Police accused of threatening, pulling gun on Black Army lieutenant during Virginia traffic stop

A Black Army lieutenant has filed a lawsuit against police officers in Virginia for pulling their guns and pepper-spraying him during a traffic stop.

4/12/2021 12:01:00 AM

A Black Army lieutenant has filed a lawsuit against police officers in Virginia for pulling their guns and pepper-spraying him during a traffic stop.

U.S. Army Lt. Caron Nazario told police he was “honestly afraid to get out” of his SUV, according to video of the incident. 'You should be,” one officer said.

on a Black Army officer during a traffic stop and threatened to execute him in a parking lot, according to the serviceman's lawsuit and video of the encounter.U.S. Army Lt. Caron Nazario was driving Dec. 5, 2020, in his newly purchased Chevrolet Tahoe when he encountered police on U.S. Highway 460 in Windsor, about 30 miles west of downtown Norfolk, the active-duty soldier claimed in a federal civil lawsuit filed last week. He was in uniform at the time of the stop.

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Nazario, who is Black and Latino, conceded in his complaint that he didn't immediately pull over. He instead put on his emergency lights and continued for another 100 seconds, driving under the speed limit, so he could safely park in a well-lit gas station parking lot less than a mile down the road.

US Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario was driving his newly-purchased Chevy Tahoe home when two police officers pulled him over in Windsor, Va.on December 5, 2020.That's when Windsor police Officers Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker pulled guns on Nazario, who was accused of driving without license plates, according to the lawsuit and body camera footage. headtopics.com

Nazario insisted he followed police commands to keep his hands outside the window, but officers allegedly became agitated when he asked what justified the escalated pullover."What's going on? You're fixin' to ride the lighting, son," Gutierrez said, according to the lawsuit and body camera video.

"This is a colloquial expression for an execution, originating from glib reference to execution by the electric chair," Nazario's attorney Jonathan Arthur wrote in the lawsuit.Virginiarecently outlawed capital punishment, but put prisoners to death via the electric chair for more than a century. The last prisoner to meet that grisly fate was Robert Charles Gleason Jr., 42, who pleaded guilty to two prison murders and threatened to continue killing until he received the death penalty. He

was electrocuted on Jan. 16, 2013.Nazario told police that he was “honestly afraid to get out” of his SUV, video of the incident showed, before Officer Gutierrez replied, “Yeah, you should be!”Footage also showed Nazario being pepper-sprayed multiple times,"causing him substantial and immediate pain," the lawsuit said. It also led to"substantial property damage to Lt. Nazario's vehicle and choked Lt. Nazario's dog, who was sitting in the rear of Lt. Nazario's vehicle, secured in a crate," according to the suit.

"Gutierrez responded with knee-strikes to Lt. Nazario's legs to force an already compliant and blinded Lt. Nazario down on his face ostensibly to handcuff him," Arthur wrote."Notwithstanding the fact that Nazario was on the ground and in tears, Gutierrez and Crocker continued to strike Lt. Nazario." headtopics.com

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The officers later warned Nazario not to complain about their treatment of him, threatening to criminally charge him, the lawsuit said. If the lieutenant would"chill and let this go," then no charges would be filed, according to Arthur.Nazario was ultimately not criminally charged or cited for any traffic violation, his attorney said. A new vehicle tag was clearly visible in Lt. Nazario's rear window, Arthur claimed.

The town attorney for Windsor did not immediately return messages seeking comments on Saturday. There was no answer on the main phone line for the Windsor Police Department. And the officers could not be immediately reached for comment through publicly listed phone numbers.

A town manager told thethat the officers still work for the police department. Read more: MSNBC »

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Good! He didn’t deserve the treatment he got...period. He did nothing wrong! The town or their PD need to settle this one. They don’t want this one going to trial pissedboomer the video makes your blood boil! those cops need to be fired never mind some sensitivity training bullshit. Geez, based off the comments here one would think that cops shoot unarmed black people by the thousands each year. Actual number: 20 out of the millions of interactions cops have each year. You’re basically saying the inner city and gang violence is no problem... priorities...

A man killed a police officer at the capitol in a terrorist attack and it gets one day coverage. This will be covered for weeks. HOPE HE WINS BIG!! And have the officers retire and do no harm to anyone else. Seemed it was just a stop a s traffic had nothing to do with it. This guy was being openly resistive and seemed like he was trying to provoke the officers so he could win some of that 'BLM lottery' money from taxpayers.

Did he resist? Asking for a friend... THE ARMY GUY SHOULD STAY IN AMERICA BUT THE TWO M.F POLICE OFFICER SHOULD GO TO SYIRIA AND UP TO HIM USE THE GUN....THEN ONLY THE BODY WILL SEND BACK TO THEIR FAMILY. Just another reason why NOT to be a police officer. Always presumed guilty before trial. All he had to do was step out of the vehicle, but heck he wouldn’t be getting a million dollars. Who in their right mind would consider being an officer? Their careers are already over.

I hope he bankrupts them ... Get that money the army isn’t paying you much as a lieutenant. Let them cops in Virginia know you aren’t playing These so called cops should be Fired alone for being STUPID & Arrogant. Now they are in History showing Who & what they Are... 'A town manager told the Virginian Pilot that the officers still work for the police department. That will always be the case until all states repeal the nation’s first Bill of Rights for law enforcement, as Maryland has just done.'

This is not worth millions of dollars in settlement. He wasn’t shot. “Almost shot” doesn’t count. He should 100000% get wayyyy less than Jacob Blake The fat one shouldn’t even be on mall duty Dog bite dog I believe civil lawsuits are actually the best pathway forward. If jurisdictions feel enough pain at the pocketbook, they’ll stop hiring these sociopaths.

He should have stepped out when they asked... Multiple times

You need to up the Amount to 75 million Dollars !. Do not underestimate the horrific action they put your Life Through... He was asked 15+ times to get out of the car. Sounds like resisting by being passive agressive. God help our Army if even their officers cannot follow orders! Do we need to do an education program with our African American youth on how to act with police.

I wonder if he listens to his commanding officer as poorly as he listened to those cops? Probably not a good soldier, either! TYPICAL BLUE GESTAPO TACTICS....HAPPENS EVERY DAY Enough is Enough. This planet must Learn to “Step into the Light “ Global village music Ascap artis-Songwriter/ producer Joseph Nicoletti musicians on track from Kenny Loggins-Michael McDonald & Elton John bands music-filmatt.net

I hope he wins big. No one 'should be' afraid to get out of their car when around police are around Good. Very glad he's filed. This was one of the most unjustified and disrespectful hazing incidents I've heard of lately. Imagine driving home in your new vehicle and being apprehended and treated like a criminal It shocks me to realize that this officer is lucky he wasn't murdered.

Good !!!! I hope that Lt. milks that PD Dept. And those cops as minimum they need suspensions Accused of? They pulled guns and that 'ride the lightning' and 'you should be scared' weren't words of affirmation. You have to learn to get up from the table when love is not being served. — Nina Simone Good. CRUSH em. This shit was wrong in so many ways.

These days cases are settled before they even get to court in matters like this... so the city should just throw in the towel and give this guy 27 million dollars That's horrifying!!! Good. Those power who’re cops should be fired on the spot! Nothing less than termination of employment as a cop will do. The police need to be charged and convicted for excessive force and an abuse of power on a citizen. This has to happen.

So much for 'Support our troops'. Hope you own them

There should be a federal law enforcement officials should at least avoid at all cost not point out a gun at anyone unless they are forced to used it they should not get near talk from the car speakers caused people are afraid they trigger happy way too many times already. Get the white supremists. I'm very hopeful they go to jail. Sue them for millions.

He also had his dog inside a crate and could not breathe these officers are disgusting the level of hate and racism and just being evil is huge. Can someone find out how his dog is doing? Tell me if cops aren’t coward racist gestapos. If an active Army medical officer in junifform almos got kill I can’t imagine what this pig would have done if he wasn’t wearing his Army uniform. I can’t imagine what this white extremist cops have done to vulnerable brown black man

You would think military people would know better. But zebra can’t change its stripes. too much power to the police, diversity in departments, better training and stricter psychological tests I hate the NBC headline that says the police are 'accused' of . . . No. They did so. Video record. These guys need to be prosecuted for assault.

What’s really going on when they feel comfortable doing this over and over all around the country with little or none accountability from departments? Equal justice under the law. Can't we get just a little bit closer to exercising this value? Not surprised they still work for the department, this is why dirty officers continue doing what they do b/c they know nothing will be done about it.

If I were you, MSDNC, I'd do a peaceful protest and set a Burger King on fire. They going to get defunded one way or another and it will be all at our tax paying expense. Why can’t we just fix problems? I hope the Army kicks him out! He knew exactly what he was doing and escalated the situation for attention.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 'show me the money' Good. This MUST STOP. We are going to let one of our United States Officers get handled that way! We are all gulity! As he should driving while black is a disgraceful ploy to play out their need to demonstrate that they are white and powerful. So sad that their federation protect them from prosecution

Another case of 'FAILURE TO COMPLY.' Do that to your Army superiors and watch what happens! I believe the is a case of George 'Floydism.' KCMillerEDU Ill stand with the military on this one. Police are out of control...