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Pfizer, Delta Infection

Pfizer Shot Just 39% Effective Against Delta Infection, But Largely Prevents Severe Illness, Israel Study Suggests

Pfizer Shot Just 39% Effective Against Delta Infection, But Largely Prevents Severe Illness, Israel Study Suggests

7/23/2021 3:40:00 PM

Pfizer Shot Just 39% Effective Against Delta Infection , But Largely Prevents Severe Illness, Israel Study Suggests

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from Public Health England published Wednesday. The vaccine still provides very high levels of protection against hospitalization (92%) and severe illness (91%) caused by the Delta variant, the ministry said. In a, Pfizer and BioNTech noted that while real-world data from Israel show vaccine efficacy in preventing infection and symptomatic disease to decline six months post-vaccination, “efficacy in preventing serious illnesses remains high.” 

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ContraIt is possible Israel’s findings diverge from other studies in reflection of the fact they have had access to vaccines for longer than most other parts of the world. In other words, it is the most up to date and accurate assessment of the Pfizer shot against Delta. However, the Israel health ministry has not revealed the data behind their results and there are a number of issues in the way the study appears to have been conducted

. The study did not, for example, take the steps needed to rule out alternative explanations for the lower efficacy, such as bias in who is tested for Covid-19.  Read more: Forbes »

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usctroj836 Misleading tittle. You should know better with your responsibility to inform. Rip my mental health. Taking a shot was to protect ourselves and others. I pray I and others continue to stay well. For those who have contracted the virus after taking the shot I pray for healing. Continued research & mask up.

When Russian media repost this they will accuse the of disinformation susipudjiastuti Turun lagi. 😬 “Suggests” this is what science has become… It's a lie What about Moderna? How does that fair? 'Largely' means 88% effective against hospitalisation and 91% against severe COVID-19. And the confidence intervals are much tighter (about 80-95%), whereas the CI for infections/cases ranges from 9-59%.

Yesterday, it was 80% effective! Today it's 39%, tomorrow they'll tell us 115% effective ... This is becoming more like Gordon Ramsay's kitchen 🤣🤣

Pfizer-BioNTech to start producing Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa in 2022 Pfizer and BioNTech will start to manufacture their Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa, they announced jointly on Wednesday, in a move that could significantly increase the availability of doses across the continent next year. CNNAfrica 4. Chadema Diaspora urges President SuluhuSamia, to order Tanzania Police Force to release Hon. Mbowe and other CHADEMA members UNCONDITIONALLY, and with immediate effect. Further, Chadema Diaspora is urging the international community, and Tanzania development partners… The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of lisaFx090 I've been earning $7500 weekly I've never regretted this decision. This is very scary. Since most of Africa's governments are denying the viruses existence this could be seen as a way of population control.

Follow the money I think they saying for the one dose effective Biden variant is coming across America. It’s still the same Covid virus but politicians and vaccine discovery companies are changing its name to variant Covid for not their butt to be kicked. Since they made a mistake by lifting mask too early. Politicians, FDA and CDC failing..

this is terrible news Seems like a very low % to be forcing people to take it if they have legitimate concerns. Israel wants more Pfizer vaccine but cheaper… MoKhadee xiaolon73722402 🙄🙄 the media is here to influence you as journalismIsDead

Norway, Lithuania swap J&J, Pfizer vaccines to speed up inoculationNorway on Wednesday signed a deal to swap 100,000 doses of its unused shots made by Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) with Lithuania in return for an equal number of doses from Pfizer (PFE.N) in a move to speed up inoculations. ውሸታም Your fuel is not free press, it is corrupted dollars from poor countries through authocratic governance - TPLF

South Africa’s Biovac to manufacture Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines for AfricaThe South African firm will begin producing the Pfizer -BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in 2022 and all will be marked for distribution for countries under the African Union.

Study: Pfizer, AstraZeneca Vaccines Effective Against DeltaThe differences in effectiveness against the Alpha vs Delta variants were modest when both doses of each vaccine were completed, but markedly different after only one dose. Much lower than some other reports. They do say the study is observational. What is missing is how effective against severe disease and hospitalisation which is supposed to be 90-95%? Very important!! good to know So they're making it up as they go along, that's reassuring

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