People Are Sharing Their 'I Got Way Too High' Stories, And I Can't Stop Giggling

Note to self: Never eat that second edible.

6/14/2021 6:45:00 AM

Note to self: Never eat that second edible.

Note to self: Never eat that second edible.

Black Mirror, a show about how technology is basically the downfall of society. My router went down and my TV wouldn’t work. Then, the browser and some apps on my phone stopped working (probably because the Wi-Fi wasn’t working). I freaked the fuck out because I thought the machines were taking over. Turns out, I just needed to reset the router, which happens about once a month."

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—sarahe4c48a21ee13."I got way too high and called my brother, a PhD scientist, and asked if the water I drank was the same water dinosaurs used to swim and pee in. I left a voicemail and was very embarrassed the next morning."Lifetimechristiesava

14."Once I was so high, I called my boss to say that I'm sick and can't come into work today. It was Saturday evening and I had an 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday job. Luckily, we both had a laugh."—michellef42978940515."I was once so high, I stopped at a stoplight that only changed when a car was there and triggered it. I waited and waited. I thought,

Omg what the fuck is wrong with this stoplight. I scooted forward a bit, and nothing. WTF? Until I realized that I was walking home, and I was also on the sidewalk standing next to a stop sign a block away. I was waiting for a stoplight, on foot, a block away from me."

—rsmith04216."For my munchie meal, once I went and ordered Chipotle but also stopped at Sonic and got a corn dog. I stuffed the corn dog into my burrito and ate it. To this day, it’s the best meal I’ve ever eaten."Screen Gemslindseydavis117.

"I had a tattoo gun and was practicing on fake skin. I got so high, I thought I could control it with my mind and spent 10 minutes wondering why nothing happened."—f4d172b05f18.And finally,"I got so high that I spent 30 minutes texting my friends asking if they'd seen my phone. I have one phone, and I was using it to text."

Comedy Centralcolleend9Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.Do you have any hilarious"I got way too high" stories of your own? Share them in the comments! Read more: BuzzFeed »

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LOL!!! kaysha_u some of these are really funny.

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