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Police, experts condemn knee restraint used on George Floyd

Police around the nation and law enforcement experts on Thursday broadly condemned the way George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody this week, was restrained by an officer who dug his...

5/29/2020 2:59:00 AM

Police and law enforcement experts broadly condemn the way a Minneapolis police officer restrained George Floyd by digging his knee into this neck, saying no circumstances warrant such a dangerous technique. Floyd died in police custody.

Police around the nation and law enforcement experts on Thursday broadly condemned the way George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody this week, was restrained by an officer who dug his...

Police around the nation and law enforcement experts on Thursday broadly condemned the way George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody this week, was restrained by an officer who dug his knee into the man’s neck, saying no circumstances warrant such a dangerous technique.

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Deeply disturbing video shot by a bystander shows Floyd handcuffed, lying on his stomach and seemingly subdued as the officer trying to arrest him pressed his knee down on Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes.Some police officials and experts said equally shocking was something not seen in the video: Other officers on the scene apparently did not try to intervene even as Floyd repeatedly cried out that he couldn’t breathe and moaned in pain.

“Any officer who abuses their power or stands by and allows it to happen does not deserve to wear the badge, period,” Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown said.Floyd, 46, was arrested Monday after an employee at a grocery store called police to accuse him of trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. The cellphone video shows Floyd, who is black, face-down on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back, as officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, uses the knee restraint on his neck.

Floyd’s head is turned to the side and he does not appear to be resisting. As the minutes tick by and Chauvin continues to hold him down, Floyd’s complaints about not being able to breathe stop as he falls silent and motionless. Toward the end of the video, paramedics arrive, lift a limp Floyd onto a stretcher and place him in an ambulance.

“He wasn’t actively resisting, and he was saying he couldn’t breathe,” said Charles P. Stephenson, a former police officer and FBI agent with expertise in use-of-force tactics. “You have to understand that possibility is there (that Floyd couldn’t breathe), and you release any kind of restriction you might have on an airway immediately.”

Chauvin and the three other responding officers have been fired, and the FBI is investigating whether they willfully deprived Floyd of his civil rights. Chauvin has not spoken publicly, and his attorney has not responded to calls seeking comment.Police recruits learn a variety of use-of-force techniques at the academy, all with the idea that any force employed may equal but not exceed the physical resistance offered by a suspect.

One technique is to restrain someone on the ground face-down, but officers are taught to press a part of the lower leg, such as the shin or top of the ankle, across the shoulders or the back. In some cases officers will “hog-tie” suspects’ legs to prevent flight or violent resistance.

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But “no police academy that we know of teaches a police officer to use their knee, to put it on their neck,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, which researches and advises on police practices. “That’s just not taught because that can impact their breathing and their carotid artery (a crucial vessel that supplies blood to the brain). So when police look at that video, they are shocked that those tactics were used.”

What’s more, officers are taught to get a suspect up from the ground as soon as possible, either sitting or standing, since lying on one’s stomach can cause breathing problems, especially for larger people.“If what we saw was a continuing, ongoing fight, I could see how a leg, for example, could slip to the back of the neck. But this is not what I’m seeing,” said John Bostain, a former officer and president of Command Presence, which trains police around the country. “I’m seeing a fight that appears to be over.”

Floyd’s case and the recent shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia have once again laid bare the divide between minority communities and law enforcement that grew to a nationwide uproar following the officer killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown in 2014 and the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in 2015, among others. Videos from bystanders and police cameras have helped elevate such cases to national scrutiny.

Law enforcement officials often ask that people reserve judgment in such cases until all facts — what transpired before or after what a video shows — are known. But the Floyd case has drawn swift and widespread condemnation.The Fraternal Order of Police, for example, issued a statement saying in part: “The fact that he was a suspect in custody is immaterial — police officers should at all times render aid to those who need it. Police officers need to treat all of our citizens with respect and understanding and should be held to the very highest standards for their conduct.”

Law enforcement experts say tempers can flare when a suspect resists arrest, but it’s incumbent upon fellow officers with cooler heads to defuse the situation and put a stop to excessive force.But there’s no sign from the video that any of the officers at the scene with Chauvin tried to intervene. For some that had chilling echoes of the police beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles in 1991 despite the presence of a supervising officer.

“That bothered me greatly,” said Stephenson, the use-of-force expert. “They all have an affirmative duty and obligation to uphold the law and uphold the procedures and to stop any violation of law or excessive use of force that they’re a witness to. ... It didn’t look like those officers were making any effort to go over or say something or do anything.”

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No soul, no heart... Sickening “Police and law enforcement experts broadly condemn the way a Minneapolis police officer restrained George Floyd by doing it in front of cameras.” He complained about the other points knelt on too. turns out, a criminal masquerading as police I felt sorry to both parties. I lean toward police officers. They faces dangers everyday to feed their families. Be a good Citizens! This thing will never happen. Respect each others and the laws.

And if the officer didnt use his knee the dude would have got up and chimped out on the officers forcing them to shoot him. The other “police officer” just standing there is every bit as guilty as the sadist Chauvin Oh my God - I’ve just seen a man cold bloodedly murdered by a police officer. I have literally never before seen anything so upsetting, chilling or disgusting. What the f... has America come to

Sometimes the APs so middle of the road it sounds stupid and lost. He was MURDERED in custody. AP stop pandering. Technique? What? There are deadly techniques used on private citizens now? I'm confused, I thought i was an MMA fight if you ask me. What business does any office to place his knee on a man neck to subdue. HIS A CRIMINAL AND THUG, AS WELL AS THE THREE OTHER ACCOMPLICES. ARREST.

They say it's unwarranted but yet this is the second time I've watched a black men die on TV yelling he cannot breathe to a merciless police officer doing this. This is ridiculous the officers should be charged with murder clearly. It's only the 99% of these 'sick fµ¢k$' that give the other 1% of the police farce a bad name

M U R D E R Mermaids4Kamala *Floyd died several minutes before the piece of shit took his knee off of him It's time to treat law breaking officers as CRIMINALS. If they can riot, they can vote in person. The element lose he s job and jail did they know each other? Killer cops? Then WHY is it taught in virtually every Police Academy in America?!? If he would have grabbed the officer's gun and shot people. Everyone would say, 'He should have restrained him harder!'!! And EVEN IF they are TOTALLY EXONERATED of any wrong. They'll STILL be ostracized!!!

The poor man was begging for his life. Another policeman was just standing and watching this and doing nothing. Both should be tried for murder. And don't forget guys, experts are also telling you to wear masks in the heat there would be a crease in his toes. if it was digging the boots would look different because he's not holding on to anything.

that picture right there, it's complicated but the cop's knee is not what killed him and all that rioting was bullshit FTP!!!! 'condemn' but won't arrest - cowards He died from a knee to a neck What's the cop doing with his hand in his pocket, jacking off while he was killing George Floyd? Israelis did it first

ekurtenbach What a difference a mayor calling for prosecution can make. Doctors across the country pointed out that the 'neck,' more commonly referred to as the sound pipe, plays a crucial role in 'breathing,' also known as that thing you do to live. They don't yet know the biology behind it but they insist it's an important part of the process.

jchyip This was a murder and the police involved should be arrested SiphoMalunga They have plans to continue killing blacks...very sad. Where are the charges? He died in that officer's custody. More like murder at that point. That's nice, but maybe they should *do* something about it instead of flapping their gums.

“Custody” is quite the stretch Well I would fucking hope so. Yet almost 72 hours later no one has been arrested and there’s a serious police force surrounding the murderer Derek Chauvin’s house. What message are they REALLY sending here? GeorgeFloyd They need to be in jail for what they did. That was just terrible. That video was hard to watch.

doesn't matter how much they condemn the officer, if they don't actually arrest him. They're just empty words. Kind of like when Bill Barr said he'd run the justice department based on the constitution. Mercypolitics He didn't 'die in police custody.' This cop and the three others assisting him murdered GeorgeFloyd. They need to be in jail right now. They are a danger to people.

Which police would that be? Usually, the rank and file line up no matter what. Floyd was murdered by police. Why is that police officer not in jail? Charged with murder? He killed a man a sit was all filmed? Anybody? MinneapolisPolice minneapolisriots DerekChauvin Murderer Grinding a man’s Adam’s Apple into the pavement with the dead weight of another is illegal on any planet. Let it be known! lockdownextension uzmankhan ArnabGoswami PoojaHegde amycopper Oprah marwasf SteveKerr Floyd GeorgeFloyd insanity repeats Corporate country

Это новость дня Arrest the murderer Derek Chauvin already! He murdered George Floyd! JusticeForGeorgeFloyd RIPGeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloydWasMurdered KovachDarlene Officer doing it is looking directly at Victim, he very clearly sees his Distress. Sickening!!.JusticeForGeorgeFloydPlease We'll believe the condemnation when charges against the officers have been brought, and convictions occur.

!!!! no comment Floyd didn't 'die in police custody'. He was murdered by a police officer. Get the distinction straight. Are these police officers robots or something The man clearly can’t breath and begging for his life! The policeman still has his knees on his neck like he’s possess 🤬🤬🤬🤬 These officers should be prosecuted. Serve and protect not murder.

Jail that policeman!! They may condemn it, but it does seem more and more that the police have taken a more militaristic approach to the job. It appears that instead of coming in to diffuse a situation, they appear ready to fire at anything that moves. He “died in police custody” leaves room for speculation how. He was *killed*...by an officer in broad daylight, who posed while doing so to express, “no skin off my nose”. The passive-voice reporting on police violence makes media complicit.

Life in jail for this cop murder!! No. They don’t get to do that. There have been too many murders, and not enough arrests for them to distance themselves from this. BlackLivesMatter “Died in police custody...” MURDERED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT BY A LAW OFFICER, you meant to write, didn’t you? Lock the rioters up

This isn’t a technique outside of an enforcer’s or assassin’s manual. Please fix this. Do you really need an expert to approve this is wrong and inhuman? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙏🙏🙏🙏 FilmThePolice Years ago, my husband questioned something that a local cop said to him. In his response, this cop said, “Well, I wear the BIG BADGE and I can do whatever I want.” That’s always stuck with me. A lot of people become cops for an ego boost (especially small statured-men!)

They need to start demanding justice be brought and not accept when these men are let off without charges on some technicality which always happens. They need to fight the corruption and stop protecting these racist police. Until they stand with the victim they condone racism. We witnessed murder. If that officer isn’t charged with first degree murder, Minneapolis is broken.

What is that officers hand doing in his pants pocket while pressing down on Mr. Floyd’s Neck, It seems like an odd position but most likely a sexual situation for that officer. CrazyCooter Floyd is basically tortured to death publicly and that cruel murderer has not been arrested.. Americans are always proud of rule of law. But now who can tell me where is rule of law and justice?

'There is justice. There is injustice. There is no neutrality. No sideline. No bleachers. No exits. We are all in the human rights struggle to save humanity from human tyranny. Black people, especially, are struggling for the right to live, for the right to breathe.' Ibram Kendi I dont broadly condemn it, I blatantly condemn it. I took an oath to serve and protect, that includes suspects in my custody.

They need to do more then condemn it Every time something like this happens there are always one or more cops standing by watching Punish them too NatPoliceAssoc needs to take out the trash Watch the video closely. The officer keeps readjusting position of knee without ever relieving this man of the pressure of the policeman’s full weight - that is torture, pure nd simple.

It doesn’t take experts to know what they did was wrong. The same way they look into individual cases like this, those American tax payers should look into the way there military has/have been bombing killing innocent Muslim brothers and sisters/children in the muslim world for the last 20 years allahisthegreatestedandmostmerciful

That was blatant murder... and he enjoyed it. And his track record confirms it... sealing the case of what everyone can ‘plainly’ see. It doesn’t take a fucking exspert to see that It is indeed a murder! Like Trump, they don't know how to spell 'respect'. Wtf is that Are they condemning because it was murder? Or that It was on such clear video that it shows the officers murdering the man?

Bully cops... HS racist bullies who never made it in life! System is racist! BlackLivesMatter PoliceBrutality İt's a brutlity Same in HongKongProstests The HKPoliceTerrorists have been neck-kneeing subdued protestors, killing and disposing bodies into sea or over rooftops since last year. Could be the killing technique from CCP PLA

jjdpower1970 AP? I thought they were washed up. Poor man The cop snapped. There is no other explanation. They need to be vetted every three months. They need to be asked. Do you still want to be a cop? Is this job still for you? dare to say it as it is, stop rubbing salt on our wounds! this evil racist murdered him with pleasure, put all his weight on that knee, in the 10 minutes you can clearly SEE him applying more & more pressure through that knee, this murder was also directed at all the bystanders

Wow, such bravery! Let's spend millions to train police on this technique that was already not approved by the dept. --- He did not 'die in police company', he was killed by a police officer --- This murderer did a great job restraining mr Floyd’s neck. Restrained him to death... Here's the whole video: You can clearly see the witnesses are telling both cops to stop the hold and check for his pulse and that cop kept pressing on his neck with his knee Not all cops are bastards but those definitely are

How many more articles or headlines are needed to know that what the Police did was wrong? Is there new information that a nitwit doesn’t know? Floyd was murdered by the police you dipsh*ts. This cop should be put away forever. Those who loot and burn will never amount to anything He his going to pay a very big price. His hatred has finally let him down!

Look at that a-hole!! His hand in his pocket as if he was chilling, regular day killing a man!! He should be behind bars! Correction: 'Floyd was murdered in police custody' bbsqrl87 Michelle Lovelace is racist Yea but they’re not going to charge him. I want RealCandaceO to give her take on this without victim blaming black people

Look, maybe he deserved that. All of those officers and officials are full of PIG S:-T!!!!!!!!! HOW MANY YEARS DID THEY LET THAT HAPPEN TO OTHERS AND THEY KEPT THEIR F'ING MOUTHS SHUT?!!!!!!!! They allowed the suffering to continue without even a whisper!!! DAMN COWARDS!!!! *WAS KILLED The MinneapolisPD DOJgov & FBI are going wait so long and at the end will going Blame The Coronavirus was The cause of Floyd death?

I WOULDN'T WANT TO BE THIS COP WHEN HE GOES TO PRISON FOR LIFE! And he hasn’t been charged. Make America gross again. He did not 'die in police company', he was killed by a police officer. Stop with the bs phrasing. Too fucking late TFL People that have an I.Q above 68 broadly condemn the way the black community riots & loots every time they know they can get away with it.

Can we cut to the chase and just get the Police Unions to publicly throw them under the bus? Speak up Bob Kroll. The ADL sends US police officers to Israel for militarization training by experts who have honed their skills on real life Palestinian test subjects.. This knee tactic is basic restraint measure for use on dehumanised members of society..


Fraternal Order Of Police Condemns Police Killing Of George Floyd'I can't breathe,' George Floyd repeated to the Minneapolis cop prior to his death. Nothing like subliminal incitement... all The Huffington Post is doing here is making sure there will be violence tonight... from what I have read and seen on video it looks like something we could call murder... I'm curious how the police vet their applicants. Why are the cops not arrested yet?!? JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Hundreds Protest in Minneapolis After Death of George Floyd in Police CustodyDemonstrators reportedly faced tear gas and rubber bullets in the city where George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died in police custody on Memorial Day Each death in unjust captivity, Each persecution with no cause shown Sows a seed of vengeful hostility That sprouts in places unknown & It takes but one malignant blossom, A fruit of unassuaged enmity To wreak such reckoning so awesome Shall level generations in posterity EVIL

Police use tear gas on Minneapolis protesters demonstrating against death of George FloydProtestors converged upon the scene of George Floyd's death on Tuesday, some carrying signs reading 'I can't breathe.' Mistake Social Distancing at its finest.... there is a difference between tear gas and pepper spray. Your headline is click bate...However I’m 💯 with these protestors

Eddie Glaude on death of George Floyd: 'Police don’t value the lives of black folk'Eddie Glaude, Chairman of the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University and MSNBC contributor, on the death of George Floyd: “Police don’t value the lives of black folk. When you look at the face of that officer, he doesn’t seem to assume that he has his knee on the neck of a human being … He doesn’t hear him call out for his mother. He doesn’t hear him crying. This is the America we live in.” esglaude It's a grotesque murder. esglaude Amen ! esglaude When will so called black people learn that there is no such thing as a good devil, and stop acting like these random but consistent overt acts are not from a shared feeling of people

Vandalism during heated L.A. protest over George Floyd death sparks concern from policeDemonstrators blocked the 101 Freeway, vandalized two CHP cruisers and spray-painted graffiti on LAPD headquarters. LAPD murders innocent people, they should be concerned. That's the only way to be heard. This will stop the day they stop killing people just for their skin color Perhaps police can stop killing folks? How about giving that a try?

Surveillance video does not support police claims that George Floyd resisted arrestSurveillance video from outside a Minneapolis restaurant appears to contradict police claims that George Floyd resisted arrest before an officer knelt on his neck This should shock me, but it's not even that shocking to me anymore. Why haven’t they been arrested yet!! JusticeForGeorgeFloyd you don't have aright to kill a man😏