Peyton Manning Says Eli Felt Bad After Double-Bird Salute On 'MNF'

Peyton Manning says Eli felt really bad about flipping double birds on national TV.

10/16/2021 12:00:00 AM

Peyton Manning says Eli felt really bad about flipping double birds on national TV.

Peyton Manning says Eli felt really bad about flipping double birds on national TV.

... saying he's heard Eli share that story 100 times, but NEVER thought in a million years he would actually do the gesture."Out of all times to actually do it, I was in real shock about it," Manning said this week."But, he felt bad and he apologized. It was not intentional but it was just funny that was the one time he picked to do it."

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We also talked about the Manning Bros' successful 'MNF' broadcast ... and Peyton says he's loved his time talkin' football with Eli -- and their star-studded guests have been having a blast, too!! Read more: TMZ »


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