People’s Convoy Plans to Occupy D.C. in Return to City

The group hopes convoy volunteers will help “run things in and out for us” as the group occupies D.C.

Washington, D.C.

5/13/2022 7:19:00 PM

“We are not doing circles around D.C. again,” the trucker who goes by the alias “Mug Pig” said during a Thursday YouTube stream. “Hopefully, when we go to D.C. , we are in D.C.

The group hopes convoy volunteers will help “run things in and out for us” as the group occupies D.C.

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They apparently aren’t getting jobs either. ZTPetrizzo Eggs up! ZTPetrizzo They couldn't find DC with 4 GPS devices attached to their heads. I wish these mothertruckers would go away. ZTPetrizzo Is the beltway winning again? They can't figure out the exit ? ZTPetrizzo Is he dressed like Evil Knevil? Definitely do that, they will just sit there and watch you like those nice Canadians.

FluTruxxKlan ZTPetrizzo Worst time ever for this nonsense while people are out protesting the leaked SCOTUS decision. Why? The COVID restrictions are off and there is nothing to protest Evel Knownothing

“We Got Ourselves a Convoy”On the latest Decoder Ring: how a fake country star inspired a pop culture craze for truckers

Someone should tell this guy that no one gives a shit ZTPetrizzo monkey see monkey doo it's all they doo doo doo. And, by the way, Evel Knievel was well-groomed good-looking guy. Why is this jerk dressed like Evel Knieval? It’s a costume, right? Even down to the E and K on his round belly. What does this tell us about the guy’s image of himself? P.S. As I recall, Knieval made his living jumping (or trying to jump) OVER trucks.

What the hell are they protesting? Aren't most of the vaccine mandates over anyway? I'm so scared of meth head Evil Knievel ZTPetrizzo Don’t these folks have baby formula to haul? Bet ya none of them brought a map Time that they got lives. It’s like redneck comic con.

“We Got Ourselves a Convoy”On the latest Decoder Ring: how a fake country star inspired a pop culture craze for truckers

I'm so glad someone wrote a whole article about what Mug Pig said on a stream. For the purpose of what? Good God, man. These fuckers need an insane amount of attention. Get a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZTPetrizzo MayorBowser let the Proud Boys run amok in DC not once but twice, including letting them vandalize historic Black churches. It took the attempted coup of 1/6/2021 for her to take them seriously. Has she learned anything?

ZTPetrizzo Genius. Protest global gas price and inflation by raising demand on limited fuel supply and disrupting baby formula distribution. ZTPetrizzo Excuse me, Mug Pig?!😳 So Many truckers lost So much from that Last radical right-wing political stunt. Did TedCruz spend a single penny to compensate Anyone? He Certainly fund raised off the backs of these poor deluded dupes. Not a penny. How many couldn't make payments and Lost their trucks?

SMH another loser playing the victim card. Trucker pay has increased 50% in the last 2 years with a shortage of truckers but instead of working he wants to be a cry baby. For WHAT reason this time? Un - F*cking - Believable! THIS is what they're's the emergency declaration that gives the Biden administration the power to EXTEND MEDICAID COVERAGE FOR PEOPLE IMPACTED BY COVID.

And he’s dressed for the occasion! No additional wardrobe needed! 😂😂😂

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“Hopefully, when we go to DC we are in DC” What does that even mean? 🤣 ZTPetrizzo The return of Fat Elvis? They're probably protesting high gas prices. ZTPetrizzo Who or what is funding this and how much Oh, for fuck’s sake. Who’s funding them? They already went thru their own savings ZTPetrizzo did he rip off evel kneivel's costumes? They dont really need to dress like that, we can see that crazy a mile away.

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newly appointed convoy leader “Santa” said he expects the group to only enter the city once. Further, while the convoy intends to have a base camp an hour and a half away from D.C. proper for “the woman” and “the children,” truckers have asked for volunteers to “run things in and out for us.” The move comes weeks after the convoy left D.C.,