Pilot arranges special World War II flyover above his 98-year-old dad's house

Art Kahley was known best as a beloved band director, but his Army service in World War II forever shaped him.

9/25/2020 4:03:00 PM

'It was my objective for months, to live this long and see this happen ...,' 98-year-old Art Kahley said the day four authentic World War II planes flew over his home, one piloted by his son.

Art Kahley was known best as a beloved band director, but his Army service in World War II forever shaped him.

.Moments later, four authentic World War II planes soared just a thousand feet above in perfect alignment, trailing smoke for all to see.Arlington"Art" Kahley saluted with a wave of his hickory walking stick.The planes made four passes over their Regents Glen neighborhood on the southwest side of York.

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A show of honor, son to father.A life of service validated, once again.It meant even more than that for Art Kahley. His wit is as quick and his heart as kind as ever, but age and ailments have weighed heavy. He just turned 98 last week. Parkinson's disease has made doing most anything difficult, including standing and walking a few steps.

He needed a date on the calendar to look forward to, to keep going, so to speak.It finally arrived Wednesday in the form of the flyover led by his pilot son, David."It was my objective for months, to live this long and see this happen ...," Art Kahley said.

“When you’re as old as I am, I need objectives and dates to try and be. I didn’t know if I would make it," he said, a smile forming.David Kahley will participate in aFriday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of V-E Day, when Nazi Germany officially surrendered to the Allies in 1945.

The event,organized by the Arsenal of Democracy group, will include more than 60 planes. Kahley will lead the final"missing man formation," which honors dead or missing service members.Though scheduled for May 8, it was postponed by the pandemic. It would have been too difficult for Art Kahley to attend now.

"OK," his son figured,"I'll take the airshow to him."From WWII to beloved band directorArt Kahley grew up near York City's Farquhar Park during the Great Depression.His mother raised him and his three siblings. His father died when he was 4.

His great gift was learning to play the violin.After graduating from York High he was drafted into the Army and eventually shipped to the South Pacific. There, his ships zigzagged through hostile waters, always leery of torpedo attacks, moving from one island station to the next.

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He said he lived on Fiji for 13 months, then New Guinea and finally the Philippines. His job was to guard air strips and shoot enemy planes out of the sky.Fortunately, he said, he never had to engage in full combat.Meanwhile, his brother Edward made it safely through Europe building Army bridges for the Allies.

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