Barry Brodd: Pig's Blood Was Smeared On The Former Home Of The Use-Of-Force Expert Who Testified Fo, Police Say - Cnn

Barry Brodd: Pig's Blood Was Smeared On The Former Home Of The Use-Of-Force Expert Who Testified Fo, Police Say - Cnn

Pig's blood was smeared on the former home of the use-of-force expert who testified for the defense in Chauvin's trial, police say

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4/19/2021 11:45:00 AM

The former California home of use-of-force expert Barry Brodd was smeared with pig's blood Saturday, four days after he testified for the defense in Derek Chauvin's trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota, police said.

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This is wrong. You may wish he hadn't testified for Chauvin, but this is inappropriate and wrong. Justice should follow the truth. I hope it will in this case. Good, f- him & his house.. Good this guy is an asshole Pig vandals! Need to be caught. That’s ridiculously cruel and hateful. When they are caught, they better do some serious time. Grow up people!

So y’all killed an innocent pig for this is what I’m getting? I totally believe Derek Chauvin is guilty, but how is this ok. If you feel this is ok, left or right you are part of the problem. I don't agree that when they go low we go high, stooping to their level makes it harder to argue any point. 😄 Good!

Bahahhaha good. Former home? LOL Guess the BLM idiots better check Zillow before vandalizing a house

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Black people don’t do this type of stuff, IJS. Guaranteed the terrorists who did this don't even care that they terrorized innocent people. Bravo Interesting, because countless black Americans have had their homes vandalized for years by supremacists. Now they want to play the victim. A badge doesn't change who you are, it just gives you the justification to do what you want. We need a better vetting system for cops.

Splashing pigs blood on the wrong house is such a Bart Simpson move. He should do time with Chauvin for his biased deplorable testimony I lost track of Barry after he retired from MLB Wow. The defense pulling out all the stops, staging this It’s the lefts way of bullying anyone that has a difference with their beliefs or understanding.. crazy times with people believing no consequences

Show’s us just how fucked up our opposition are

Vandals target Barry Brodd's former home after testimony in Derek Chauvin's defenseThe former Northern California home of an expert police use-of-force witness who testified last week for the defense in the Derek Chauvin murder trial was targeted over the weekend by vandals, police said. That is true terrorism Unacceptable. And if you watched him testify, you’d know that the prosecution destroyed him. Im sure KamalaHarris or RepMaxineWaters will bail them out!

Nice photoshop. But nice try cretins. Barry did it There’s really no need for this nastiness. It does not help our case for police reform just embeds the idea we are all thugs That is WRONG. There's absolutely no excuse for that type of behavior. Our society is sinking lower into the gutter everytime someone thinks this is acceptable or even funny. It proves they are the animals with no decency, no morals, & no respect for themselves or others.

People are mean, immature, and horrible. That’s the guy to provoke None of these clowns cared about George Floyd before he resisted arrest. These people just hate cops. It’s in their culture. It’s in their music. As far as anger management goes, The Fuzz currently win. Yous think The Richmond PD could tear Iwo Jima apart in less time than the Marines.

Because, rationally, The Street does not want Cops to be violent, and they understand evolution.

Pig's head left at former Santa Rosa home of Chauvin defense witnessVandals left a pig’s head at the former home of an ex-Santa Rosa police officer who testified in Derek Chauvin's defense, authorities say. Dear friends. I'm very ashamed to address it, but my child's life is at stake. If you can help repost my tweet or donate whoever can, go to my page and read my story. Thank you. Sorry to bother you How much was the guy paid to lie by the defense. Its the thought that counts, right? Jfc.

More Bolshevik Joe minions - as anti-American as they come. Free Derek Chauvin ...🙏❤️🙏 My bet if the Jury was The Street, the Cop would walk. 1950 - A Rule of The Street: If you can't safely elude them, do what they say.

Pig's head left at former home of Chauvin defense witnessAuthorities say vandals left a pig’s head at the one-time California home of a use-of-force expert who testified on behalf of the officer accused of killing George Floyd *Heroes Nobody cares. He did NOT live there.

Pig's head thrown at former home of Chauvin defense witnessVandals threw a bloody pig's head at the one-time home of a former California police officer who was a defense witness in the Derek Chauvin trial, police say. FORMER HOME! ... Is there a law against that ? it’s not even his house anymore? lol those people must have been like WTF