Police gun instructor's accidental death provides a final lesson, but questions linger

Rochester Police gun instructor Manny Ortiz he accidentally shot himself while driving to work.


Rochester Police gun instructor Manny Ortiz he accidentally shot himself while driving to work.

Rochester Police gun instructor Manny Ortiz was 52 when he accidentally shot himself while driving to work.

. He served for 22 years with the Rochester Police Department and was as an instructor at the police academy, where he taught firearms and defensive tactics to a generation of cadets.Ida Perez, director at Ibero Children and Family Stability Services and chair of the Scrantom Street Block Club, called Ortiz one of the best Latino officers in the community.

“Manny was a giant in this department,” Singletary said that day. “He was a cop’s cop. He was a true servant of the community and left behind a legacy of love, respect, and service.”Could his death serve as a final lesson for the colleagues and community he left behind?

Other documentation requested, including civilian witness statements referenced in the police incident reports, were not provided by the department. The newspaper is appealing the denial.Deputies found Ortiz’s personal firearm, a 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P, on the floorboard on the passenger’s side of the SUV inside a personalized molded waistband holster. Authorities said the holstered weapon was tucked into Ortiz's front waistband; a method known as"appendix inside the waistband" or AIWB.

There was no evidence of a mechanical malfunction. If the pistol had been in the holster when it fired, the shell casing would not have been able to eject from the weapon. The holster, which covers the muzzle, would also have shown some signs of damage. And the holster has a trigger guard, which would have prevented the trigger from being pulled while in its holster.

The trajectory of the gunshot is clear based on four points of contact shown in evidence photos. The bullet entered Ortiz’s inner left thigh a few inches below his groin and exited the other side. It grazed the edge of his seat and struck the driver’s side door panel, coming to rest inside the door.

"We'll never know exactly what occurred inside Manny's car," Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said in an interview last month."But the fact is a weapon did discharge inside and the fact is that it did take his life. God forbid if we just don't look at that and go, 'Am I practicing the right practices here? Am I being smart with the tools that I'm issued or the tools that I'm carrying?'"

One of the advantages of the technique is that it helps keep the weapon well-concealed while providing quick access when needed in a hurry. The disadvantage, of course, is that it leaves the business end of the gun pointed in a dangerous direction.Ortiz certainly knew that, but the physiological consequences of being shot would have affected his decision-making process.

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I’m not going to read the article. But how in the world did he accidentally shoot him self while driving Ffs Gun instructor is an oxymoron for what? Taurus? ...and he was a gun instructor? 👍 Oh! My. Quite n irony. N Accident where one least expects it.

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