Police officer among multiple people killed in Jersey City shooting, mayor says

An unknown number of people are killed as gunfire erupts in a Jersey City, N.J., neighborhood. Residents and a school are locked down.


A police officer and multiple others were killed in a shooting in Jersey City today that authorities say is not believed to have been a terrorism attack

An unknown number of people are killed as gunfire erupts in a Jersey City, N.J., neighborhood. Residents and a school are locked down.

A second officer was struck in the shoulder by gunfire and two others were injured by shrapnel, Fulop said.

Sporadic, heavy gunfire rang out over the course of at least an hour along a major thoroughfare but later subsided. SWAT teams, state police and federal agents were at the scene. Police blocked off the area, which, in addition to the school, has some stores, a kosher supermarket and a hair salon.

Jersey City is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan and is New Jersey’s second-largest city after Newark.

“I can hear the gunshots. It’s like firecrackers going off. They were shooting like crazy about an hour ago. Then it stopped for like 20 or 30 minutes. The cops were clearing everyone off the streets,” said Patel.

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Friendly reminder: cops enforce gun control - this was a good day. Did the gun's owner(s) pass a background check(s)? Everyone knows if you pass a background check, THAT weapon CAN'T/WON'T be used to shoot or kill ANYONE. It's odd news articles don't report how the shooter got the gun(s). Gun free New Jersey. 🤣 Stop infringing on the 2A.

This isn't true. NJ is a gun free zone. Therefore this is not possible. Did they interview the dead suspects? Yes it's ridiculous to even claim they know this wasn't a terror attack this early in the situation. This is just pure propaganda by mainstream Media news. Fake news Where is Cory Booker?!? It’s his area I thought!

it's terrorism alright. the suspects just arent who the mainstream wants to call out as terrorists. If drug dealers were able to utilize the court system when deals go bad, they would be much less likely to shoot each other. When was the last time you heard about a pharmacist getting into a gunfight with someone over a bad deal? endthedrugwar

Police officer shot by suspects at a Jersey City bodega, police sayA Jersey City, New Jersey, police officer has been shot by two suspects who had been firing from a local bodega, according to authorities. MORE: The suspects then fled to a nearby bodega and continued to open fire. Follow for the latest: So sad!

Active shooter reported in Jersey City, New JerseyDEVELOPING: Shooting incident in Jersey City, NJ; schools in area on lockdown. If only we had more Diversity A police officer has been shot and lives are in danger and people are posting ridiculous conspiracy theories. Another Republican member of a WELL REGULATED MILITA might be on another rampage

Police Respond To Active Shooter Situation In Jersey City Near Kosher SupermarketTwo gunmen are reportedly barricaded inside a store after opening fire and injuring at least one officer.

Jersey City Shooting Live Updates: Police Officers WoundedOne officer was shot in the shoulder when 2 men with a long rifle opened fire in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Tuesday afternoon, an official said Just another day in America. Who needs to worry about ISIS when we can eliminate ourselves. Thanks nra! Too many guns

Governor: Officers shot in Jersey City standoffJERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey's governor says police officers have been shot in the Jersey City standoff. THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. AP's earlier story follows... Ahhh! Such a shame, right before Christmas!!!! Be Careful in Jersey City Is it rogue spooks again?

Governor: Officers shot in Jersey City standoffGunfire has been reported in a Jersey City neighborhood. There is a massive police presence and video shows a line of police officers armed with weapons pointed in several directions walking down the sidewalk. I see death all around me, yet it never comes for me? Cmon I wanna be at peace too :( What neighborhood? They're pretty defined in JC.

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