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PM Johnson 'improving' in intensive care as UK ponders COVID-19 lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 'improving' in intensive care as UK ponders its most stringent shutdown in peacetime history by @GuyReuters @kholtonreuters

4/9/2020 10:03:00 AM

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 'improving' in intensive care as UK ponders its most stringent shutdown in peacetime history by GuyReuters kholtonreuters

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent a third night in intensive care with COVID-19 complications but is improving and able to sit up as his government prepares to discuss how to review its most stringent shut down in the peacetime history.

Johnson, 55, was admitted to St Thomas’ hospital on Sunday evening with a persistent high temperature and cough and was rushed to intensive care on Monday. He has received oxygen support but has not been put on a ventilator.“He has been sitting up in bed and been engaging positively with the clinical team,” his finance minister, Rishi Sunak, said on Wednesday. “His condition is improving.”

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U.S. President Donald Trump said Johnson appeared to be improving after what he described as a “tough bout”.“I just spoke with the representatives of the UK and I think that their great prime minister is doing much better today, or at least better,” Trump told reporters.

While Johnson is out of action, the country is entering what scientists say is the deadliest phase of the outbreak and the government is pondering the question of if and when to lift lockdown measures that have shut down much of the economy.The government’s emergency response meeting, known as COBR, will on Thursday discuss how it should deal with a review on lockdown measures. Johnson’s designated deputy, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, will chair the meeting.

Related CoverageBritish PM is 'stable, improving and sat up' in intensive care, minister saysTotal UK hospital deaths from COVID-19 rose by a daily record of 938 to 7,097 as of 1600 GMT on April 7, health officials said on Wednesday.As the world’s fifth largest economy faces the worst economic hit since World War Two and the state has had to rapidly ramp up state spending, the government said it had expanded its overdraft with the Bank of England.

“Any drawings will be repaid as soon as possible before the end of the year,” the finance ministry and Bank of England said.Additional reporting by David Milliken; Editing by Michael Holden Read more: Reuters Top News »

daru241 良かった良かったヽ(^0^)ノ KCnLA PraysForBoris Get well soon! Maybe they should call if “LIFE Saving Distancing” so that people will be reminded the real reason that we are globally doing prevent illness and save lives! Teresa Sellers, Atlanta, GA. Good news Sitting up talking to staff - so why is he still in ICU?

he is getting better because he has the management that most of UK people are missing due to his stupid management in the start of the outbreak if there is Justice in this world he must be in a hospital as any other citizen He's an interesting guy and I hope he gets better. So is this the outcome of the herd immunity?

GhaffarDawnNews Sorry to dawn_com :) :) and our MP's sit on their fat arses at home and milk the system, gorging on tax payers money...650 MP's in the commons, so that's £6.5m, while they rely on food banks and charities to support the poor and vulnerable. The outrageous immorality of it all. Get well soon PM

Let me know when I’m ok calling him a tosspot again. 👏👏👏👏💐💐💐💐 Good news Good news. Great news GuyReuters kholtonreuters Dafuq does that picture have to do with Borris? GuyReuters kholtonreuters I hope BoJo pulls through GuyReuters kholtonreuters I think the picture is mistaken. GuyReuters kholtonreuters Timely lockdown Decision will help any continent to be safe. Rule of survival still lays in basics: 'Decipline, Respect to Nature & Positive Thinking' !

GuyReuters kholtonreuters bummer GuyReuters kholtonreuters Peacetime? Boris Johnson and his Tory government declared war on their people first with austerity, then Brexit, and now COVID19. British people are under seige.

UK PM Johnson stable after second night in intensive care battling COVID-19British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent a second night in intensive care and was in a stable condition after receiving oxygen support for COVID-19 complications while his foreign minister directs the country's battle against the outbreak. GuyReuters kholtonreuters GuyReuters kholtonreuters Injection with Novichok help him ? GuyReuters kholtonreuters He be tested negative and will be discharged soon

UK PM Johnson 'stable' in intensive care, needed oxygen after COVID-19 worsenedBritish foreign minister Dominic Raab said on Tuesday he was confident that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in intensive care with a coronavirus infection, would pull through because 'he’s a fighter'. He is a strong horse & a free spirit quick recovery Boris. So funny !!! God close it his mouth Wish it was Trump!

UK PM Johnson 'clinically stable' in intensive care battling COVID-19British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was 'clinically stable' in intensive care on Wednesday and responding to treatment for COVID-19 complications, amid questions about how key coronavirus crisis decisions would be made in his absence. wishing you just desserts, sir Hmm...disappointing. I thought he would have passed by now. Good luck !✌

Boris Johnson is in intensive care with covid-19Dominic Raab now runs a war government from his desk in the Foreign Office This was yesterday guys. ВИРУС ЗАСЛАЛИ ВЫ АМЕРИКА-ЧТОБЫ НЕ ПУГАТЬ НАРОД ОТ БАНКРОТСТВА

U.K.'s Johnson, Suffering From COVID-19, Spends 2nd Night In ICUForeign Secretary Dominic Raab said: 'I'm confident he'll pull through.' Meanwhile, the U.K. on Tuesday set a new high for COVID-19 deaths, with 786 succumbing to the disease. NPR would be in intensive care if it didn’t scam American taxpayers out of $75 million in the Covid19 Stimulus bill. DefundNPR WHO and China Deceiving the world 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Hang in there Boris! You’ve got this! Gotta get well for that new member of the family on the way!

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson in intensive care, not on COVID-19 ventilator - Business InsiderBoris Johnson 'remains stable and has not needed mechanical ventilation overnight,' the UK's health minister said. AdamBienkov And support for any of his other organs? They are being very deliberately specific about the idea it's not his lungs that are the problem. So why is he in an ICU ? It's bollocks tho innit