Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide

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Here are some of the ways law enforcement officers kept the peace on Saturday.

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What a shitty site, I love how one sided it is, murder is never ok but free for all looting isnt ok either, what a bunch of scumbags who write for this.

These are shocking. The level of police brutality is mind numbing. Kudos to everyone brave enough to be out there fighting it and reporting it

POLICE erupt in violence!! Has Slate lost its collective mind

Laughable. Well they didn’t do a good job with cities burning, looting, and violence of the innocent. FakeNews

with the unrest in the world I had to get the message out to the People 'What it is...' GeorgeFloyd has become the latest victim of injustice BlackLivesMatter

Cops being cops.

Slate put quotes on “kept the peace” but left out the quotes on “law enforcement officers”!

Hear are some ways Leftist tried to kill them in NYC

Slate being Slate

Thank God you compiled these tweets and documented this catastrophe. No it wasn’t the f’ing Russians!

fiddlecub You do understand that this wouldn't have happened if these people didn't start destroying cities. Karma is a bitch

emilyporterwv This wasn’t peace they were keeping.

Weird coincidence that all the good cops went on vacation this week, huh?

HelloCullen Fuck the police


Quite a Headline 👍👍❤️

Kept the peace? They incited violence

JeremyStahl While I deplore police violence, there are stories all over Twitter of police dropping a knee and marching along side protesters in solidarity, keeping them safe and helping them be heard. You dishonour their bravery and leadership by not mentioning them. We need their example!

The link should go to a “page not found”

And we are surprised that people hate cops when rags like Slate stoke the flames like this. They are the ones who profit of this violence, the people in those communities pay the price.

Seems like they investigated a lot of actual violence, from the video we've been seeing.

Police attacking protesters and press without cause tonight in cities around the country. Over and over.

It was shockingly gratifying to read that headline. Thank you for being so clear.

By starting shit all over the country?

I fear today is the day the American democracy died and the USA slipped into a dictatorship. Your chaos president, helped by greedy, power-hungry white men, broke the USA.

Thank god for our law enforcement officials. The left is a violent mob

They do try to keep peace.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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