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Peru's new president vows to end corruption and change constitution

Peru's new President Pedro Castillo vows to end corruption and change the country's constitution

7/29/2021 7:30:00 AM

Peru 's new President Pedro Castillo vows to end corruption and change the country's constitution

Pedro Castillo , a rural schoolteacher, has promised to upend a quarter-century of neo-liberal government. Castillo said he would send a bill to parliament with a view to organising a referendum on replacing the constitution.

Castillo's Free Peru party does not enjoy a majority in a fragmented congress, holding 37 of the 130 seats.He was declared the election victor on July 19, more than six weeks after a runoff race against Fujimori, whose allegations of voter fraud then had to be reviewed by an electoral jury.

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For her part, Fujimori said on Twitter that her Popular Force party "will be a firm wall against the latent threat of a new communist constitution.""We will make a responsible democratic defence," she added.Wednesday's swearing-in was attended by Spanish King Felipe VI, five Latin American leaders, former Bolivian president Evo Morales and the United States education secretary, among other guests.

Some 10,000 police officers were deployed in the capital Lima, and Castillo voters came out waving banners in a show of support.'New deal' with investors"This is the first time this country will be governed by a peasant," Castillo told guests, sporting his trademark, traditional white sombrero and a typical black Andean suit.

He also sought to calm fears among the business community, who had sought to portray him as a communist who would turn Peru into a new Venezuela."During the election campaign it was said that we are going to expropriate (assets). It is totally false. We want the economy to have order," the new president said, adding, however, that he would be looking for a "new deal with private investors."

Castillo is Peru's first president in decades with no ties to the country's political or economic elite.He has promised reform to ensure there are "no more poor people in a rich country," but has softened his initial campaign talk of nationalisation.

He is a devout Catholic opposed to gay marriage and abortion.Peru has been hard-hit by the coronavirus epidemic. With nearly 200,000 deaths among its 32 million population, it has the world's highest reported mortality rate.An extended pandemic lockdown in 2020 is blamed for the loss of millions of jobs and dumping the country into recession. GDP dropped more than 11 percent.

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Leftist political novice sworn in as Peru's presidentLIMA, Peru (AP) — Pedro Castillo , a leftist political novice who has promised to be a champion of his country’s poor, on Wednesday became Peru ’s new president. The rural teacher who has never held political office before was sworn in less than two weeks after he was declared the winner of the June 6 runoff election. May Pedro Castillo pursue an agenda that heals the longstanding economic and political wounds that the Peruvian people have suffered the consequences of for generations. If you are interested in having a second source of income or a mainstream of income?.... Click the name below to message him directly or Send him a friend request. he will guide you on how to earn in just 72 hours NO SCAM❌ 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 JorginaBarreto