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Personality Tests Are the Astrology of the Office

You know your blood type. And your sign. But what kind of cat are you in the workplace?


You know your blood type. And your sign. But what kind of cat are you in the workplace?

Psychometric tests like Color Code, Myers-Briggs and DiSC have become a goofy part of corporate life. But what happens when we take them seriously?

To the layperson this doesn’t mean much. But to those well-versed in the psychology of Dr. Taylor Hartman’s “Color Code,” as all employees of the University of Phoenix’s enrollment office were required to be, it was a career-maker.

As Mr. Shapiro rose to be a manager, he became fluent in the color-code vocabulary. It helped him diagnose office problems (“Sally is really struggling because she’s a blue, so every time she gets rejected on the phone she stews about it,” he said) and identify areas for professional growth (“Billy, the yellow guy, is really good on the phone and everybody loves him, but he

The taxonomy didn’t typically have a direct influence on hiring decisions, Mr. Shapiro said, but managers knew which color types were most likely to thrive when r

(He said a 45-minute assessment was included in the job application process to purportedly identify each subject’s primary behavioral motivator, which he added was later discontinued

“We tried to be ethical but it’s tough because we were hiring for what’s actually a sales position, so if you were a blue-white those traits really didn’t line up,” he said (blues are motivated by desire for intimacy and the whites by

The code is just one example of the kinds of psychometric tests now being administered in workplaces. There’s CliftonStrengths, owned by Gallup, which tells you your five best professional qualities; there’s Insights Discovery, which assigns you a color and an associated workplace archetype like coordinator, i

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Personality testing *appeals, not 'Personality testing . . . appeal to consulting firms, hedge funds, and start-ups alike' In university, my advisor swore the MBTI would tell me everything I needed to know about career choices and life as I knew it. I took MBT 3 times and came up with 3 different answers. ridiculous

Fake media outlet ... spreading fake news on Kashmir spreading false propaganda Mandatory testing should be required 😂 Personality tests have been worthless for a long, long time. When I was recently looking to change jobs the were quite a few companies that would include that into their application process. That told me all I need to know about that company.

This tweet is so stupid lol trump go none 'It’s fun to divide people into categories.' BitterTruth davidbradleyeye 🙊🙃 The thing is...Astrology is a map. A personalized map. Your past,present and future. Your tendencies where you have the last word. The difficult part is its interpretation non existant in personality testing. You just press a button and read a category.

The media is the the king of dividing people into catagories.

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In short, American banality. Is this how they pick out the psychopaths for Wall Street & the too big to fail banks? Dividing things and people into categories is the basis of the modern scientific method as prescribed by Aristotle and developed by Bacon. But have your snide giggle. the issue here is that many tests lack the scientific rigor: replication, selection of samples, these are normally with students, lack of managerial and professional experience by academics or researchers. hoganassessments or CPI way to go

There aren't any categories really, they're all just words on a loop in our terminally bored, neurotic skullboxes. They’re absolute rubbish is what they are.. a shitty hocus pocus HR tool to simply classify people’s salaries I didn’t get a promotion one time because I was too “trusting”. Very interesting! People really dont know who they are?!

HR is usually some old white woman and they eat this kinda shit up It’s not necessarily about ‘dividing into categories’ as it is just about developing a baseline understanding of people and how/why they are as they are.

The Common Personality Traits People Wish They Didn’t HaveWhich combination of traits may contribute to the development of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder? swhitbo explains swhitbo Do not categorize mental illness. It is all due to the negative relationship between pollution and the nervous system. swhitbo It is a Fixation, like a fetish, and became a habit, but it also GROWS, by the momentum of the actions... it can also be emotional. It also may not be what you think it is... I have an acquaintance. (jerk). He has two daughters, he drove them crazy because he ABSOLUTELY HAS TO... swhitbo have the HANDLES of pitchers in the refrigerator returned to EXACTLY the EXACT same place he keeps them... THAT is fixation, obsession and compulsion...The Anger comes for the INTOLERANCE of something not being 'right'... THAT is an emotional charge. I can help with that....

'Myers Briggs is astrology for people with MBAs.' Not hocus-pocus. Data-derived and incredibly useful. Ask anyone, INFJ, in love with an ESTP! (All opposites is tough.) debobo002 True. But, what stands out the most to me is how much people can't tell what science is from what science is not When you define me you negate me. Soren Kierkegaard

Pseudoscientific claptrap. HR managers love it for some reason though 😂. People charge for this? I tell people they're annoying for free! Personality tests are actually pretty accurate, unlike the other useless junk you listed...

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