Arts, The Photographer Shooting A 30-Year Timelapse Of New York's Skyline - Cnn

Arts, The Photographer Shooting A 30-Year Timelapse Of New York's Skyline - Cnn

Photographer shooting 30-year NYC timelapse

The photographer shooting a 30-year timelapse of New York's skyline via @CNNStyle


The photographer shooting a 30-year timelapse of New York's skyline via CNNStyle

Photographer Joseph Di Giovanna has set up a camera rig to take a photo of New York's skyline every 30 seconds. Until 2045.

"I lived on a side street and I patiently waited three years to find the perfect apartment with the perfect view. And when it went on the market, fortunately it was affordable and I bought it immediately."

The camera is mounted on a shelf and controlled by an Arudino, a tiny programmable microcomputer. Once taken, the photographs are transferred via a cable to a laptop running timelapse software.

The camera, made by Sony, was chosen because it has no moving parts, reducing the odds it could break. Cameras with a moving shutter, DiGiovanna says, are only guaranteed to work for about 250,000 shots. He hasn't had to replace this one -- yet.

DiGiovanna has suffered only minor disruptions so far, mostly as a result of the computer freezing up, but for a 30-year project, even skipping half a day won't matter much. Keeping the data safe, however, is a different problem.

, DiGiovanna received numerous comments from concerned viewers about his backup strategy, most notably his reliance on physical drives rather than the cloud."My very rudimentary safety protocol is that the backup drives are not in my apartment. They're stored at my mom's house in another state. So that would protect me from a fire or water damage."

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