Peyton Manning's Hosting Reboot Of Quiz Show, 'College Bowl'

Peyton Manning's Hosting Reboot Of Quiz Show, 'College Bowl'

11/25/2020 1:13:00 AM

Peyton Manning's Hosting Reboot Of Quiz Show, 'College Bowl'

Peyton Manning has signed on to host a reboot of the '60s game show, 'College Bowl!!'

stiff-armed the"Monday Night Football" gig ... but the future Hall of Fame QB found a show he's down to host -- a reboot of the 1960's game show,"College Bowl."44-year-old Manning has signed on to host the 10-episode season of the once super-popular game show ... a quiz show which pits college students from different universities against each other.

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The prize??Well, SCHOLARSHIP $$$$!!!The 2x Super Bowl-winning QB is pumped for the new gig (and the loads of prize money they're goin' to give away), saying ... “I’ve always loved intense college competition, so I’m thrilled to be part of the team bringing back ‘College Bowl.”

“Having personally seen the profound impact scholarships can make on deserving students, I can’t wait for the moment when we get to award life-changing scholarships to the winning team,” Manning says. Read more: TMZ »

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NASA's deep space exploration rocket built by Boeing briefly ignited all four engines of its behemoth core stage for the first time on Saturday, cutting short a crucial test to advance a years-delayed U.S. government program to return humans to the moon in the next few years...

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