'Pinocchio' Sets Christmas 2020 Bow in Theaters

Roadside Attractions will release the film — starring Roberto Benigni and newcomer Federico Ielapi — nationwide in the U.S.

12/1/2020 8:15:00 AM

The English-language version of Monatteo Garrone's new imagining of 'Pinocchio' will be released in U.S. theaters on Christmas Day

Roadside Attractions will release the film — starring Roberto Benigni and newcomer Federico Ielapi — nationwide in the U.S.

Pinocchioon Christmas Day in theaters across the U.S.The Italian film stars Roberto Benigni and newcomer Federico Ielapi. Roadside is hoping to debut the movie in more than 2,000 theaters. In recent days, hundreds of cinemas have been forced to reclose because of the ongoing pandemic. At the same time, those locations that remain open need product.

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"We love the emotional and fantastical storytelling of this new Pinocchio, and, with what's shaping up to be a ​challenging holiday season for families, we think this English language version will be a welcoming escape for​ any kids and parents with a nose for adventure and mischief," Roadside co-presidents Howard Cohen and Eric d'Arbeloff said.

Wonder Woman 1984is also set to debut Christmas Day in theaters and on HBO Max.Garrone'sPinocchiopremiered at the 2020 Berlin Film Festival and stars Benigni as Geppetto, the old woodcarver whose puppet creation, Pinocchio, magically comes to life with dreams of becoming a real boy. headtopics.com

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Please don’t Nah I'm good. I'll wait till it's safe Every 10 years or so I bet the lead character is played by BO There was a pinnochio movie in the works? I'm watching tomorrow 😂🤣 This looks scary. Huh? Roberto Benigni’s “Life is Beautiful” is my favorite foreign film. I played Geppetto in my 5th grade production of “Pinocchio.” I. AM. HERE. FOR. THIS. cppCOM1101

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So about 10 theaters? Chief Keef sister Husband *New* Music Video interest = 0 wtf is this movie? in theatres, eh? They should have released this on Halloween Wait, Roberto in yet another version of Pinocchio? His version from 20 years ago was awful. like jaw droppingly dreadful. 🥴 Wish this was out for Halloween instead...

That’s a lie! Brahms?! May god bless their souls going against Wonder Woman lol is that Roberto Benigni? the guy who made the worse career move ever by playing Pinocchio himself in 2002? Pls no I learned how to read at 5 yrs old from the 1930s book back in 1970.. I hope the movie is as messed up as the original story.

Not in CA. Theaters!!!! Is this a new horror from Blumhouse? Omg Disney 👉😂😂🤘 Lol Weird there’s no differentiation or explanation why Roberto Begnini is doing another Pinocchio after his last one flopped almost twenty years ago. Great reporting, guys. Isn’t this pretty old? dear god another horror movie? already?

This Pinocchio movie is DARK! Be aware. I can't be the only one not feeling this 'make everything live-action' trend by Disney right? Leave the classics alone!! If only I didn't live in a blue state where they have shuddered our theaters Way Better Of. Walt Disney Pinocchio. From the Cartoon Real life People

I love Roberto Benigni! So much happy energy! be afraid I’m not going to any theater to watch a movie. We’re in the middle of a pandemic 😷🦠 Hollywood needs to get their shit together and figure out something else until the vaccines start rolling out. Our country is not going to be clear of this crap until maybe summer or much later

This is going to be terrifying.