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Cindy Bass, Christine Coulter

Police chief apologizes for racially insensitive T-shirt

Christine Coulter ignited uproar when a 25-year-old photo showed her donning a shirt with the words “L.A.P.D. We Treat You Like a King.”


Philadelphia's acting police commissioner has apologized after images surfaced of a racially insensitive T-shirt she wore in the 1990s, prompting calls for her resignation.

Christine Coulter ignited uproar when a 25-year-old photo showed her donning a shirt with the words “L.A.P.D. We Treat You Like a King.”

Coulter said she didn’t realize at the time that the shirt was an apparent reference to the highly publicized King beating, but said she was"profoundly sorry" for wearing it, nonetheless. She previously said the photo had been taken during a gathering with other officers at the Jersey Shore when she policing the city's 25th district, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The findings -- published in a report by the Plain View Project, a civil rights watchdog -- resulted in 72 Philadelphia Police Department officers being placed on administrative leave in June. Several other officers resigned shortly after.

She said the incident involving King, who died in 2012,"highlighted dark times in policing" and inspired her to work with more fairness and compassion.

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Fire him Awwww da wittle babies’ feelings are hurt 😱 awwww so sad! What are we gonna do 😂 Gone girl. Bye. Leave He-Man alone. Or She-Man.... you have to be kidding who in the hell care what she wore in the 90's, we need to fight back and just SAY NO She claim that she didn’t know what the shirt was referring too we all know she is lying.

It’s 2019!! We got bigger crap to deal with and a new level of racism that’s perpetuated by the internet. If she’s haven’t shown any type of racial biases since, then show people some mercy and forgiveness. Is that Chris Farley!! She need to step down Let’s be honest, we all have blundered in one way or another. Then we grow up.

This is outrageous! SarahKSilverman

Rudy Giuliani marks 9/11 by tweeting video depicting riot police vs. anti-police protestersPresident Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani commemorated the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks by tweeting a video depicting riot police defending themselves against anti-police demonstrators. He put his arm around my friend’s mother today at ground zero. She’s so proud. I’m so repulsed. NTTimes said that planes brought down the twin towers and that’s cool huh? Gotta love a bit of right-wing propaganda....🙄

Really!! You people need a life Look in your closet , what did you do when you were young Oh please. Time and people change. Give it up social justice warriors. Lighten up already The whole world should resign....yknow for the insensitive things that have transpired over the last 4 billion years.....smdh

If she wasn't white this story wouldn't even be being shared. Prove me wrong Damn she just got the gig lol Add one more victim to the leftist mob hit list How does the shirt look? Also her hair style is way before the 1990s too What?! Those who hold to the past will never succeed -

Interim Philadelphia police chief apologizes for wearing T-shirt referring to Rodney King beating'It may have meant something to people in L.A. ... I can’t remember giving it a thought,' Coulter said. 'But I certainly can’t say I thought it meant Rodney King .' This cow of the administration wore it deliberately to provoke. Any relation to Ann? From Richard Ross to this? Jesus Christ

That was 25 years and 150 pounds ago. Let's move on. Now do the Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam goodness ! for a shirt ! what's going on with people ? apology accepted no need to resign. if you dig into someone's old photos for sure there's something there. Fire her. So it’s ok to dig up things on certain people and have them accountable for it. Gtfoh I’ve never seen a former racist.

25 years she has done enough to be a police commissioner but a picture that could be construed as insensitive shows up? Fire her! As long as Jesus replaces her, otherwise judge on her performance, not an old picture. PoliticalCorrectnessGoneCrazy Enough, the past is the past....let's work on the future by shutting up these progressive idiots who is all about trying to divide Americans....we are not buying your B.S. Media

How could she NOT know the reference ? If it was NOT a double entendre it would’ve read ,”We Treat You Like Royalty “ .. She thinks America is stupid. To disrespect our intelligence by stating that she had no idea a LAPD treats you like a King shirt was not in reference to the Rodney King beating. People like this who don't have empathy should NOT be in Law Enforcement PERIOD

Anyone know if the governor of Virginia has resigned over that blackface thing yet?

For Transgender Indians Hoping to Join Police Force, a Dream Is Denied40 young transgender police recruits in India, many of whom had been harassed, even tortured, by members of the very organization in which they now sought to enlist, put everything on the line to join the force Nothing like mentally ill folks on the police force. Mental illness was once something to treat and overcome. Now we parade it around like we are proud. Sick

Ridiculous. Too bad for her she doesn’t work in Virginia 😜 Oh come on people. It was twenty five years ago, not three months ago. Can we stop this nonsense please? Reminder - Governor blackface has still not resigned. Her T-shirt is small potatoes. Wow it's their past coming to haunt them PLEASE .... I miss the 90s...we were so happy and we didn't even know it.

Fire her! That’s what you liberal fascists always demand but if it’s a liberal, they ignore it! That shirt is actually funny. More of a dig on the police really.

District Attorney Worked Way Up From Police DogWEST CHESTER, PA—Watching him pore over case files Monday morning from his office at Chester County Courthouse, you’d never know that Sam Morris, known affectionately as Sammy by his coworkers and former handlers, has only spent five weeks as the district’s top prosecutor. Lots of high ranking official got their start sniffing things. ...What?

Is she not allowed some form of redemption! Did this not happen back in the 1990’s, or are people just going to be forever condemned for their past actions? Yeah right! Stop it. outrage culture was created by news outlets to make people read their bullshit quityourbullshit outrageculture This is her for a shirt referencing officers kicking and beating a civilian...that were aquitted for beating him...make it make sense...

Cancel culture. No redemption allowed. Tiresome. Those that seek to destroy the lives of those with whom they disagree by digging up decades old pictures make the world cold and unforgiving. how about we move forward instead of backwards... 😂😂😂 How about people in leadership positions in this world stop and THINK about what they say, text, tweet, post wear. Simple thought. Is it good, positive make life better. Or is it wrong. Not complicated, and not confused by political boundaries like 49 th parallel.

Someone should do an investigation on all liberal journalist........going all the way back to high school. I guarantee you, practically everyone of them have done and said things that in today's PC charged climate......would make them look bad. Grow up people!

Indonesian police say exiled separatist fomenting Papua unrest, 85 arrestedPolice in Papua have arrested 85 suspects since ethnic unrest erupted in Indones... The new East Timor...

Omg!!!! This is the doing of snowflake liberals!!! Conservatives would never do crap like this!!!! Ummm, so it's a shirt that points out the LAPD brutality with a joke. Ohhhh nooo.. 1st Amendment 🇺🇸 ✌️ Wear whatever tf you want. This ain't Russia folks... more of a diss on the lapd than anything 25 years ago. Who cares This world is becoming pathetic.

The 90's People are sensitive vaginas.. 🤡😎 She’s acting people!! DerenicByrd There should be a law that incarcerates white people for these traumatic acts of racism. Where can I get that shirt I believe people can and do change, learn better, do better. Her suggesting that she didn't know the implications of the words on that shirt, naaahh. I throw the bs flag on that.

'You can get better': Police department fights for officers in wake of suicidesFor at least the past three years, more police officers across the nation have died by suicide than in the line of duty. “ ... the past three years, more police officers across the nation have died by suicide than in the line of duty ... Blue H.E.L.P, a nonprofit group focused on mental health and law enforcement, at least 167 police officers took their lives last year. So far this year, 142 ...” Police, highway patrol, & sheriffs go to the worst car wrecks, murder scenes & domestic violence situations there are. They see people in extreme pain, dead, or violent and have their own lives threatened. Say hi when you see them. Wave from your car. We can't live without them. Many treatments available. Many meds work. Some people shouldn't be on night shift due to the effect of daylight deprivation. Same as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Some shouldn't work in windowless rooms. Etc., etc,

DerenicByrd Another dog whistle to racist supporters. The apology is fake. Fake outrage. This was in the 90s Those were probably the days when Blacks were Blacks & we Didn't have to call Them 'African--American' etc. Things are very Complicated in the USA , these days & Smack of an Overactive 'World Psychology' wanting to change the basic Simplicity Of the United States. Philadelphia !!

No fatties DaveChapelle The news is like a woman... it dig up the past and don’t let things go. Get over it. It was 25 years ago & atitudes can change over time. Diversity means we have to always worry about offending someone over what we wore decades ago. Really? Does she really mean it? Don’t believe she has reformed. This case was about police brutality. That’s a whole different game. She doesn’t belong as head cop

Come on people stop with this. I bet the person who wrote this tweet has done some messed up stuff and that's ok cause were human. Chappelle said it best for sure... it's embarrassing and very dangerous too. You know what insensitive? The fake news enemy of the people NYT blaming planes for 9-11. Get over it.

Let the person who's done nothing stupid or insensitive in the past 25 years throw the first stone. Apology not accepted, tell her take a dive off the Girard Point Bridge An apology should be good enough. We can't change the past but we can do better in the future. KAG2020Landslide Kind of like these upstanding citizens who wanted their bench back.

that dude needs to resign. Woah The Police commissioner is appointed by the Mayor. Who elected the Mayor? You want to change the world start locally.

In the 90’s hahaha This is the calibre of people nowadays. Find something from the distant past to destroy them now. Truly horrid behaviour. It removes the idea someone can change. Good Grief Intelligence agencies state the President of the USA is a Russian Asset & You're writing about a 25 year old T-Shirt Who ever approved this should be let go Liberal Conservative republican democrat Republican Democrat Christians Christianity

20 years ago. I swear, no one will be able to do anything moving forward. Whole groups just digging up old tweets and pictures. At what point can we factor who she is 20 years later. If she’s racist now, she’s got to go. 1990s? Those were the days before print on demand sites, where shirts are available within hours of a significant event. She didn't just point, click, and order it on a whim on amazon. It means she had to spend hours in store somewhere, browsing for a hateful shirt like that.

Get a grip , how pathetic , would she wear it now ? No ! Well then stop holding people to account for growing up . I love how they play stupid when they get caught. 'I didn't know it meant that'..... cut me a break.

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