PG&E power lines caused California’s deadliest fire, investigators conclude

BREAKING: PG&E equipment sparked the devastating Camp fire that destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and killed 85 people, most of them elderly, last year.


BREAKING: PG&E equipment sparked the devastating Camp fire that destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and killed 85 people, most of them elderly, last year.

Cal Fire investigators have concluded that Pacific Gas & Electric equipment sparked the Camp fire, which destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and killed 85 people,

“It was topography, it was the intensity of the fire and the footprint of the fire itself, how large it was,” Mohler said. “A fire investigation is very, very methodical and it takes a lot of time. Our investigators don't have an opportunity to be 80% right, we have to be 100% right and it's about getting closure for the fire survivors and victims."

Mohler said he's"cautiously optimistic" that 2019 will not be a repeat of the last two fire years."We're lucky to get additional precipitation in May in the north and south ... We've prepared for the worst but we're hoping for the best."

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I still wonder if the Fracking activities in Butte County materially contributed to the intensity and severity of these fires, i.e., the flammable nature of Benzene pollution created thereto. I thought we already knew this. State should sue Like Napa or Butte or 15 other fires in the last 5 yrs? What’s the total assets of the executives at PG&E? Ya, now you know what’s up. Money over lives. Greedy greedy fucks and their children who’ll inherit the 5 houses and disgusting amounts of $ have blood on their souls.

Thanks whiteworld overlords for screwing Tesla and making an expensive polluting grid when we could of had it for basically free. The ongoing desertification of the North American Southwest has been continuing for 10,000 years, beginning when your area was lush green and benefited from different oceanic currents and subsequent rainfall than today. Aware of the climate altering power of Orbital Forcing?

So brushing up leaves or lack of wasn't a factor. Who'd a thunk it! For those putting their trust on their homes

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