Police: Motorcycle backfiring causes panic in Times Square

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — The New York Police Department says the loud noise of a motorcycle backfiring caused a panic and sent people scrambling in Times Square. The department tweeted Tuesday...

8/7/2019 10:42:00 AM

The loud noise of a motorcycle backfiring caused panic in New York City's popular Times Square neighborhood, sending people scrambling just days after two back-to-back mass shootings.The NYPD says there was no active shooter.

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — The New York Police Department says the loud noise of a motorcycle backfiring caused a panic and sent people scrambling in Times Square. The department tweeted Tuesday...

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — The New York Police Department says the loud noise of a motorcycle backfiring caused a panic and sent people scrambling in Times Square.The departmenttweetedTuesday evening, “There is no #ActiveShooter in #TimesSquare. Motorcycles backfiring while passing through sounded like gun shots.” The tweet also says the department received multiple 911 calls and urged the public to not panic saying “The Times Square area is very safe!”

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The Midtown Manhattan neighborhood is a major tourist destination and entertainment center.PIX11reportsthat some people on Twitter thought the noise was an explosion and that many people ran into buildings and stores.The scare comes after 31 people were killed in two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in less than 24 hours over the weekend.

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Mandatory background checks on motorcycle licenses! BAN ASSAULT MUFFLERS! Thx god we have a real man running the wh Had they been familiar with firearms they would have recognized the sound as not a firearm and no panic would have ensued. Dumbasses It would go unnoticed in Chicago and Baltimore Sad Caused a bunch of pansies to run..

Thats racist lmao LovToRideMyTrek Oh puleaassee.. travel to NY often it’s so loud 24/7 you can’t hear any backfire... stop spreading fake news. Have you forgotten how to be a real journalist? This IS the terror that IQ45 has unleashed on our country... Wow what a bunch of liberals We have truly become a nation of cowering fools.

Why are this weekend’s shootings garnering this much attention and panic, when more people are killed in Chicago on an average weekend? What is the political agenda here? Who is profiting from the fear mongering and political divide? Why aren’t more people questioning the media A country in terror That's not normal, you know.

That is what happens, when there are mass shootings every 4 days. A White Nationalist commits a mass shooting against people of color Coincidentally 13 hours later, an alleged socialist Warren Supporter who also happened to be a misogynist and had rape lists commits a shooting against people of color Who ordered the false flag after El Paso?!

This must have been fun It is pathetic that the ppl in your country have to try and live with this fear in their thoughts. Surely, the right to live without the fear of being shot supercedes the right to carry an automatic weapon. 'Home of the Brave'.......... 😐 Land of the Free 🤷‍♀️ Somebody set off fireworks in the backyard at a family barbecue without telling everyone and screaming ensued. Prooobably not a great sign

Since HG Wells read War of The Worlds on the radio and put the whole east coast in a panic...the establishment has used the media to control the people. This is the result. A scared population dependent on the government for protection. trump has you all living in fear putin winning The mass hysteria is real. The terrorists and the politicians and the media have won.

So stupid.

Motorcycle Backfire Mistaken for Gunshots Causes Panic in Times SquareThe police department tweeted Tuesday evening, 'There is no ActiveShooter in TimesSquare. Motorcycles backfiring while passing through sounded like gun shots.' If people were me more used to hearing gunshots, this would not have happened. Stay Alert ....StayFree Collective PTSD

Panic erupts in Times Square over shooting false alarmPanic erupted in Times Square late Tuesday night after a motorcycle backfired and caused fears of a possible active shooter. The NYPD said it received multiple 911 calls about the incident. There have been no reports of injuries. How loud was that backfire? Especially in NYC. I live in a quiet neighborhood & once in a blue moon a backfire is scary. Did the person on the ground in the teal shirt get ran over lol wtf Our country is on edge and rightfully so. Thankfully this was just a false alarm, but really shows insight into how we are feeling with all the mass shooting in the US. We are scared and need gun law reform now.

Luxury department store Barneys files for bankruptcy: New York TimesU.S. luxury department store chain Barneys New York Inc filed for Chapter 11 ban... People finally got tired of wearing all black - except for antifa - and they can’t afford BarneysNY You know Manhattan real estate is sorely out of whack when Barney’s can’t afford its rent!! 😳 Another brick and mortar retailer bites the dust, taking jobs, tax revenues, & building rent out of the economy with it

‘New York Times’ Amends Recent ‘Hero Trump Disarms Would-Be Shooter’ HeadlineNEW YORK—Following backlash from journalists, politicians, and the public, The New York Times announced Tuesday that it had amended a headline from the morning’s front page reading “Hero Trump Disarms Would-Be Shooter.” “The original headline did not live up to our standards of objectivity at The New York Times and has thus been changed to ‘Trump Gives Speech’ in order to more accurately represent the president’s recent actions,” said executive editor Dean Baquet in response to criticism that the piece inaccurately framed the president as a champion of racial harmony and lionhearted hero who acted alone to stop a white national terrorist plot. “We were wrong to imply that President Trump courageously rushed into an active-shooter situation inside a Washington, D.C. gas station, held the gunman in a chokehold until he dropped his weapon, and then provided first-aid to casualties, thus single-handedly preventing more bloodshed. We deeply regret intimating that the shooter realized the error of his ways and denounced his bigoted beliefs after a tough-love conversation with Mr. Trump. Readers will see that these statements have been retracted from the second edition.” At press time, the new headline, “Trump Gives Speech” had been changed to “Unifier-In-Chief Provides Hope To Fractured Nation.” nytimes During the Election, The New York Times published thousands of stories about Clinton email/Benghazi, not one on Trumps lifelong ties to NY/Russian mob. As if The New York Times wasn't in a particularly knowledgeable position to report on 70 years of NYC construction & mob history nytimes snopes where you at! nytimes The news media has become beholden by the left. They dictate the headlines for articles now. The thing is, Trump did push for unity, not racism in the speech. How was the headline wrong?

Sarah Palin’s Suit Against New York Times Revived by Appeals CourtA federal appeals court ruled that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin can proceed with a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times over a 2017 editorial that suggested the Republican politician had helped incite political violence. calling Popehat yashar In today’s climate, she’s unlikely to win. Gonna watch this from my house

New York Times Admits Headline About Trump ‘Urging Unity’ Was BadThe front-page headline of the New York Times, made public on Monday night for the next morning’s first edition, blared “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism.” It was a headline so determined be “objective,” that it overlooked what actually happened If he chose or approved of it, he should be FIRED. Cowardice Dissembling Pandering Lazy GrayLadyRaped what about the other one did he mention that one? an understatement.