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Please Leave the Lights On When You Watch This Terrifying Story About a Ghost Baby!

Come for the ghost babies, but stay for the (possibly) haunted dolls

10/18/2021 4:04:00 PM

Please Leave the Lights On When You Watch This Terrifying Story About a Ghost Baby!

Come for the ghost babies, but stay for the (possibly) haunted doll s

Dolls aren’t inherently frightening, though there is something about the way their blank stare seems to follow you around the room as you walk. Their eyes aren’t real, of course, merely paint and a little bit of pathos. But in the right light, under the correct circumstances, a child’s toy becomes a

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horrifying vessel for every unfounded fear, and sometimes (if you’re lucky) for something truly terrifying from beyond this mortal realm.Commenter Toni, who shared the story above, is braver than I’ll ever be, for she was able to survive her time as the employee of a possibly-most definitely haunted doll shop, where her fellow employees included a wide assortment of “life-sized” baby dolls that moved around the shop, seemingly of their own volition. Imagine the sheer terror of walking into your place of employment knowing the silent wards you left when you closed the door are stirring from their slumber at night, moved by the invisible hand of a spirit, or something like it, from beyond the pale. After watching this video with all the lights on, I am now convinced that dolls are Satan’s handmaidens, sent here to do demon stuff. They cannot be trusted.

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