Police investigating after video of violent home invasion surfaces online

Police investigating after video of violent home invasion surfaces online


12/4/2021 6:04:00 AM

Police investigating after video of violent home invasion surfaces online

A large amount of money and jewelry were robbed from the Fairfax home, officials said.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore is creating a task force to stop a troubling trend in follow-home robberies, after the latest such incident turns fatal.The video ends there, but police said the suspects forced their way into the house, where there were additional people.

“The suspects continued to physically assault the victims as they gathered property,” officials said.One victim suffered significant facial injuries.Three additional suspects arrived during the robbery. A large amount of money and jewelry were among the items taken from the home, police said.

Officials said they learned of the surveillance video Friday after it circulated online. They contacted the victims, who then made a report.An Instagram user who was among the first to post the video online said he had received it from a friend but did not know its original source. As of Friday evening, headtopics.com

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his posthad been viewed more than 340,000 times.LAPD Officer Mike Lopez said he could not comment on why the victims did not file a police report immediately after the incident.A beloved philanthropist, a music legend and a shocking killing in Beverly Hills

Jacqueline Avant, philanthropist and friend to presidents and entertainment stars, was shot to death in her Beverly Hills homeTactical vests, like the ones worn by the suspects in the video, are typically provided to officers by police departments, he said, but copies or reproductions have been known to be purchased or created.

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Teen shot 18 times while waiting for bus to take him home from school, police sayA 14-year-old Philadelphia boy waiting for a bus to take him home from school was shot 18 times and killed Monday afternoon, police said. Damn... I hate Evil and can't get accustomed to it. Those people shouldn't exist, they are Satan beasts 😠😠😠 This is what they do best. Devour their own. Will they ever stop killing their own ? The stat of black on black crime should trouble any sane mind out there. Very horrible and frightening.