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Phil Spector

Revolutionary producer behind some of pop music’s most enduring songs dies from natural causes while serving prison sentence

1/17/2021 7:03:00 PM

Phil Spector , the famed ‘Wall of Sound’ producer and architect of some of pop music’s most enduring songs whose legacy was marred by a murder conviction, has died at the age of 80

Revolutionary producer behind some of pop music’s most enduring songs dies from natural causes while serving prison sentence

Spector began recording on the West Coast in L.A.’s Gold Star Studios, where he expanded his trademark Wall of Sound even further with help from the Wrecking Crew, which included such unparalleled session men as guitarists Glen Campbell and Barney Kessel, pianist Leon Russell and drummer Hal Blaine – with Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono often arranging and overseeing the recordings. Spector created four top 10 hits in 1963: the Crystals’ “Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Then He Kissed Me,” Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans’ “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” and, greatest of all, the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby,” showcasing the streetwise, seductive rasp of young singer named Veronica “Ronnie” Bennett.

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Though Spector’s focus was on crafting 45 rpm singles, at the end of 1963 he released his only classic LP.A Christmas Gift for You From Philles Records, which featured all the label’s artists, and consisted largely of well-known Christmas songs, such as the Ronettes’ ecstatically reworked “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” The standout track, however, was a new song written by Spector, Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich: Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” which has become a holiday standard in its own right.

Spector had become rock & roll’s first superstar producer – “the first tycoon of teen” as a Tom Wolfe profile famously dubbed him. Spector held his own against the British Invasion of 1964, producing even more hits for the Ronettes, and the following year, he turned his attention to a male duo called the Righteous Brothers. The group’s “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” sold over two million copies and became Philles’ third Number One hit.

But Spector’s productions were increasingly time-consuming and ambitious – some even said bloated. In 1966, the baroque pop epic he considered his masterpiece, Ike & Tina Turner’s “River Deep — Mountain High,” stalled at Number 88 in the U.S. (though it would hit Number Three in the U.K.) A resentful Spector secluded himself in his Hollywood mansion for two years, emerging only to appear briefly as a drug dealer in the classic counterculture film

Easy Rider.In 1968, he married Ronnie Bennett; in her 1990 memoir,Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life as a Fabulous Ronette,she depicted Spector as an abusive husband prone to eccentric if not outright insane behavior.

Spector returned to the music world in 1969. A new Ronettes single, “You Came, You Saw, You Conquered,” flopped, but that same year he also released Sonny Charles and the Checkmates’ “Black Pearl,” a Number 13 hit. Now securely back in the production saddle, Spector hooked up with the Beatles. He produced John Lennon’s solo hit “Instant Karma!” and was given the task of creating an album out of the group’s abandoned

Get Backsessions. The result was the Beatles final studio album,Let It Be.Some of Spector’s critics, including Paul McCartney, were unimpressed with his string-heavy treatment of tracks such as “The Long and Winding Road.” But McCartney’s bandmates were happier with Spector’s work. George Harrison not only asked Spector to produce his triple-album,

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All Things Must Pass,but Lennon brought him on toco-produceandImagine,albums that had an uncharacteristically spare sound for Spector. Fittingly, Lennon also had Spector, the creator of the greatest rock Christmas album of all time, produce his single “Happy Xmas (War Is Over).”

In 1974, Spector barely survived a car crash in Hollywood. He was thrown through the windshield of a car and nearly declared dead at the scene of the accident; it took hours of surgery to keep him alive – as well as more than 700 stitches in his head to his face and more than 400 to the back of his head.

Prior to his car accident, Spector had formed a new label, Warner-Spector, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, for which he recorded Cher, Harry Nilsson, Darlene Love and a young singer named Jerri Bo Keno, whom he’d hoped to make a star. After a falling out with Warners, he formed International, reissuing album of his classic Sixties recordings, which had long been out of print. The label’s most anticipated new release was to be a comeback for both Spector and Dion DiMucci, but

Born to Be with Youfailed both critically and commercially.Spector’s next two albums were for cult artists seeking a fuller production sound, and both albums were met with skepticism from the artists’ fans. In 1977, Spector produced Leonard Cohen’sDeath of a Ladies’ Man,

a marked contrast to the singer-songwriter’s more somber acoustic affairs. In 1980, after four classic let-it-rip albums, the Ramones brought him in to provide a makeover onEnd of the Century.Legend has it that Spector carried a gun during the Ramones sessions and even threatened band members.

By the time he entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, Spector had effectively been retired from the music business for nearly a decade. (He was inducted by both Ike and Tina Turner; Spector had told neither that the other had also been invited.) In 1995, he agreed to produce a Celine Dion album, but then pulled out of the project, citing his dislike of the Canadian singer’s management.

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Spector spent much of the next decade in court. He successfully fought to retain the U.K. copyright to the music and lyrics of “To Know Him Is to Love Him” in 1997. Three years later, though, a U.S. court ordered him to pay Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes $2.6 million, primarily for back royalties. He had become a gloomy figure around this time. “People tell me they idolize me, want to be like me, but I tell them, ‘Trust me, you don’t want my life,'” he said. “I’ve been a very tortured soul.” But the superproducer’s most life-changing legal battle was yet to come.

In 2003, police were called to Spector’s mansion in Alhambra, California, where actress Lana Clarkson had been shot dead. Spector was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. The producer had kept out of the public eye for years, and now, during a televised trial, he presented a startling image with his enormous, unkempt nimbus of curly hair. The jury was deadlocked, and Spector underwent a second murder trial, which resulted in a conviction. In 2009, Spector was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison.

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You have to be kidding. Do better Rollong Stone. His legacy wasn’t damaged by his conviction. Is legacy was smashed by the ugly things he did and the ugly person he was. His victim’s died at his hand. Do better Rolling Stone. Poor journalism. Hope someone didn’t pay £2000 to write this horrific headline.

'Legacy marred by a murder conviction'? Want to try that again? 'WHO MURDERED LANA CLARKSON' Howsabout we SayHerName and stop being such roaring misogynists, whut? Contributions to pop music are hardly in the same category as murdering people and other abuse. Priorities! Shameful. 'Marred'? He murdered Lana Clarkson. Put her name in your headline instead of that murderer.

Really, his legacy was 'marred' by his tasteless use of strings. It was completely destroyed by the murdering part. This is how you do it: The least controversial part of your tweet was his age and you still fucked that up. 🤦 This headline is shameful. He’s a murderer. Still haven’t deleted this tweet? I think I’ll unsubscribe.

'Marred!?' That's a scandalous headline. HE MURDERED SOMEONE! Marred. 😳 Delete this tweet, “marred” 🤦‍♂️! murderer Clickbait headline that further abuses Lana Clarkson. No wonder journalism is dying. MARRED? GTFO. I bet if he was a black man your headline would have been different and very repulsive Rolling Stone's reputation marred by downplaying Phil Spector's murder of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003.

Murderer, Maniac, and Music Producer Phil Spector Dead. Fixed it. Adolf Hitlers promising painting career marred by the Holocaust ... You buried the lede and turned a woman's murder into an inconvenience. FFS he took another life! He was a murderer - full stop! He forfeited any other recognition by that act.

“Murderer who happened to be a good artist dies.” There, fixed it for you. Have some humanity, RS. Your bullshit is tired. marred In addition, he treated his wife and two sons like prisoners. He pulled a gun on Leonard Cohen. But please, blame it on the blonde he shot in the head. Don’t you mean raging narcissistic psychopath who used every instrument in the studio to cover up mistakes, murdered Lana Clarkson, cutting short her legacy? Come on guys, reportedly, even PaulMcCartney thought his mix of LongAndWindingRoad was shite!

Marred by a murder conviction. That's a new low. A marred legacy?! Now say nice things about Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? What is in the past of whoever wrote this? Y’all are too much 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ But just fuck one little goat 'Marred.' I guess that's one word for it. He’s a murderer you tools

That he was a murderer should be lede of any obit Crazy how that murder conviction just sorta happened to his legacy Su trabajo no se vio 'empañado por una condena' el decidió asesinar a una mujer después de hacer continuas amenazas de muerte a diversas mujeres, él murió en la cárcel por lo que hizo, por asesino. KILLER

Shame on you for minimising the evil in this man. His murder conviction overshadows everything else he ever did, and that's as it should be. Her name was Lana Clarkson. Remember her. Embarrassingly bad tweet. Too bad he had that little murder thingy You guys suck. Whose legacy was marred ? You say this like his murdering hands, which freely took the life of another, were inflicted upon him against his free will. And further... marred by a murder 'conviction'- as if this were unjust? He was convicted of exactly what he did. He TOOK a life

His life was “marred” after he murdered Lana Clarkson? What is the matter with you?! Reminds me of all the people moaning about the “tragedy” of OJ Simpson, while ignoring Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. The ones whose lives were stolen - like Lana Clarkson. Rewrite this, pls! Marred by a murder conviction? Have about marred by being a murderer, as well as an incredibly violent & unstable asshat? Fuck him. There are few people I'm glad to see dead but Phil Spector is one of them.

“Marred.” He shot 40 year old Lana Clarkson in the mouth & killed her, maybe you could start with saying her name. LanaClarkson Marred! That jumped right out at me. Ugh. Seriously? This was a real magazine at one point Hey , not your best work here. How dare you? This is repulsive. “Marred”? Surely his legacy was marred by the murder not by the conviction.

Are you fricking kidding me?! “Marred”? The man was an abuser, a KNOWN abuser for many, many years! Because people like you “normalized” his grotesque behavior for YEARS, he finally “mars” his behavior by murdering someone. Give me a break! “Moody actor John Wilkes Booth....” 'Famed football player, actor, Hertz rental car advertising icon, and memorabilia merchant O.J. Simpson, whose legacy was marred...'

Ned Kelly was renowned as one of colonial Australia's most fashion-forward headware designers whose legacy was marred by a series of bank robberies and police murders. It wasn't just marred by a murder conviction. It was marred by him murdering someone. 🧐🧐🧐 Good news, everyone. Lana Clarkson's murderer is finally burning in Hell.

Fixed it for you: Convicted murderer Phil Spector died in federal prison today at the age of 80. Spector, a famed music producer, was serving a life sentence for the murder of Lana Clarkson. Are you serious? His legacy is that he was a murderer. That’s not a blemish on his record, that IS his record. Better: Convicted murderer and record producer dead at 80. Marred 🙄 whoever wrote that is an idiot.

A murder. 'Marred.' Abusive. Murderer. And the best you can do is 'marred' I expected better. Legacy marred by a conviction? I would cancel RS if I still was a subscriber. Phil Spector, murderer, who also did some music stuff, has died at the age of 80 Piss off 'Hitler, the famed dog lover and architect of road building programs, whose legacy was only slightly marred by starting World War 2 and committing genocide on an industrial scale' - Rolling Stone's admiration and tribute to pure evil monsters.

Same rag that did a puff piece on the Boston marathon bomber. WTF. I think you mean “convicted murderer Phil Spector” LanaClarkson You’ve gotta be kidding me? Oh his poor legacy! What was society thinking for holding him accountable for his crimes! A tribute to someone who was a vicious murderer? What kind of sick, psychotic people work at Rolling Stone to do such a thing?

Quite the ridiculous headline Ugh read the room.... who in gods name wrote this tweet? MARRED This Rolling Stone tweet about Spector is proof of how out of touch the magazine is with current culture and how they’ve rested on reputation for over a decade. The last time I read one was in early 2000 Toss him in the bin.

He killed a woman and abused his ex wife but you are framing egregious crimes as nothing more than a stain on his life. Misogyny much ? His legacy wasn't marred by the conviction... But by actually murdering someone. JFC. So he was the sad victim of a murder conviction that “marred his legacy.” Wow? One goat...

Marred? A Murder conviction treated so lightly. So disrespectful. Please do better. He was 81. Rolling Stone is a failure. What the hell kind of headline is this? The Disgraced... Hey Rolling Stone, Phil Spector's legacy was marred because of the murder he committed not because of the conviction. It's like saying Hitler's legacy was marred by the war that broke out. Sounds stupid right. 🤨👍

Seriously? Marred by murder? C’mon... this is the bad take Lana Clarkson's murderer dead. “Was marred by a murder conviction”. He goddam murdered a woman, to hell with your condolences. 'Marred'? Seriously? Fun fact: they don’t allow disguises in prison so they immediately ripped the wig off that murderer

Do women’s lives mean so little to you? This is psychotic and minimizes violence against women. 'Convicted Murderer Phil Specter dead at 80' - thats all you need to say John Lennon hated this douche. I’m with John. FU Rolling Stone. JFC do better. Murderer dies in prison. There, I fixed your headline Murderer Phil Spector is remembered by some for his contribution to music despite the fact that *he murdered a woman*

Marred You fuck one goat, and it doesn’t matter what else you did—you’re a goat-fucker. The same applies to murdering. MARRED? MARRED? Wholly fuck!!! Whose legacy was marred by his own murdering act Holy shit do better. Just delete this tweet. Correction: who murdered. He murdered someone. Pretty sure Lana Clarkson’s life was a lot more “marred” than Spector’s — ya know, BECAUSE HE MURDERED HER

Don’t be surprised RS is still tossing this murders salad. They love murder. Has anyone forgotten the glamour fluff piece they did on the terrorist who committed mass murder at the Boston Marathon? You messed up with this. It was marred by the murder he committed. SMDH. The *conviction* was what marred his legacy, not the actual murder? 😶

His explanation of his murdered girlfriend was foo much to believe. Is this a joke? Marred? Somebody died, you ridiculous people Have you really not apologized and corrected this yet? The subsequent tweets trying to separate “the music” from the man do not make this right. Apologize. Correct it. Who writes this shit? Oh a murderer’s life was marred by the ramifications of being an effing murderer?!? Ffs

He murdered a women. Say it or shut up. Those pesky murder convictions always seem to tarnish those legacies don’t they. How many misogynist pricks, freshly reeking of massage oil, approved this? A lot of similarities to Caravaggio, a great artist and a murderer. Shame on you It was marred because he was a murdering scumbag not because he got convicted of it? I’d lead with 'Vile lady killer'.

He marred it himself as a murderer, don't patronize him. What a totally outrageous piece of written drivel. He murdered a woman. Murdered her. He was a murderer. Her life was 'marred' by being murdered. Get a bloody grip. Yikes Struggling artist Adolf Hitler was found dead in a bunker this morning. His legacy was marred by his political activism

FFS : 'marred'? He MURDERED Lana Clarkson. If anyone's life was 'marred' it was hers, by being unlawfully ended. Borrowing my sisters words here and I wholeheartedly agree! - “Was marred by”?!? Are you for real? He shoved a pistol into the mouth of actress Lana Clarkson, and pulled the trigger. Her teeth were found in the ceiling. Disgusting. Do better Rolling Stone.

'Donald Trump, the famed reality TV star whose legacy was marred by 400,000 covid deaths and an insurrection....' Wow. You write this trash about a murderer? Good god I think 'marred' is a word better suited for someone in jail for something such as embezzlement. This guy murdered an innocent woman. His legacy is that of being an unrepentant murderer.

Where you trying to project maximum misogyny or is this a natural talent? I did not expect this tweet to end the way it did. So he killed someone? 'legacy was marred by a murder conviction' Seriously folks? I'd suggest you delete your tweet! Marred?.. christ the state of this tweet “Ted Bundy’s whose brilliant legal career was somewhat tarnished by a few pesky murder convictions “

What the fuck kind of headline is this? Who’s legacy was ‘marred’?! Do better rolling stone. Honestly. Convicted murderer, Phil Spector has died at the age of 80. (Fixed it.) It should be Murderer who was a sound producer. 'too bad he's a murderer, good music tho!' ‘Marred’. Really. Kind of like how the Luftwaffe defaced London’s walls during the Blitz.

'Producer of Beatles music vastly inferior to George Martin dies in prison becuase he murdered someone.' “Jimmy Savile, the famed TV presenter and tireless charity fundraiser, whose legacy was marred by some noncing and necrophilia...” Let’s ask Lana Clarkson for comment. Oh wait... Should that not be 'murderer, and former music producer'?

Did u really just say 'marred' like him committing a murder was but a mere irrelevant blot on his illustrious career?!? RS you've got to step up and change this!?! ‘Marred by a murder’ ...for fuck sake. This is gross. He murdered someone, the conviction has nothing to do with it unless you’re being an apologist

Are you fucking serious? so not by the actual murder then - just the 'conviction' ? utter bullshit Fix your ridiculous headline! redgreenaction 'marred' ...eeeerrr ffs...he was serial abuser of women killed actress LanaTurner by shooting her in the head and threatened at 4 other women with a gun when they told him to fuck off..that will be his legacy

Y’all have had a WHOLE DAY to delete this and fix that headline. “Marred by a murder conviction.” Not even by MURDER, but just by the conviction? Not counting the abuse, child trafficking, kidnapping, etc? 'RS Finalist in misrepresenting Murdering Sociopath story'. Gee, I guess you guys must really HATE women breathing around you, eh?

Anybody from RS reach out to Lana's family before printing this shit? 'whose legacy was marred by a murder conviction'? - he killed someone for f*ck sake, he is a convicted murderer. Everything else should be secondary to that heinous crime he committed. He once nailed my head to the coffee table ... He was a cruel man, but fair.

That is some truly disgraceful phrasing. And THIS is why I no longer buy Rolling Stone. “Convicted murderer, Phil Spector, has died in jail.” FixedIt murderer ...……………...…………...……………………………...…...…...……………...………………………...………………………......………………………………...…...…………………...…...……...…....…...………...…………......…...…...……...…………………………………...(musician)

Jimmy Savill, the famed ‘Jim'l fix it’ presenter and organiser of some of charitys most memorable moments whose legacy was marred by a being a massive paedophile.. are you for real with this headline!!! _ Killer P. Spector died in prison. This is disgusting. Retract this headline. Delete this tweet. Fix yourself.

His name was on many timeless recordings, but for a great producer he was a shithouse human being. 'Marred'. FFS. Hang your head in shame. Ronnie Spector’s memoir “Be My Baby” was a warning about what a monster her ex-husband was. Sadly I t should have been more widely read. She escaped and lived. May Ms Clarkson Rest In Peace.

Marred? Are you serious? Are you saying oh well she was only a woman? Delete this article you sick fucks Convicted of the heinous crime of Murder. That must be any decent publication's reporting, surely? “Marred by” really? Rather than, 'whos legacy was marred' shouldn't it be 'whos legacy was set when he murdered ...' There is a double standard for artists and its wrong

'Joseph Stalin, the famed Soviet labor organizer and architect of sweeping bourgeoisie reeducation programs, whose legacy was marred by the 1.5 million Russians who perished in his gulag forced labor camps, has died.' 'marred'!!!!! A woman was murdered!!! Shame on you. you no longer know the difference between good or bad !! the titles of your articles change according to the wind! it is clear that this Phil was a killer, (well)! then explain to me: M.Jackson has been found innocent

If I was “a one-eyed seed of a tumbleweed... in the belly of a Rolling Stone”... I’d prob take this one off the Pulitzer— or, that Peabody. YET, it’s telling of our modern- day MiddleEarth that, albeit dead, PhilSpector STILL got CancelCulture’d! ☮️ 'marred' BY BEING A MURDER! Oh Rolling Stone...really? You didn't see the shit storm that wording would bring down on you? Or could you just not conceive of a woman's life being more important than a man's legacy?

maybe rewrite that. 'marred' WTF I could not give a flying fuck about his reputation. I care about the people he terrorized for most of his life and the woman he murdered. Seriously?!?! This is your take on it?!?! WTF Phil Spector - murderer. There, I fixed it. He was a rapist, a domestic abuser, and a murderer.

The fuck is this headline. Wow, how selfish of Lana Clarkson. You really marred Phil Spector’s legacy by being murdered by him. Unbelievably selfish. How frustrating that the pesky murder conviction marred his legacy. What the fuck kind of headline is this. This is such BULLSHIT “Marred”? Are you kidding me?

'Phil Spector, who committed a heinous and depraved murder, has died in prison. In his early life, Spector had a lucrative hobby of mixing lots of sounds together on magnetic tapes.' There, fixed it for you. Been looking forward to reading your obituary for a long time Phil, enjoy hell. “Marred by a murder conviction...”. Really?!?!

Jesus, marred by a murder conviction? Marred? What about the poor woman who was killed by him? Marred? Murder will be his legacy. Marred? He's an insane murderer. Or is it because he 'only' killed a 'woman'. Bloody misogynistic headline. “Austere musical innovator” Marred? He murdered someone. Yes, that might mar ones’ life So to avoid having a marred life, don’t fuckin’ murder anyone! What a shit headline

His legacy is that he is a murderer. I have literally never heard of anything good a 'producer' has done. Anytime I see 'music producer' I'm like Ummmmmmm clearly who wrote this doesn’t know much about ol Phil. Marred? MARRED? 🤦🏻‍♀️ You suck. Which spectacularly-overpaid idiot wrote this lede? “Marred” by a long history of physical violence and sexual abuse, culminating in his choice to murder Lana Clarkson in 2003. He took Ronnie’s shoes so she couldn’t leave him. Fuck off with this headline.

This ain't it. Good riddance. You still exist? Are you fucking kidding me? He murdered a woman. Her name was Lana Clarkson. Pathetic. Who the hell wrote this pathetic bs? This how you ACTUALLY write this headline, RS: “..legacy was marred by a murder conviction”? My God, Rolling Stone; demote the person who wrote this Tweet and seriously, do some soul searching.

C'mon, this basically says his legacy was inconvenienced by a murder conviction. He killed this poor woman. WTF? Better choice: 'Phil Spector, a convicted murderer, died in prison today. Prior to becoming a convicted murderer, for the death of actress Lana Clarkson, Spector worked sporadically in the music industry.

You might want to read the room and rethink this post. Never read or buy Rolling Stones magazine. Who needs to read this crap? Poor Lana Clarkson. He pulled a gun on the Ramones and the recording studio. He scared the shit out of them. He was a psycho. F**k that guy In other news Ted Bundy was a law student whose promising future legal career was unfairly cut short and marred by some minor brushes with the law in Florida.

rest in piss phil Let’s try that again: Phil Spector, convicted murderer and famed ‘Wall of Sound’ producer and architect of some of pop music’s most enduring songs— has died at the age of 81. (Not 80, 81!!! Wow. This is one of those times you should just delete the tweet and try again. Wtf Convicted murder, former producer dies in prison. Damn Rolling Stone literally everyone can come up with a more appropriate title than you have. disgusting

Um...marred by a murder conviction because he committed..murder? Seriously, what kind of statementis this? 🙄 This is like saying “O. J. Simpson, whose legacy was marred by...” “Marred by a murder conviction”..? This is odd. “Marred” sounds like “a bump in the road” or something. He murdered a woman. Spector was a cunt. Glad he’s dead.

Hmmmmm. As a forensic psychologist, we have to do better by victims. He was merely “marred” seems you are saying it happened to him. It did not. He did it. It happened to his victim 😡 you are better than this. As in Polanski’s film career marred by his sex crime? Marred really doesn’t feel like the right word here guys.

I’m sure the victim’s family appreciates this. At least their loved one’s killer made some good tunes. tonedeaf Donald Trump, elected President in 2016, whose term was marred by the deaths of over 400,000 Americans from Covid19, 2 impeachments, and his inciting the takeover of the US Capitol killing 5, today....

He was a criminal Marred? JFC. A woman was murdered. 🤦‍♀️ Nice passive voice, assholes. Did he do the murder? If so, his legacy wasn't 'marred by a murder conviction;' he ruined his legacy by killing someone. Active voice. Marred....what the unholy feck.... RIP Yeah i guess murdering someone will do that to career

“Marred.” You hate women. You think murdering a woman is a blemish Disgusting You need to fix this. “Marred?” Congratulations, you just headlined a murderer to sound like he was a victim. 🙄 Rest In Peace Lana Clarkson. Because he murdered someone and was an abuser, nobody did that to him, he did that to himself He did those things and this headline pretending be was somehow a victim can fuck off

Fixed this: Murderer dies. One late in life crazy mother fuvker. You misspelled 'murderer dies in prison at age 80, no one cares' The murder he committed. Who “marred” that legacy?!? Enough with the passive voice enabling of certain men because of their “talent.” He wasn’t THAT talented. Not enough for us to excuse murder.

As in “vaguely besmirched” but he’s a legend so..... That headline is so bad. Wtf? Marred?! Don’t you mean Lana Clarkson’s life was marred, being murdered by Phil Spector? Marred? That makes it seem like he wasn't responsible, that he wasn't a murderer. Yikes! Shame on you Rolling Stone. Marred ? He killed a woman! Shot her in the face. You think a few pop songs are more important than a woman? Just how misogynistic are you people?

“Whose legacy was marred by a murder conviction” What is wrong with you He marred his own legacy when he killed someone. He was a murderer. Bad take. Very bad take. Famed murderer, Phil Specter, who had previously found notoriety in music died yesterday.... Fidel Castro famed Mets prospect and public speaker whose career was marred by violent communist overthrow of Cuba.

You should totally have a human write the headline next time. Wow. R.I.P. Lana Clarkson...:( Spector shot Lana Clarkson, but according to the prosecution, Spector had previously pulled a gun on four women. In each case, he had been drinking and 'was romantically interested in the woman, but grew angry after the woman spurned him.' :(

'legacy was marred by a murder conviction'. Do you no longer employ journalists? He was a murderer and a serial abuser. No matter what his 'legacy' he was a hateful and monstrous individual. Lana Clarkson. Murdered by him. She did not 'mar a legacy'. Be ashamed of yourselves. This is f*cking disgusting.

What is wrong with you?!? His victim was Lana Jean Clarkson. He was a murderer. Marred? Ffs he was batshit crazy, who got away with terrorizing women, imprisoning his wife, waving guns around, eventually killing a women, all because he was a good music producer! Had he been detained under the mental health act, Lana would be alive. PS is a cautionary tale.

cool hair tho You have to be joking. Pop music history was marred by the inclusion of an abusive, vicious, murdering bastard who has finally graced it with his absence. Truly, you need to work on your phraseology, or just don't laud arseholes. Excuse me?! Delete this tweet. Delete this It’s headings like this, that downplay a white mans wrongful doings. Highlighting positive achievements before writing in such a way, something something murder. No wonder white men think they can get away with everything. Take this down, who gives a shit he murdered a woman!

Damn those pesky murder convictions! Everyone's a saint after they die, even murders now....way to contribute to the decline of morality such a bummer about his legacy “Marred” legacy? I’m sorry what? He is the murderer of Lana Clarkson. So your title should’ve been “the convicted murderer of Lana Clarkson has died in prison at the age of 80” but instead you’re glorifying criminals.

Fuck phil spector You really need to rethink that headline. Pictured: Lana Jean Clarkson, his 'mar' victim. 😒🙄 Seriously? You're really going with this tone deaf tweet? The man is a murderer Lol marred by a pesky conviction Oh no did someone close to him get convicted of murder? How awful. His poor legacy.

I know you’re probably enjoying all the attention from this jaw-droppingly crass tweet but of course, you don’t make any money from Twitter comments. So the joke’s on you. ‘Marred?’ That'll buff right out 'Marred by a murder *conviction*' like him being held accountable is the problem, not his decision to murder someone... sure you don't wanna delete and try again?

'marred' I'm sure the young lady's family appreciate that. 🙄 ...legacy is defined by... seems better Weird way to word that... 🙄 'legacy was marred'!? WTF? He's a MUR-DER-ER! Phil Spector, murderer, was also involved in some of the etc etc etc pop music. Finally WTF? Really? “Marred” How very unreflective of you. He was a murderer plain and simple. He stole a life and her families life.

Who cares about his music career. That all went out the window when he killed a woman but your headline seems to think he was the real victim of her murder. ‘Marred’ doing some incredible heavy lifting in this headline “Convicted murderer and serial abuser Phil Spector has died in prison.” See? Easy. “Convicted murderer who had some music background dies” is more like it

I'm impressed. Murder can just be a slight marring on my life then? If I became a music producer? marred by a murder conviction... like he did not commit such murder? JFC he marred his own legacy when he killed Lana Jean Clarkson. do better. Seriously? That is quite the bad take😬 Ffs, Rolling Stone. You can report on a death without trying to whitewash that he's a fucking murderer.

you really spent the time on the tweet and article and still decided to hit send? Oh man - that headline is terrible. Rolling Stone making every attempt to be even less relevant....well might have marred your path back to relevance....maybe “When I was making my hit records, my ex was always ‘the genius’ and you felt like: ‘Well, who am I? (the ex that kept her captive in her own home - whose legacy was marred)

'Marred'? FFS How about, Phil Spector, who ‘marred’ the life of LanaClarkson by murdering her, is dead. Marr. God give me strength. He murdered a woman. Weird take, RS. How about “murderer with an unusual ability to produce pop hits”? What the heck Please do better. Delete this. It is insulting to the victims of Spector. His abuse clearly negates any of the work he did. (I can’t wait to see what you say about Gary Glitter when he dies).

It may be hard for a publication worshipping the music industry to grasp (and mostly male in both the worshippers and objects of worship)... But when you murder and abuse women, that IS your true legacy. Convicted murderer, Phil Spector, has died at the age of 80. Previously, he was the famed ‘Wall of Sound’ producer and architect of some of pop music’s most enduring songs.

Who the hell wrote this tweet? “Marred by a murder conviction”, or maybe The dude was a damn murderer! 'Area Folk Singer & Beatles Fan Faces Criticism' Let me edit for you so it better expresses the facts: Phil Spector, the famed ‘Wall of Sound’ producer, architect of some of pop music’s most enduring songs and convicted murderer and sexual abuser of women, has died at the age of 80.

'Marred'?!!! Jfc RS..... you're perpetuating misogyny with this framing. What a deeply offensive headline. 'Marred' by a murder *conviction*?!? Not by the fact that he committed murder? . Defining irrelevance since, what, 1985? Too generous? You fked up😤 WTF...'marred'...really ?🤨 DISGUSTING. You should delete this and try it again. Maybe start with him being a murderer.

So murdering a woman just marred his reputation? You can’t help but fall ass backwards into cowardice can you, ? Marred? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Really bad take. Dubious choice of words for a magazine that considers itself progressive. Always feels RS has a 'blind spot' re the treatment of women. Another case in point.

Marred? He doesn’t deserve a tribute when there’s been no remorse. He killed someone Barbara So he was wrongly convicted of the murder, in your opinion? Oh no, his legacy was marred Was he okay? Did he recover? And what about the woman he MURDERED? What happened to her legacy? Nutter Marred? Did someone use a thesaurus today? 🙄

Marred!?!? Do better He was marred? He was a murderer. Dummies! A woman was murdered. It didn’t mar a legacy. His legacy is that he is a murderer. I’m disappointed Marred?!?!?! gtfoh Rolling Stone RS Headline Writers Need Help, Lead With Musical Accomplishments of Abusive Murderer Gosh darn murder conviction. Ruined everything. BTW this is Lana Clarkson, the victim:

I knew there was a reason I stopped reading your rag… You should be ashamed of yourselves. He was a cold blooded murderer. I would say that negates any artistic achievement, which is incredibly overstated anyway. “Marred by murder conviction”. WTF - that’s fucking awful. Marred? Really? He murdered someone.

'whose legacy was marred by a murder conviction'... WTF?😡 Marred...marred?! This a quite the f*cked up way to belittle Lana Clarkson's brutal murder by his hand. Shame on you. Mistakes were made... By the writer of the tweet. What the fuck is wrong with you? Legacy in life was obliterated not just marred.

Marred? The legendary status of is marred! Think again... 'legacy was **marred** by a murder conviction' What the everloving hell is wrong with you?!!! Please do better. We are better for have lost him. Yikes He murdered a woman. That’s his legacy. Rolling Stone, you are excusing the murder of a woman because this man made good music. And anyone wonders why women are beaten, raped, and murdered in America everyday without consequences? “Marred”. Really. FUCK you . He murdered a woman. Who cares if he was talented.

Hot on the heels of your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover shoot of Dua Lipa you're pivoting to to downplaying the murder of Lana Clarkson. Rolling Stone carrying a torch for unapologetic masculinity in 2021... This is so fucking disrespectful to Lana Clarkson. His legacy wasn’t “marred by a murder conviction.” It was marred by the fact that he was a MURDERER.

The man was a murderer, that will be his legacy. His music production work is secondary. So his history of violent misogyny and murder merely 'marred' his 'legacy' in the minds of ? Everyone who approved this should be fired. Truly disgusting 🤮 You ‘marr’ your career by taking bribes or doing a bad job. He murdered someone. What a shit take.

Bob Dylan’s musical legacy was marred by some of his 80s output. This guy murdered someone. Phil Specter - the murderer and serial abuser, you mean? Delete this stupid-ass tweet. Fail! Try again. He murdered a woman. Why are you lauding him? That’s not some kind of mild character flaw!!! Are you fucking kidding me!? He was a murderer! That what marred him, killing an innocent woman! Shame on you.

Rolling Stone . He murdered a woman, a human being, marred doesn’t really cover it . Your misogyny is fucking offensive and reprehensible and unforgivable. Uh, marred? 'Legacy was marred? Spector murdered a young woman. Threatened others with extreme violence. But, yeah, marred. WTF 'legacy was marred by a murder conviction' lol

You mean the ABUSER and MURDERER? Yeah he died, rotting in jail, so what? (Fix those headlines or hire better people ) Whitewash still dripping wet😡😡 Very Bad Very Bad Jesus Christ. I'm so sorry that a brutally murdered woman marred his legacy. It's too late for him now, but note to others: don't do murdering

'Marred' my ass. What a contemptuous (to Lana) way to speak about his murder of Lana Clarkson. And if you just have to use 'marred', it wasn't by his conviction for murder, but his act of committing murder. 'marred', not destroyed? 'by murder conviction' not by murdering and being an asshole? Glorifying a murderer.

Marred by a murdered conviction? Seriously Are you kidding? Try again, but add “who brutally murdered one woman and forced another to endure years of abuse before she escaped” Never gonna cry... He was a cold blooded killer 🤦‍♂️ A murderer is a murderer is a murderer. FFS! 🤨 Disgusting. Shittiest of shit takes.

He can rot lol A rag that simps for awful Radio Disney pop normalizing a murderer? 🛑 morgfair 'marred' “Marred by a murder conviction.” Well, that’s one way to put it 😐 RoArquette Most Americans are tired of the BS that comes out of Hollywood’s mouth. You believe your brother was your sister and you want people to take you seriously?

? Murdering POS is what you meant right? Whatever he achieved professionally is no longer his legacy. He murdered Lana Clarkson, that is his legacy. “Marred by a murder conviction.” GTFO. Wtf Rolling Stone , we expected better Marred? Who wrote this? He was a MURDERER what is wrong with you? “Marred”? I’d say “destroyed” or “obliterated.”

If you have a murder conviction, that's your legacy. A woman is murdered, her killer dies, and you say his 'legacy was marred' by his conviction? This may be the most misogynistic headline I've read in years. He was a MURDERER first and foremost Fucking irrelevant RS trys to ignite any kind of spark to get readership. Pathetic. Hang it up. This fucking midgit nightmare terrorized Ronnie Spector, their kids, their employees. Guns drugs & psychosis is all he had. Burn in hell.

Who wrote this headline? Marred?!!!! Apart from that though .... Marred? That’s the strongest you got for a murdering creep. Such a bad tweet. Phil Spector, the murderer of Lana Clarkson, has died at the age of 80. There, fixed it for you Murdering a woman for no reason tends to do that, yeah. Unless you're the headline writer for the Rolling Stone, I suppose.

Marred? Idgaf what you contributed. You murder someone, you don’t get recognition. You have no legacy. He was convicted of MURDER. So I am not seeing why his legacy was 'marred'. you wanna know whose 'legacy was marred'? LANA CLARKSON. That's who. There is no forgiveness for Phil Spector. To HELL with phil spector.

Too bad it took a virus this long to take care of it. ‘Marred by a murder conviction’? Wow. Way to minimize the value of the life he took. Please do better. This article reads as if Phil Spector was a pretty amazing guy, who unfortunately happened to murder a woman & that’s a shame it marred his legacy. 🤔 Perplexed by your choices here

Delete this. Marred? Marred? MARRED? morgfair Well I just hate when a lil’ ol’ murder of a woman goes and spoils a successful man’s why would she wanna do something like that...shameful really. 😏 'marred'? He murdered someone, asshole. “Marred by a murder conviction” Seriously? Bad bad take. Just delete and fix.

This is the worst tweet ever. Whoever wrote it should do the honorable thing and resign. Eff you Rolling Stone. RIPLanaClarkson Harry1T6 Say her name. Spector committed murder - it wasn’t something that happened to him. He’s literally a murderer and an abuser why are you glorifying him Yeah, brutually killing someone in a murderous rage does tend to 'mar' ones career.

'Marred'?! Seriously? RIP Lana Clarkson Murderer, who happened to be famous for his wall of sound production style, has died at the age of 80. 'Marred'? What the fck of wrong with you people. RS used to be written by actual journalists, with some credibility. You are surely flushing that down the toilet with your recent efforts.

Disgraceful post. You should have led with CONVICTED MURDERER. Uh, even if the only act of violence he ever committed was the murder, his 'legacy' shouldn't just be marred by it. His legacy should be defined by it. Convicted murderer of Lana Jean Clarkeson dies - fixed your 'headline' . On behalf of women everywhere who love music it'd be just swell if you didn't glorify a murderer who abused his wife and child (and THAT'S his legacy)

Screw you guys. “If Lana Clarkson hadn’t been murdered he wouldn’t have had his legacy ruined” 🖕 Murderer who had a career pre murder no murderer has had a career before they snuff out another human beings life Murderer Phil Spector is dead. Marred? Not half as marred as the life of the woman he murdered.

This is like writing that OJ’s impressive career in the NFL was marred by his love for the open road. Trash. Wait, you're dinging him for murdering somebody? That hardly seems fair 🙄 Worst headline of the decade, sooner than expected. Dude's entire legacy is murder first, everything else second. It's fucking disrespectful to the victim, Lana Jean Clarkson, to not even mention her name while bemoaning the marred legacy of her murderer.

Spector was a murderer. Talented or not, he took Lana Jean Clarkson’s life. Stop making it out to be a regrettable stain on his otherwise good character. Edit : ‘His legacy was marred by THE FACT HE MURDERED SOMEONE’ Phil Spector murderer Talented watercolourist and vegetarian whose legacy was marred by... well, you get the idea.

Sake! He murdered Clarkson and his life was marred? I’d take this tweet down if I were you. “legacy was marred by a murder conviction” 'Marred' Are you fucking serious? Fixed it Come the revolution, I'm going to need every male muso to prove to me he didn't write shit like this. Those who cannot get the guillotine. I don't care if this 'marrs' my legacy.

Awww that should have let him off so his story wasn’t “marred” by his wing a murderer His legacy was marred by his behavior So glad we could work together . 🤘 'Marred', WTF, MARRED! And you know, just wondering how the rest of Lana Clarkson's life was marred by being murdered by a complete nutter? Ffs.

Wait a minute... HIS “legacy was marred”? What the actual fuck is wrong with you? you could of used Phil Spector's death as an opportunity to delve into & speak to all the artists that he stole from & abused. This man made himself rich & powerful off of exploiting POC teen girls. I understand thats too much work for you music 'journalists' tho

You should delete this tweet! I see the age-old tradition of white men downplaying the horrific acts of other white men is alive and well. Spector was a murderer. RS and useful_noise you should be ashamed. Please change this headline. 'Famed'? Marred by a murder conviction? Marred He murdered a woman called LanaClarkson and yes, in his past he was involved in music. Thank you.

John Wayne Gacey’s long career as a children’s entertainer is sadly often overlooked too... 🙄 Those pesky murder convictions. What the...... What the fuck is this Shameful headline. Really requires improvement. Appalling obituary he was a murderer He was murderering abusive psychopath. Seriously? This is the take?

Are you fucking joking? His legacy was “marred” by his years of abusive behaviour culminating in murder? Ted Bundy a budding lawyer, sadly had his career marred by him brutally murdering a number of young women. Ted always regretted that blight on his career. Wondering just what he would have achieved.

This should be led with Convicted Murderer. No matter what accomplishments he might have had, in the end he was a convict and nothing more. Marred? The guy was a damned is wrong with you? TL;DR: Murderer died. Lana Jean Clarkson, an American actress and model whose life was marred by recently deceased, 81-year-old ‘Wall of Sound’ producer Phil Spector (whose legacy was marred by a murder conviction), is still dead at the age of 41. Had Spector not shot her face off, she would be 58.

Wrong take: “marred by a murder conviction” this is an awful way to talk about a MURDERER. Fuck his music he MURDERED someone. Shame on you. The conviction didn’t marr his career, he did by being an evil human being. His accomplishments were 'overshadowed' by the murder? Wow. Lana's accomplishments were also overshadowed when she was murdered...

I cannot believe this woman's family is gonna have to see this shit That's an extraordinary use of passive language, . Let me help: Music producer and convicted murderer Phil Spector died in prison at the age of 80. Legacy... marred ... really? Do better. This description is fucking disgusting. He murdered an innocent woman in cold blood. He was a misogynistic abuser.

I remember a brief article on him in a music magazine from the early 70s. Someone who knew him said 'He's a real weirdo now. He's a product of everything that's been written about him.' He murdered someone. That’s how he should be remembered. Tone deaf, thy name is . Wow Rolling Stone, could you have found a creepier photo? Also the headline needs work. “Whose legacy was marred by him being a murderous psycho” might have been better.

Marred seems a little light. He murdered someone. Take down this stupid phucking tweet. Shameful. HE WAS A MURDERER. Was his victim's life 'marred by murder'? He was a murderer and that’s how he should be remembered 🖕🏻 He murdered a woman and it's good he's dead EverydaySexism Everyday misogyny Every freakin’ headline: “He was awesome, but his career was a little bumpy due to the fact that he killed a woman”

Delete your account 'Phil Spector, convicted murderer and former music producer' The conviction didn't 'happen to him', he was convicted because he was MURDERER, he shot his own legacy. oh poor him his legacy was marred by a conviction Maybe the lede should start with 'Convicted murderer ...' 🤔 'Marred by a murder'? This is how you regard slaughtering someone–his production values were more important? He was a monster way before he killed–how about talking to Ronnie Spector a little bit? Shame on you.

He wrecked his life, career and legacy by murdering a woman. That he was convicted is the result of his actions. Delete this tweet. It stinks. Murder. Is. Not. A. Character. Flaw. ffs. 😒 LanaClarkson RoArquette “Legacy was marred”? What arsehole wrote that? Good riddance. 'Marred' Boy the journalist here should be FIRED

He murdered a woman. That is the headline. My god, this is why people don't trust the msm. “Marred by murder conviction” what kind of absolute disgusting shitshow of a headline is this? shawnlevy Wow that's really cringey. 'Legacy was marred by a murder conviction' is really making that conviction a more active cause of his problems than the fact that he murdered someone.

Ok then. sarahskarum 🙏😢 The patriarchy stays in favor of murdering women, I see Marred? His legacy was “marred by a murder conviction”? Seriously? Like it’s just something that happened to him and not a cold blooded decision he made? Do better. Digusting headline. 'John Wilkes Booth, noted thespian & philanthropist, whose legacy was married by the assassination of President Lincoln, has died.'

a creep and convicted murderer, known also for his overblown, narcissistic productions that ruined classic records by the beatles and george harrison ... Nope. Fucking gross, That's not the best to phrase things. Want to try again? (also he was 81) a murder conviction and several allegations of abuse against women. but he's white, so let's downplay it. Right? How come you're not tearing him up like you love to do with someone else who wasn't even convicted, but exonerated? Oh right. Blackness.

His legacy was marred by the murder. come on He was a murderer. Unfollowing the totally inappropriate I remember Lana Clarkson Can hardly wait till Gary glitter dies. Harry1T6 I mean at least he didn’t demand election integrity, am I right? Murderer, alleged abuser of his own children (alleged by them), imprisoner of girlfriends, but...the conviction (not the taking of a human life just to conviction) merely 'marred' his pop song legacy. Real tasteful.

it sickens me how much we value 'talent' over human life Quite the pretzel of accountability for murdering someone. What an add headline. Was he the victim of a murder conviction or a murderer? Marred by a murder conviction?!?! WTF, RS?!?! You sound like a damn apologist for him.....whoever wrote that copy needs a different job

Yes, Rolling Stone copy writer, there's a word for people with 'a murder conviction'. I'll give you a hint: it starts with 'murder' and ends with 'er'. Saw him staring at me during an Eddie Money concert at the Coach house, San Juan Cap. Totally 'creeped me out'- never forgot his stare. Rethink this garbage headline and article.

junktokyo What a strange choice of words Wait, that guy with the weird hair who murdered that lady had a music career? MARRED? FUCKING MARRED? it should read murder Phil Spencer who at one point worked in music before murdering, died a murderer, because he was a FUCKING MURDERER!!!! Y’all wrote he killed a women as a after thought. Gee, I wonder why?

Marred? Jesus what a take. “marred” shame about that inconvenient ol’ murder conviction ... marring his overrated legacy. WhitePrivilege To spoil or impair the appearance. Not sure murder doing the actual killing fits that definition of marred. The person that wrote this should be fired... Why is it that when famous men murder women it’s always the women who are blamed for ruining the man’s legacy instead of the one who actually committed the crime being held responsible?

RoArquette Phil Spector, a convicted murderer, has died at the age of 80. There ya go. Fixed it for you. Yeah, you might want to re-write this headline. 'Phil Spector, musician turned murder, dead at age 80' rest in piss... wall of ground now innit I can’t say I’m sorry about it. But he did produce some of the best music out there. You have to separate the man (murderous asshole) from the music.

Genius, but as is so often the case, madness was never far away. “Marred”? MARRED? What a strange decision to downplay literally murder like this. Loved Ronnie Spector, Phil not so much. Justice for Lana Clarkson is finally met. “Marred by a murder conviction.” Like it was a DUI or something. Also a rapist and murderer but as long a he made a you tap your toes all is forgiven.

he died at 81. give me fifty dollars Sorry, his 'legacy' was 'marred' because he's a murderer? Perhaps you should rethink this. I would hope murdering someone would be detrimental to your career. Marred? You write that like it was out of his control. He took that woman’s life. He’s a piece or shit, regardless of his music contributions.

You might say marred, others might say heightened He was always one of those brilliant weirdos but I never thought he'd commit murder. Marred? Christ sake. IanHartley_ My ears still ring from the wall of sound ! The end of era ... A timely illustration of what is often overlooked nowadays- the fact that someone can be both decidedly unpleasant, and highly positively productive simultaneously. Shades of grey- humanity, ain't it?

'Marred'? How the press dismisses theloss of life of a young woman...🤬 Went from Wall of Sound to Wall of Pound and now RIP 81 not 80 “Marred” More like Wall of Ground, am I right Drugs? Hopefully he found his peace Attempted rapist of 5 different women, threatened them with guns when they rejected him. He killed 1 of them. Serving a 2-decade murder sentence, would have gotten out in 3 years. Who gives a shit about his musical accomplishments, Devin Townsend is the true king of wall of sound

sepinwall Legacy was marred? Well that's an interesting way to put it. His victim Lana Clarkson. He put the pistol into her mouth and pressed the trigger. Incredible life, the good and the bad, produced some truly amazing music. Mixed feelings frankly. Hard to separate the wizard of sound with the murderer. One does does not sanctify the other.

🤔 “marred”? 80 or 81? You know, journalism. DannySalazarSr CincoDeMino says nah. WIP Freak murderer! He was crazy as hell but I loved his sound. R.I.P Horrible human, solid producer. He was the Producer of ‘Let it Be’ album by The Beatles. Rip Shoutout to the posters who want you to know Phil was 81 Legend lost. Condolences to his friends and family. philspector