Phil Mickelson Chugs Wine Out Of Wanamaker Trophy, Tom Brady Loves It!

Phil Mickelson Chugs Wine Out Of Wanamaker Trophy, Tom Brady Loves It!

6/2/2021 6:34:00 PM

Phil Mickelson Chugs Wine Out Of Wanamaker Trophy, Tom Brady Loves It!

Think Phil Mickelson is done celebrating his PGA Championship victory yet??

is done celebrating his PGA Championship victory yet?!?HELL NO ... Lefty's still going strong -- he chugged some fancy wine out of his Wanamaker Trophy on Tuesday -- all whileTom Bradyegged him on!!!Phil posted the fun footage on his Instagram account ... showing him getting in a celebratory sip of some red stuff despite being over a week removed from his epic win in South Carolina.

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"Like, I know the wine is good," Phil said on video after taking the swig."But there's something about the Wanamaker that just gives it a little extra."Phil added as a caption to the vid,"The wine had an extra ingredient this time - just a dash of VICTORY 😋 Tastes so good!"

Brady loved it all ... commenting on his pal's gloating,"Nothing like it Champ!"Of course, Phil's had SO MUCH FUN since winning at the Ocean Course last month ... he's talked smack all over his social media and is showing no signs of slowing down his celebrations anytime soon.

As for the wine, it's some good stuff ... it's a bottle ofTor Kenward's Black Magic -- and it's so exclusive, one bottle has a price tag of $450! Read more: TMZ »

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