monkey run....stay alive...don't be a lab rat

4alexquin Reuters On their way to be poisoned at a toxicology lab? ALDF Who had 'random monkeys' for 2022? humans worst thing ever Was there no better way to transport them? Seems kinda fucked. Someone find TheoVon and get those last 3! They were the getaway drivers. I found them!

Maryland man dies with more than 100 venomous snakes, some illegal, in his house, police sayA Charles County, MD man died with over 100 venomous snakes, which he showed interest in on Facebook, in his home, the police department said. Still not 'newsworthy' in Chicago, no matter HOW many times you post this. Posted a dozen times; still IRRELEVANT in Chicago. Let it GO. Local police said that a man found dead in his Charles County, MD home was living with more than 100 venomous snakes. His cause of death is unknown. (So many errors in the story, and a poorly worded tweet.)

I had read in another article that the CDC and the Public Health department were on hand to secure the area. So I can imagine the monkeys are being tested on by the CDC. So sad 😞 Wait a minute. Is this a teaser for a remake of “Outbreak,” the 1995 hit movie starring Dustin Hoffman? 🐒🦠 😢 We will later find out they were all carriers of a severely infections virus. But Cuba Gooding Jr and Dustin Hoffman will Save the day with the help of Renee Russo.

12 monkeys? Luckily, it collided with a truckload of typewriters. Wow, that sounds bananas… The monkeys were on their way to a lab......🥺 JUMANJI Go monkeys!!! Live free! 🐒 🙈 🙊 🐵 🙉

Doomsday Clock’s hands remain at 100 seconds to midnightThe announcement that the Doomsday Clock’s hands won’t move this year could be seen as a hopeful sign. a broken clock is correct twice a day…..

Lab monkeys? We'll know much later whether or not the monkeys came from experimental research lab and carriers of a lethal virus.Remind me of the movie 'Outbreak'. Ok, so here’s my movie pitch. Here me out… Run monkeys, run! “Truck was on its way to a lab” Wait for it... On the way to a lab? That is disgusting!

Doomsday Clock stalls at 100 seconds to midnight as world 'stuck in a perilous moment'The symbolic clock's measurement was placed at the same point it has been since 2020, the closest it has ever been to midnight.

How very 2022 way to end 2020 trilogy. PlanetOfTheApes Release the rest of them. Hooray for the monkeys! Too bad they all didn't escape. New pandemic activated. TeresaMWalker S/O jumanji They'll spend more resources looking for those monkeys than they do on missing children of color. Are they making part 2 of some movie?!

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Yippy, Ebola strain of Covid time This makes me so sad! Horrible. Too bad all the monkeys didn't escape. Stop animal testing. Isn't this how the movie Hot Zone started? Hundreds of creative writing teachers thank you for their next story prompt. There’s a joke in here somewhere…. The monkeys were on their “way to a lab”. I’m sorry more of them didn’t escape from the crash sight.

Run monkeys run 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 'To a lab.' OK. Better than 'from a lab.' Visions of 'Pennsylvania Monkey Virus'....

...and 28 days later... What new virus just got out… ? More disease 12 Monkeys was set in PA, Philly to be precise. This is how it starts. 😉 Karma! I recall the Nazis used to transport humans to a lab and do experiments on them as well. Some of them managed to escape. I don't see much of a difference with this scenario.

Uh ohh !! What were the monkeys carrying? And only 3 escaped hard to believe. 🤔🤔 Run, monkeys! Run! I wonder if the monkeys stayed together or went their separate ways. Cool

I've seen this movie, this doesn't end well for the monkey or the---everyone else. There infected with Rage Wait what? They’re still doing experiments on monkeys But TuckerCarlson is running free jerryiannelli EricaPerris I hope they do not find them. Go Monkeys! 🐵 If you think you're safe because you don't live in central PA... realize that there are people who would give a ride to a hitchhiking monkey. Take a look at the time this happened... go to Google maps.

all my apes gone Start of the zombie virus apocalypse! RUN FOREST RUN! Let’s hope they all escape

chenweihua 12 Monkeys chenweihua I’ve seen this movie before.. The Pennsylvania virus Is this for real? Or a movie plot? I'm expecting the White Professor guy who specializes in monkeys from Africa to tell the White Army General the implications of this, but he won't listen...his black Aide would tho...and help the professor whose wife is still in Congo...okay bye

And ... what diseases do these monkeys have? This is how the next pandemic starts. ummmmm…. hello BASED department went to search what kind of lab it could've been going to and they were pointing me to a paternity testing lab...somebody's got a lot of explaining to do 🤣 4ever_days Being in Central PA, I need to go check my doors....

I would like to go on record in advance as being on the monkeys' side - you know, just in case. Save the monkeys and bring them to a sanctuary. Help them avoid the horror of lab experiments. Is this 12 Monkeys or Planet of the Apes? Wouldn’t a barrel full of them been a better way to transfer them? I hope they all got away!!

Here we go 🤔 I think I have seen this movie. Does every day have some new horror or have we been conditioned to see horror in every day?

Huh, normally this happens before the pandemic Well at least some are free and don’t need to go to the lab And that is how the zombie apocalypse happens. Wish they had all escaped TeamMonkeyEscape RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, FAM! progressives idea of voting rights is to have a free-for-all with no accountability and no identification at the polls. While they cry 'voter suppression' what they're offering is a bill to legalize cheating in elections; A 'Voters cheating rights bill' -& Crying the opposite 😂

I'm no conspiracy theorist...but it sure sounds like someone was trying to free the monkeys.🤔 Is this how planet of the apes starts? Hopefully they get found, I don't think they are well equipped for winter nights.

RockyResistor This makes me so sick. Evil humans. MWApeRescue led by Caesar, lets how this planet of the apes sequel ends. Glad they were on their way to the lab and not coming from it. Your point, ? I know who I’m pulling for here Ah so the rage virus is loose, good twist. Why are we , doing this to God’s creators using them like this? Woe to man.

janetevanovich shades of Plumb Spooky

We know how this plays out 🙈 Poor creatures going to a fate worse than death... Uh oh!!!! outbreak? February 18th 2022... There has to be a Conway Twitty song somewhere. This sounds like the plot of Outbreak 2. WTF?!? We’re still using monkeys for experiments? Ok, this Planet of the Apes remake looks promising.

Sounds like pa

Apes together strong This started with lab monkeys We’re they coming from a lab to a lab? I've seen this movie According to the movie there were seven! I'm rooting for the monkeys. Witness Protection Program! Geisinger Medical Center is right there. What's the worst that could happen?

Were any of the monkeys named Caesar? Was one of them named Caesar? JoeHoldenCBS3 Run monkey run! ThatKevinSmith Truck was going Back to the lab again, Yo! The truck was full of monkeys Better go capture them The missing monkeys and hope they don't pass away You better Lose yourself on the highway, the moment. The missing monkeys? Driver, You own it.

I think they were last seen waving yellow towels. JLVsTW1 Just in case you see something odd tonight and think it's the weed. You maniacs! You blew it up! There’s a joke there somewhere Animal research is disgusting abuse. I hope whoever was researching on these monkeys was in the crash.

Run monkeys run! 🙉 Pack it up, we're leaving. It’s okay! They were wearing masks. Good for them All my apes gone. Definitely not my circus, 100% not my monkeys I believe I know how this one ends... mf

The truck carrying the animals crashed with a dump truck in the afternoon in Montour County, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Andrea Pelachick The truck had been on its way to a lab, Pelachick said. Authorities have asked residents who might see the monkeys to call state police at 570-524-2662. It was unclear if any people or animals were injured in the crash. AP NEWS