Please Don’t Use Burgers as Political Weapons

If fighting climate change devolves into arguing about beef, we’re all doomed

4/26/2021 5:56:00 PM

If fighting climate change devolves into arguing about beef, we’re all doomed

If fighting climate change devolves into arguing about hamburgers, we’re all doomed

. There will be tough compromises, heartbreaking disasters, moments of hope and loss, and either a mass rejection of filling the atmosphere with warming gases that destabilize our way of life or… not. Leading writers on the issue agree now is the time to take action; in his new book, David Wallace-Wells argues that avoiding or sitting out the crisis is

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a kind of climate change denial, too. I mean, I get it. But there is one thing I want to sit out: I do not want to argue about hamburgers.If burgers have a fandom, count me as a longtime member. In college, I took field trips to try the obscure central Connecticut speciality,

the steamed cheeseburger. On a cross-country drive, burger stands like Hires Big H in Salt Lake City were my preferred destinations. I take friends who visit Los Angeles to Father’s Office regularly, lovingly describing the Office burger (arugula, blue cheese, Gruyere, onion compote, no substitutions) on the way. My adopted hometown of Los Angeles is a burger town through and through — Pasadena claims to be the birthplace of the cheeseburger, which was dubbed, delightfully, “the Aristocratic Burger.” Maybe that’s why, despite my own convictions about the urgency of environmental action, I don’t want to fight about whether or not it’s moral to eat a hamburger, or how many hamburgers it might be acceptable to eat — and I certainly don’t want to cede hamburgers to partisans who want to reduce them to an emotional political weapon.

The trouble started, as it often has in 2019, with a hysterical, distorted reaction to. On Showtime’sDesus & Mero Read more: Eater »

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How about the real problem here Government is now telling us what we can EAT? That should scare the hell out of EVERYONE - no matter your political side you follow!!! 🙄sickofidiots