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Pink Honors Late Dad on What Would Have Been His 76th Birthday

Pink is honoring her late father, Jim Moore, on his birthday.

10/16/2021 6:55:00 AM

Pink is honoring her late father, Jim Moore, on his birthday.

The singer wrote a heartfelt message dedicated to her late father on his birthday.

, on his birthday.The singer's dad would have turned 76 on Friday. Pink celebrated the day by sharing a heartfelt message on her Instagram, expressing how she's"not ready" to accept that he's gone. She began by writing that she only knew him for 42 years.

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"That’s a long time. That’s not that long. When I reach into my memories of us to try to understand our relationship I remember our fights first. Screaming. Crying. Misunderstanding And then like a parallel universe," she penned."Simultaneously I remember the way you would pat my hand and say 'aww' to remind me to be gentler. To remind me that I was nicer than that thing I said."

She continued by sharing things he would tell her, what he taught her, and admitted that she's still having a hard time processing his death."I don’t even know that I can handle the cold hard truth that I miss you yet," she wrote."I wanna still act like this is one of those times that I’m busy and not calling. I can’t feel this yet."

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