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Valentine's Day, Health

Plan B Releases New Heart-Shaped Tablets For Valentine’s Day

Plan B Releases New Heart-Shaped Tablets For Valentine’s Day

2/14/2020 3:51:00 PM

Plan B Releases New Heart-Shaped Tablets For Valentine’s Day

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What to Watch: An American Pickle; Star Trek: Lower Decks

Host Gerrad Hall and EW’s Ruth Kinane, Leah Greenblatt, and James Hibberd preview ‘An American Pickle’ and ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’.

EmspectahDeck Don’t make this attractive to take assholes. The few times I’ve taken this I’m in a stressful situation and the last time I took it , I still got pregnant. Better gift than edible underwear Better than certain ideas of heart shaped coat hangers. It comes with a card that says, I love you, but not that much.

janbruck There you go... My sweetheart and I like to get pregnant for three days. We love eachother! This sent me into orbit I feel like this would actually be a smart business move 😂 Really, Plan B, you are trying to promote this, really? I mean, let’s be honest, this is a REALLY nice gift to give. I needed this. Thank you Plan B!!!

a dozen jokes popped into my head. justanurse25 - we're going to need a ruling on this one. Good Valentine's Day present or not? plan bae What? No chocolate? And they said romance was dead ;-) Romantic 🥰 That's just clever marketing. 😉

Nevada Democrats unveil new caucus plan after Iowa chaosNevada Democrats have released a revamped plan for the Feb. 22 caucuses, adding measures intended to avoid a repeat of problems that ensnared Iowa&39;s vote. In a memo released Thursday, Nevada Democrats said there will be a two-step process for reporting results consisting of submissions made by phone

Lebanon formally requests IMF technical help for rescue plan: government source to ReutersLebanon has formally requested that the IMF send a technical delegation to help ... Cool. Help them out when Hezbollah has been removed from the country

Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha proposes to husband Mark as they plan to renew their vowsNadia Sawalha proposed to her husband Mark Adderley in a video posted on YouTube, as the Loose Women panellist asked if they could renew their vows after 17 years of marriage

Nicki Minaj Talks Her Weight Loss Secret & Plan to Lose 20 More PoundsNicki Minaj is sharing how she's slimming down this year.

Top Republican slams Trump's plan to use Pentagon funds for border wall as unconstitutionalRep. Mac Thornberry, the top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, slammed the Trump administration's plan to divert $3.83 billion in Pentagon funding to border wall construction as unconstitutional Unconstitutional my ass . THATS GREEEEAT But your cool with the 40 - 60 trillion half of the Dem nominees want to add to our debt.. Exactly I was independent, now I'm finally going Democrat this year just so we can get Trump out!!!

Democrats grill Trump's budget chief on White House spending planIn a frequently rancorous hearing, House Democrats took White House budget chief Russell Vought to task as he tried to defend the Trump administration’s proposed cuts in a variety of areas, from food stamps to the arts. alexnazaryan PERFECT! Accurate data revealed is everything! Naturally, the Democrats will always complain about not spending bushel baskets full of money. They don't have imagine your job is defending trump's budget