Pet Adoptions Still Surging in Los Angeles Amid Pandemic

'Get the Poodle Instead of the Prozac': Pet adoptions still surging amid pandemic

1/24/2021 7:03:00 PM

'Get the Poodle Instead of the Prozac': Pet adoptions still surging amid pandemic

Applications to rescue dogs continue to pour into L.A. organizations: 'We are still receiving thousands of adoption applications per week.'

(whose celebrity supporters include Patrick Stewart, Judy Greer and Catherine Keener):"We are still receiving thousands of adoption applications per week. Dogs provide us with companionship, support and unconditional love, and we all desperately need this right now.” Aleks Schiffer, the founder and president of I Stand With My Pack, tells

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THRthat the foster-based nonprofit found homes for"140 more animals" in 2020 than the year before.In addition to providing companionship during this time of great isolation, pets provide other benefits, so it's no surprise the yearning is strong."Pets help reduce stress and anxiety, and help us cope with loss," says Dr. Jeff Werber, co-founder of telehealth veterinary company Airvet, founded in 2018 whose clients include CAA's Richard Lovett and Tiffany Hadish."Get the poodle instead of the Prozac."

As a result of the high demand, the mix of dogs being rescued has changed."Puppies, poodle mixes and small dogs are always highly desirable, but we're seeing so many seniors and pets with significant medical issues being adopted, which is a beautiful thing," says Brog. Many more pit bulls, sometimes challenging to place due to misconceptions about the breed, are being adopted as well. Last year, Kate Hudson opened her home to

foster two pitbull puppies, and Billie Eilish fostered three puppies and adopted one from Angel City Pit Bulls."We receive hundreds of applications and struggle to meet demand," says Cathleen Kisich, director of outreach for Angel City."There is such an uptick in adopting from rescues that many more people are going straight to the shelters.”

Rescue organizations work closely with shelters, and they are also trying to keep up amid challenging circumstances. Many L.A. city shelters have had to close their doors to volunteers due to COVID, and appointments are necessary to visit. “The number of animals I’m seeing in the shelters looks to be close to 50 percent lower than what I saw pre-COVID,” says Rita Earl Blackwell, a dedicated shelter volunteer and animal advocate. Blackwell, who is also a photographer, frequently visits shelters across the county to shoot images and heartfelt video of available animals and then

posts them to her Instagramto get them seen and quickly adopted. “Photos give an idea of the animal, but a 15-second video captures something else entirely and creates a meaningful connection,” says Blackwell. “Videos help interested adopters find their soulmate.”

These connections are vital and animals are providing an essential bond for people. “We are all suffering in our own ways and I hope people remember how much these pets have done,” says Brog. Schiffer couldn’t agree more. “The animals we save end up saving us.”

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Adds Kaley Cuoco, an animal advocate who works with many rescues:"It has warmed my heart to see so many pet adoptions during this last year's stay-at-home order. People are realizing that the best company is a dog or cat right by your side."

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Hey - why haven't you taken this down yet? It's an extremely unhelpful take, and potentially very harmful for people suffering from mental health problems & the animals they adopt 'instead of taking meds'. Pets ARE NOT a substitute for necessary medication and/or therapy I have a zoo in my house but....!!!!!🙂🙂

My dog isn’t qualified to provide mental healthcare. She’s really smart, but she’s never been to medical school. this as abelist as hell. Y'all should be ashamed. Support systems in human/canine/feline/whatever form are vital for mental health, but not a panacea. Meds save lives. I hope AVMAvets censures Dr Werber for making such a misleading, insensitive, sanist, and frankly dangerous statement, even if it was meant as a joke.

This headline is irresponsible and bad, and you should feel bad about it. Hey why is this headline still up. This is irresponsible af As a someone on Prozac, what the actual fuck? My dogs are much happier now that I'm on Prozac. Depression is more than unhappiness uhhhh as someone who takes Prozac I need to umm... this isn't at all... this is just a bad bad no good comparison of two things with drastically different responsibilities that you shouldn't,. if you need Prozac TAKE THE PROZAC WTF

Wow, this is straight up dangerous reporting. Shame on you for this. There are actual humans who need therapy and medication and you’re shilling this garbage. What the fuck kind of messaging is this? Everyone involved can go fuck themselves. Sir Patrick Stewart deserves better than this bullshit. Hey, messaging like this is dangerous. It dissuades people from seeking help for their mental health and perpetuates stigma around mental illness. Talking this way about mental health has real-life effects, and sometimes those effects are people killing themselves.

imagine being responsible for taking care of a puppy when you're so depressed you can barely get out of bed shit take Maybe don't stigmatize mental health so much? Anti anxiety medication straight up saves a lot of people. How about: Why not both? 🖕🏽 Pet adoption will not replace chemical imbalance in the brain, implying otherwise is outright irresponsible. How dare you minimize mental illness like this.

Really don’t think SirPatStew and his wife sunnyozell would approve of their photo being used under this type of messaging. Being prescribed Prozac is nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t want to speak for them but I do want to bring this to their attention. Yo, , SirPatStew didn't say that. Fix your headline/pic combo.

This is ableist and weird. Animals are amazing but cannot replace life saving medication. Would you suggest someone with diabetes get a parrot instead of insulin?! Title of this article should be 'Story where a charity that Patrick Stewart appears quoted alongside a quack peddling animals in place of professional mental health therapy.'

Delete this? WTF? I'm on antidepressants and I have two dogs. Let me tell you this, if you think a dog will save you, YOU ARE NOT WELL ENOUGH TO CARE FOR A DOG. I need my meds to get up in the morning and feed my pets and go outside to play in the snow. Before, I was barely able to feed them. No. Deranged ppl cant look after lets responsibly

(assuming you're actually a responsible and loving pet owner) Fuck off, Prozac has helped me at my most depressed. I also have pets and as much as I love them, they're not a cure all for mental illness. who needs blood pressure meds, just get a pet. got a headache, get another pet. broke your foot and need pain meds, get a pet instead.

This is such an irresponsible headline, what the actual fuck. Nice victim-blaming there. 'Oh, you have a script for antidepressants? Have you considered that you didn't try loving others enough?' :-b Please consider changing the pull-quote in the headline. Wow. I had cats for 8 years before I finally sought meds and this nonsense is a big reason why it was so hard for me to ask for meds in the first place. Pets are great but they don't fix a chemical imbalance.

I have a dog, why do I still wish I was dead? You owe an apology to SirPatStew for implying that he said this. Hey DrWerber I need my medication otherwise I can't take care of my pet. Might want to not say such terrible things k? Patrick Stewart didn’t say this so maybe take his photo off of the preview.

Just gonna leave this here: JahMari_Couture 1) Jeff Werber is the one responsible for this horrific quote: “Get the poodle instead of the Prozac.” which is unbelievably harmful to those struggling with mental illness. 2) I hope SirPatStew will come out against his image being used next to such horrible advice.

ZOMGWTAF, some people need meds for legit depression. Why are you giving family members the ammunition to say “Just get a dog”? No I’m not going to read this clickbait bullshit after my kid tried to die by suicide three times and we have a dog. Hey, I know it was a clever soundbite, , but when doctors say things like that, even in a fluff piece, it would be good to immediately point out that some people need Prozac to live functionally and that they can have both. And maybe don't make it your headline.

Pet abandonment also surging but sure you go off with your medication stigmatisation titles Hollywood Reporter is quoting DrWerber here. It would be a good idea to express to him how harmful his words are. You're assholes. Stop it. This is a DANGEROUSLY irresponsible headline. Medications for mental health are NECESSARY.

Have a word with yourselves for fuck's sake. This is a wildly irresponsible quote to use. eejits stop it Remember to love them as much when it's over, because it will be over no matter what the doom sayers tell you 👍🇦🇺 Adopt puppers, but also don’t skip meds. First of all, please do not stigmatize mental health issues. I am alive because of anti-depressants and anyone who needs them should have them. Period. Second, people who get animals thinking that animal will solve life problems are set up for huge failure.

Please get entirely bent. I feel like Patrick Stewart probably wouldn’t be thrilled to have y’all using his image with your crummy dismissive-of-actual-mental-illness headline. Oh my goodness, i wish i could swap my bi polar meds and antidepressants for a puppy. I do have a very extra dramatic leopard gecko he makes me happy.

Bad take. I wouldn't be able to take care of my animals if I wasn't medicated. I prefer that we are all safe. Get the poodle AND the prozac so you can stay alive for your new poodle. Wow this is a breathtakingly bad headline and the person quoted in the story needs to apologize, as do you. It's lifesaving medication. If pets could solve mental health problems, I wouldn't be disabled. I need my medication. This guy does a lot but he can't fix that.

Dogs are great, but they aren’t a substitute for proper medical treatment of depression. Please change this terrible title. Yeah because my rescue cats can pull me out of a PTSD flashback. I will stick to taking my SSNRI every night so I don't go through withdrawal and then cuddle with my cats after, thanks.

Please change this headline. This is extremely insensitive and irresponsible Really!? Jesus Christ I had a CPTSD therapy dog donated to me, only it was stuck in California & I'm in Canada. Fast forward to the dog is almost 8 months old & a rescue is willing to bring her into Canada for me only they gave her away days before so now I neither have meds or my service dog

I get the feeling these two lovely people would not appreciate their work towards adoptions being used to promote this article with a terribly harmful idea, when neither contributed to the article. What a garbage take. 'Get the cat instead of the chemo.' Why not both? Shame on you for stigmatizing medicinal mental health interventions.

I have a cat and a dog and the Lexapro is what fixed my depression This is a fucking clown headline. Sometimes the medication allows people to help take care of their pets and themselves. Who ever wrote this headline shouldn’t lose their job but needs to take a class on mental health issues. Maybe don't give mental health advice, Hollywood Reporter.

this gives off “have kids to fix the marriage” energy Hey so I've had pets all my life (literally, since my parents had a cat before I was born) and still have depression/anxiety. So maybe... my *meds* are what's keeping me alive. 🤔 Yeah, belittling people who need meds to function is gross and a shitty look! Do better!

Why are you like this This is very, very bad. Get the Iguana not the Insulin. Do you see how ridiculous this headline is now. fightmentalhealthstigma Um. You need to take care of your mental health before you get a dog and after you get a dog. You could've used any other headline since the topic is literally just 'pet adoptions surging.'

Uhmmmm many of those who need prozac can't take care of the poodle unless they have the prozac. Poodles aren't going to fix mental health concerns. This is a bad tweet. Yeah how about using a title that is *not* damaging to people who need medical treatment for depression and other mental diseases? Maybe a vet named “Dr. Jeff” should stick to animals and stfu about people?

Wow. Really? Why be depressed, when you can be depressed with a poodle Delete this. You can have both, you know. No, get a reliable fucking doctor is read of running the risk of neglecting another living creature. If you need prozac, please get prozac. A pupper needs you to take care of yourself so you can take care of it.

“Get the kitten instead of the chemo” Sounds pretty shitty, huh? So what happened here? Med shaming is atrocious. Don’t do this. Jesus, dudes. So when I k*ll m*self, the dog goes too? This seems hella irresponsible. I wonder how we would know if the Hollywood Reporter were infiltrated by Scientologists 🌈No. Getting a dog is not a substitute for help with mental health. A dog is work, it is a living breathing thing that you have to take care of, train, and provide medical care for. It is not a medication substitute!!

shitty title, also, tweeting that quote with a pic of Patrick Stewart is tantamount to misattribution. 'Don't take medicine, get a living being. Nothing can go wrong there.' Fuck you, I take depression medication so I get out of bed to take care of my poodle Agreed with the other comments calling this framing incredibly irresponsible and harmful.

This is the wrong thing to say. Being devoted to a dog did absolutely nothing to prevent my cousin from killing herself, so how about we don't go with this headline This is so horribly ableist. I have anxiety and depression That I treat with medication,And I have dogs! This headline shames people who take medication for mental illness. Absolutely terrible.

What a horrific title. Rename or remove the article. What if you picked literally any other line from that interview for the headline and also cut that quote from the article altogether 🤗 A dog can’t restore my brain chemistry in a targeted fashion, actually Wow. This is so problematic. You really should take this down. Mental health medications are essential and often life saving. Please remove this irresponsible article

This so incredibly irresponsible. 1. Telling people to quit/not start meds because a pet will fix their issues. 2.Prozac is not freaking Chardonnay FFS. 3. Placing vulnerable, possibly abused animals with people who may not be emotionally capable of proper care/training I feel like Patrick Stewart would have some very stern words for someone using his picture for such a shitty, harmful, ableist suggestion.

You've had this fucking garbage up for nine hours? Shame on you. I have a cat that I love madly. When I have suicide ideations, I make plans to make him safe before I'd kill myself. I don't look at my cat n' say : 'oh, my suicidal thoughts are gone 'cause of U !' PETS ARE NOT MEDICATIONS. THEY CAN'T CURE CANCER. THEY CAN'T CURE MENTAL HEALTH.

Take this down. Mental illness and suicide are spiking because of COVID, and you just told people 'you don't need meds you need a puppy.' I have been clinically dead and in a coma because of messaging like this. STOP. This is SO AMAZINGLY BAD. Thank god for HowardStern You know, my husband died and then both of our cats died and that’s why I’m on Ativan and Celexa.

This ain’t it. Delete this bullshit headline Y’all gotta stop telling mentally ill folk to substitute their meds with whatever else. Especially another living being Trying to be cute by handing out medical advice you're not qualified to give How have you not deleted this yet? Christ on a cracker what a hideous slogan

Get a Corgi instead of Chemotherapy. Adopt a schnauzer not a stint. Labradoodles not liver transplants. See how fucking dumb that sounds? In 1 tweet you managed to insult people with mental illness and encourage irresponsible pet ownership. Seriously...delete this shit! This is dangerous and irresponsible reporting.

Wow, what a hateful and disingenuous headline! AND a disgracefully misleading photo! Look out, Penny Saver, there's a new cage liner in town. This is disgusting on so many levels, from it's stigmatization of real undiagnosed ptsd affecting the entire world to the thought that SirPatStew would ever say such a thing. You're disgusting.

Can I substitute a dog for insulin? Or is it only psychiatric diagnoses that you’re shitting on? Making fun of mental illness? Or you could take medication if you’re living with mental illness and there’s nothing wrong with that STOP STIGMATIZING PEOPLE GETTING HELP FOR THEIR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. “Picard, on the Prozac with the canine.”

Tasteless quote. get a young wife Go away. Mental health is real and mental health problems are real as well. I have cat who I adore and who adores me. Did not stop me from developing depression and my Roughie did not cure me. What cured me was therapy and Wellbutrin. Don't set that bone, get an Irish Setter. Forget chemo, try a Chow Chow. No stitches for you - go with a Shih Tzu. Hooked on horse? Kick that habit with a Havanese

My untreated depression made it almost impossible for me to care for myself, much less the helpless creatures dependent on me for care. Medication vastly improved my quality of life, and theirs. While puts can be an effective addition to medical intervention, they are by no means a replacement. You would not instruct a patient with cancer to stop treatment, and instead get a pet. You would tell that patient to continue treatment as well as consider getting a pet. Mental disorders need to be taken extremely seriously, and the sub header of this article diminishes the gravity of depression, etc. Please change the sub heading.

You owe an apology for this irresponsible headline. I have a dog, and I take antidepressants. Many days my dog brings me joy but many times he often feeds the negatives of my depression and anxiety because he's a living creature with needs and that can be exhausting! BOO to this headline! P.S. my dog TAKES Prozac, so there!

I have 3 fur babies and 2 turtles and I love them dearly and they have definitely helped me through some rough patches, and I also take anti anxiety medication to help with crippling, everyday panic attacks. Its not a 'one or the other' situation. I love one and I require one. Take a hint .. This is some gross and irresponsible garbage.

The toxic positivity and spreading the lie that mental health issues are just “mind over matter” is so over the top wrong I can’t even believe what I’m reading. Gosh, I dunno… I think having to eat a poodle every day would be worse for my depression than taking a Prozac. are you drunk. what the fuck I wish the press would grab onto the real story which is that pet owners can’t afford vet care for their pets. We are seeing record numbers of people who don’t want to give up their pet and their pets are suffering with ailments. DM me and I can tell u more.

Dogs are great, but if you need the Prozac, get the Prozac. This is wrong. It stigmatizes those who need meds for mental health issues. EndTheStigma Love my dogs....they do NOT, however, “cure” my depression. I’ll keep my Prozac AND pups.... delete your tweet 😠 That's a pretty shitty quote; while pets are wonderful and may help (we have several), meds can also be helpful (for me they are) and are sometimes necessary.

SirPatStew you good with this tagline with youre image? I'd highly doubt it. Great job contributing to mental health stigma. Our fur babies give us so much more than we give them. Misleading people with catchy titles is wrong! Pets are wonderful company, but are not going to treat mental illness. Shitty headline!

SirPatStew I am sorry to bother you but the HR is using your lovely family picture to misrepresent and vilify taking medication for mental health. Please kick their asses. My psychiatric meds are, (1) necessary, (2) none of your business, and (3) allow me to take care of my dogs and manage my life. It truly sounds like you are advocating for suffering here. Psych meds are not a fashion accessory. Step into my life for a week and see how you do...

Yeah no. This is a terrible take. Ugh. Do better. Dogs are not a proper replacement for actual mental health care. This headline is just terrible. Get the Kitty Instead of the Chemo animals are a responsibility, not an antidepressant. there's nothing wrong with taking medication. =/ The tone-deafness of this post

SirPatStew excuse me Sir can you tell these people NOT to encourage people to skip medications for mental illnesses and that puppies will make them feel better 🤔 since they want to use your picture here perhaps you can tell them they’re complete idiots thanks 😁 Hi. Clinical Psychologist here. Although I do agree with pets being exceptionally therapeutic and have the ability to lift moods by lifting serotonin levels, headlines like this are unbelievably dangerous and perpetuate stigma. Next time rethink your words and show some respect.

In the UK, the surge in people acquiring lockdown pups has been followed by a surge in the number of dogs being abandoned or returned. With Patrick Stewart and his decades younger wife, I was expecting it to say Cialis :- I'm also pretty sure SirPatStew wouldn't like having his image under a headline that trivializes and stigmatizes mental illness.

Hey, I rescued a Treeing Walker Hound this past month, and guess what? I still need my Prozac. There's no shame in needing antidepressants, nor is any animal a suitable replacement for mental health care. Take this shit down and educate yourselves. Stop feeding stigma. This is incredibly irresponsible. When I’m severely depressed, I sometimes struggle to take care of my two indoor cats. Luckily, I have my mom here to help. This is no different than saying, “Don’t get divorced, have a baby! It’ll fix everything!” 1/

This headline brought to you by Scientology? This is irresponsible. While a pet is delightful it is not a replacement for medical care. journalism For everybody wondering, a dog is not a replacement for proper healthcare What the fuck is wrong with every single person that green-lit this Yay let's stigmatize medications for the sake of alliteration. What could go wrong?

Wow, way to shame mental health medication. My antidepressant is what lets me take care of my poodle (mix.) Uh, horrible title. Shame on you. Dr Jeff Weber is a veterinarian. Much respect. But to include his not-so-clever quote in story and headline contributes to the stigma of mental illness and is disgusting. And to use the pic of SirPatStew and sunnyozell leads one to believe they said it.

Why not both 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄 Do not get a dog because YOU are depressed. I tell you this from experience. Prozac (and therapy) first. Puppy later. Or not. Dogs are living beings, not a treatment for depression. Having the ability to think, I get what they're trying to say. I get it. Delete this. How about both ?

Or both. Nothing wrong with both. Uuuuu suuuuuuuck This is a shit caption. The two are not interchangeable. AND - if you need the Prozac, take it! Adopt the dog because you want a dog and the dog needs a home. Delete this BS. Yay adoption. I am team rescue. Pets are great for lowing blood pressure & making us laugh. Endorphin boost! Reestablishing neural pathways via medicine based management of Serotonin & Dopamine is a medical issue. Not a “adopt a poodle” issue.

I would stick with the Prozac. It isn't going to shit in your house. Horrible slogan, by the way. And you wonder why people aren’t forthcoming about anxiety, depression and/or any illnesses relayed to mental health!!! Please remove this tweet immediately if it hasn’t already been removed. ShameOnTHR The Hollywood vet who's quoted as saying that clearly doesn't know much about humans. Animals aren't panaceas for any mental health issue, and it's glib (and possibly manslaughter-ish) to suggest that they are.

What the hell kind of title is this? Don’t shame people if they need Prozac. Let them have BOTH if needed. Embrace the power of AND. If taking one's prozac helps one better focus on Here And Now, it can help one take care of the puppy better. It can be the reason one takes the prozac, in order to better care for Puppy. Don't stigmatize legit medicine.

WTF is wrong with you, Prozac saves lives Pets are great but they are not a cure for mental illness. There's nothing wrong with taking medication and it should not be treated as something shameful. Why? Why use an irresponsible, unnecessary mental health trope to drive a story about pet adoption? This is bad journalism.

Delete this ableist garbage. You don’t have to pick up warm poop of an SSRI. Don’t quote veterinarians giving medical advice: even if the slogan is cute, depression isn’t. Idiotically irresponsible ad. How about 'Get a Poodle Instead of the Tourniquet? 'Can't take care of yourself? Get something else you can't take care of!' What the hell is this shit?

1) NEVER tell someone to go off of a medication when you aren't a doctor and you haven't examined them. This means 'don't do this on Twitter, period'. 2) NEVER tell people to get a pet to make themselves feel better. You have to take care of the dog no matter how bad you feel. Yeah who even needs medicine?

Poodles changing serotonin reuptake levels now? This is a real shitty title. Do not substitute animals for medicine. Hey WagsandWalks do you support this idea that folks shouldn't take their mental health medication? do SirPatStew and sunnyozell know that THR is using their image to shame people getting medical treatment for serious health issues? If you're gonna quote something like that in a headline, use the pic of the person who said it. Pets are awesome but they are not a panacea

Does SirPatStew approve of his likeness being used to promote this headline telling folks not to take their mental health medication? This is such a privileged fucking take. How am I supposed to take care of a dog, when I cant even take care of myself. People also adopt children instead of addressing mental health issues. It doesn't work out well for the children.

or maybe get both that way you can take care of yourself and your pet better 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 Yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes this is a horrible headline Many sufferers like this. benzosarebad Completely irresponsible. I have two cats who are very helpful to my mental health, but I still have panic attacks constantly if I don’t take my meds. Stop contributing to the stigma against medication for mental health.

Yuck! ugh don't discourage people from needed depression medication You should delete this tweet Totally get what you are trying to say. But a lot of people are struggling more than the love of a pet could fix. Maybe instead, “Supplement your mental health care routine with an adopted puppy or shelter dog!”

Yeaaaaah, change this headline This is an ignorant tweet. 'Take on the responsibility of caring for another life while you struggle to maintain your own without medical assistance!' 100% do not support this. please remove this headline. sagaftra castingfrontier CastingNetworks sagaftraFOUND SirPatStew

If you are taking Prozac, please do not get a poodle and stop taking your medications. Discuss your Rx with your healthcare professional. This is a TERRIBLE, damaging, dangerous headline for so many reasons. I’m pretty sure my cats appreciate that I still take my antidepressants despite having them... they like it when I’m able to get out of bed to feed them. 🤷‍♀️

In addition to the tone deaf take on mental health, the shelters will be full of these dogs by the end of the year. You need to apologize! Depression is as serious an illness as cancer and a dog does not treat it. Dogs are delightful, but brain wiring run haywire is beyond them. Reinforcing the “suck it up and deal with it” attitude is just mean.

Seriously, delete this bulls**t. Good job shaming people with mental illness, THR... SirPatStew Dogs are great and supporting an adoption program is noble, but Captain Picard would give someone a dressing down over this headline. Jfc stop shaming people for taking the meds that keep them afloat. Delete this.

Delete this Can I keep my spaniel AND serotonin? Since when did you farm out headlines to Scientology? I have ten snakes two lizards a gerbil a cat two rats a scorpion and a bunch of fancy mice and I still need to take Zoloft so I can move from my bed how many more pets do I need to be cured does it need to specifically be a poodle just asking This isn’t it. There are 3 cats, a dog, a hamster and a pet rat in my house, but I still need my Lexapro. Delete this post and find a more responsible message. Antidepressants save peoples lives. You don't need to contribute to its existing stigma. oof may want to rethink this one So, get an animal whose saliva makes me break out into hives that leave me with bruises for a week, instead of taking my necessary medication?

Dogs can't help chemical imbalances. This is an incredibly ignorant thing to say. Truly crappy headline, but it succeeded in its goal: clicks and controversy Please delete! What a ridiculously tone deaf headline. Trash. I feel like SirPatStew would not approve of this headline. Yikes what a bad take. People, please ignore this and see a psychiatrist and psychologist about your mental health. Pets can add deep value and meaning to our lives, but they don't work like magic with mental health. Part of the solution but not the whole.

Other than the obvious thing that has people upset... I highly doubt youre finding a poodle at a rescue. This is a truly terrible idea. Wrong. I got a foster who bit someone - the rescue went dark. 3 1/2 yrs later, a 2 hr deposition and 100k ( yup 100k) settlement later. I effing needed prozac. REEEEEEE YER ASTIGMATISING MY HEALTHY MENTALS REEEEEEEE

Please delete this. It is harmful to people who still need mental health care and medicine to prevent suicide. What a shitty irresponsible title Ugh. Gross headline Awful and shaming tag line. Pets are great AND seek the medical help you need’ how about this: get both! pets are great to have, but medication saves lives. if you can afford it, get both. and for the love of everything stop stigmatizing needing meds for mental healthcare!! there's nothing wrong with taking prozac or any other medication

a dog isn't going to stop me from wanting from doing bad things, sure it can make me happy for maybe 20 minutes. but it is not an alternative to medication. This is ableist bullshit, also completely without base since not only correlation does not mean causation, but here there isn't any correlation, you are making shit up just to show your ableism.

Imagine texting your friend that they should turn down their thermostat when their house is going up in flames, which is exactly the kind of energy this headline gives off. This is bad. not cool. Medication use is already terribly stigmatized, and there is plenty of misinformation because of it. I can assure you that while pets can help, they are no replacement for properly prescribed medication

This is bad and you’re doing a bad job If I don’t take my meds every day, I’d wind up in the hospital or dead. That’s so cute, isn’t it? Pull this dangerous article, especially since you include an photo implying that SirPatStew (who has a long history of speaking up about the need for real, Science based, proper Mental Health treatment) is aligned with it.

A pet is not a replacement for therapy and medication. Stop making it look like meds are optional. why not both? get the pet (if you understand that it’s a commitment) and also, make sure you take care of your brain chemisty. Wtf?!?! Delete this. I’m so glad to see that the comments on this tweet are full of people pointing out the ableism in this headline/article. I hope will heed this feedback, but I won’t hold my breath.

this is dangerous on a public safety level How about I use the Prozac to stabilize my ass so I’m the best poodle mom possible? Fuck this garbage. What the hell? You really need to delete this tweet and apologize. It's okay to admit you make mistakes. This is really destructive and ableist language. This is bad and you should feel bad. I don’t think a poodle will cure being an ableist jackass. A dog won’t cure your brain’s inability to make its own neurotransmitters!

Yeah my cats are amazing and they make me happy but I’m still gonna need my mood stabilizer consider that this headline might be trivializing mental health issues and is therefore not helpful Sir, my cats didn't save me from suicide. My meds did. Unless a dog can keep me from wanting to literally drive off a bridge because of intrusive thoughts during a panic attack, I'll keep the Prozac, thanks.

Every holiday we have the 'I'm a commitment, not a toy' ads. But now you want to tell people who struggle with self-care that adopting an animal will fix that? Emotional Support Animals are a real thing, and they AREN'T psychiatric meds. Dogs will not solve any medical problem. What complete and utter BS! Bringing an animal into your family is great, but it has nothing to do with needing meds for depression. So disgusted 🤬

Lmao how can ya’ll be this dumb Only having a photo of the charming Stewart family has framed it so people think SirPatStew or his wife, Sunny Ozell said this. Take it down. It's ableism from the mouth of Jeff Werber. Sir Stewart should be able to serve y'all papers for defamation of character. What next, goldfish instead of insulin?

This article could have been written without that trash fire take. This headline is...not good. ummmm...this is not an appropriate post at all. I have a pet & she's great but it's not a substitute for my mental health medication. This is absolutely against science This is gross as hell. I have two dogs and my Prozac is a big part of what keeps me healthy enough to be a good dog mom to them.

This is a terrible headline and having it with a picture of SirPatStew implies he said this and he didn't. Excellent news. Stop vilifying much needed mental health medication. I have 3 cats and a dog, and I still take mental health medication. This is absolutely a terrible take. Oh, wow, this headline can go fuck itself.

Wow. Delete this ableist nonsense. Worst headline, ever. Be better than this Congrats on contributing to the stigma of mental illness by acting as if medical intervention isn't needed. Getting a poodle isn't going to replace a need for therapy and/or medication. My cat is wonderful and I love him. And he’s not therapy or medication.

Yeah that ain’t gonna work. really myairVet? you’re gonna stigmatize getting mental health treatment as a part of your marketing slogan? you can promote pet adoption without that trash It's 2021. Why are you still subtly shaming people for using medication? Puppies are great and all, but they're not a substitute for medication.

I dunno maybe listen to your doctor This is a stupid headline. Mmmm this is a dangerous headline for people and dogs This headline is awful and harmful and makes light of people who have depression and/or take Prozac for other reasons. Please fix this immediately It works 🥰🥰